05.20.3013: Logistics
Summary: Quinn delivers a report to Lucretia.
Date: 20 May 2013
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Lucretia Quinn 

Lucretia's Office
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Lucretia's office is amidst the upper tiers of the Fortress and amidst an administrative section of the city, with a handful of other bureaucratic offices nearby. It's a nice office, and she has a young woman in the foyer who serves as assistant and psuedo-receptionist on the occasion that she has visitors. She'd been informed to expect Quinn, and to wave her on in to the office when she arrived, the door open at the moment. In the office, Lucretia sits behind a large L-shaped desk with a small couch and chair in front of it, and a large wall of glass behind her gives a view of the land outside the Fortress. Lu has her hat off, set atop the desk off to the side, and her tall staff topped with a giant aquamarine rests against the wall nearby. Entering the office, her voice can likely be heard, though when she hears someone else outside the room, she bids a quick farewell and calls from the room, "Lady Quinn, please, please, come in."

Quinn steps in with the smart, measured step of a soldier. She's dressed in a brown jacket and pants that could be at home in a business meeting, or in running through the woods. Military fashion. On her right shoulder is the crest of Leonnida. "Lady Lucretia. If it's all the same to you, I prefer to go by 'Sir' as my title." She inclines her head in a little bow, then steps closer to the desk.

"Ah, do forgive me, please. Sir Quinn," Lucretia answers with an easy smile as she looks the woman over and then offers a nod, "Thank you for joining me, please, sit." Green eyes study the younger woman curiously as Lu leans back in her chair, crossing her legs, "I was most pleased to hear you wished to meet, and had something for me. It's been too long since I spent much time with any of our Leonnida friends. You've been well, I pray? Now, more than ever, we need to have strong bonds with our allies."

Quinn reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out an envelope, places it on the desk, and sits down. "A status report. We have been getting our affairs in order for the coming trials. We have sufficient forces to defend our own land, but on the chance that the enemy focuses disproportionately on us, we may need to call on our allies for support. It's in our interests for Cindravale to be aware of the disposition of our forces. I have been busy, but it's good work."

Sitting forward, Lucretia reaches to draw the envelope to herself, but doesn't open it just yet. She nods as she lisens to the blonde, "Thank you, Sir. This will help us take a better account of what we have as a whole, and arrange to have certain groups ready to come to Castle Leonnida's aid, should it prove necessary. House Cindravale will not forget its friends, I assure you." A small smile curves the brunette's lips as she watches the other woman's face, "And how have things been within your family itself, Quinn? Any recent troubles? I saw Sir Godric the other day."

"We have all been busy," Quinn elaborates, building on her last statement. "About the only recreation time I've gotten recently has been hunting with Godric, and when you have two knights out hunting, especially this close to a coming war, it's almost as much about training as recreation. At least it's fun training. Constant sword drills get boring after a while."

"I wasn't really inquiring as to your hobbies, Sir Quinn, more as to whether anyone had tried to kill you recently. I'm a Cindravale, and I was married to a Leonnida, I'm rather familiar with how things go," Lucretia comments, leaning back again without opening the envelope. "We have graver problems than boring on our plate now. You've heard the latest reports I presume? Make sure you have sentries posted, and make sure they realize it's not safe to sleep on duty any longer." One hand settles atop her knee as she regards the woman, "Are you intending to compete in the landing tourney? It will be good for people's morale, so I would suggest it."

Lucretia rephrases her question somewhat more bluntly and Quinn just smirks. Then the topic of conversation shifts and Quinn shakes her head. "I would love to compete at the events, but I'm afraid that my presence is required elsewhere. There are arrangements yet to be made. I will be following the results while I work."

"A shame to hear that, Sir Quinn," Lucretia comments, "I am hoping to attend myself, and perhaps participate in the Psychometry duels. I do love to put on a good show." Studying the younger woman, Lu smiles, "Not much for small talk, are you? Shall we move on to a meatier topic, then?" Her fingers tap against her knee as she thinks for a moment, "Now, it seems to me that with the war coming, it is going to be..a very dangerous, and perhaps very beneficial time to be a Leonnida. All sorts of accidents happen during war, after all, and there are many people who will have their eyes on life -after- the war, so it's not as if it's all going to be hugs and family bonds. Which leads me to think a young Leonnida could benefit from a well-placed friend or two. Someone like the younger sister of your liege house's High Lady, no?"

Quinn ignores the latest question to add a comment, "Small talk is a pleasant recreational activity. When engaging in more practical discussion, I prefer to keep my questions and my answers direct and to the point. As I said, we have all been busy. There have been no recent attempts on my life, and relations between my siblings and I have been professional. Godric and I hunt together as time allows." Quinn leans forward then to address Lucretia's latest comment. "I won't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind. Since you're the one making the question direct and to the point, that leads me to suspect that there's something that you think I can do for you."

Regarding the woman as she leans forward, Lu smiles, "I find not being direct leads to a lot of wasted time. If there is one thing we are all short on now, it is time." Her smile grows as she continues, "Now, what you can do for me, Quinn, is give me a member of House Leonnida that I can trust, one I can count on to help with matters, should soemthing arise that I decide I wish their help with. There is trouble in the near future, and I do not just mean the Hostiles. It is a good time to have friends and allies, so I am seeking them where I can. And your brother struck me as a bit too easily swayed by a pretty face for me to trust him with much. A weakness most men seem to have."

Quinn smiles at that comment about her brother. "Godric might let a pretty face distract his attention, but not stand in the way of his goals. As for me, I like to get things accomplished. Grabbing ass and indulging my baser desires has never given me the satisfaction of being productive in business or war. That is something that you can trust." She stands up and offers her hand for Lucretia to shake. "We can only get through this if our houses can coordinate their efforts. As it suits our alliance, you may rely on me to help get things accomplished."

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