07.07.3013: Lock Down On Ice
Summary: Elodie finds a unknown, highly contagious disease at White Gates Outpost on Niveus, and quarantines the outpost while she sends for medical assistance.
Date: 7 July, 2013
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Elodie Ronan Una 

White Gates Medical Center and Family Quarters of Shelter
7 July, 3013

It 's only been a day, but Elodie is already activating the emergency code on her family's data pads again. She doesn't appear to have changed her clothes at all, and there are the beginnings of dark circles under her eyes, her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Una responds quickly, the halls of Iah House appearing behind her. She's obviously had time to rest and change, though the worry is clear on her face. "Elodie? What happened?"

Ronan appears to have just stepped out of the shower, answering the comm in only a towel wrapped around his waist. "'Die… you like wretched… What's going on?"

Elodie is walking through a small corridor in the medic ward of White Gates, and she finds a small office to push into, pausing only to answer a question that doesn't come through on the speakers. "No one. End of story. Until we figure this out, no one goes in or out of White Gates, unless it's someone that's already left and is being sent back." She closes the door behind her and leans against. One hand goes to her forehead to push a stray strand of hair back, and rub at the light sweat. "We need to contain White Gates. If anyone has left White Gates in the past 24 hours, they need to be turned back before they get to another settlement. If they've already reached one they need to be put in medical wing quarantine immediately." Before Una or Ronan can ask she shakes her head. "I don't know what's going on, yet."

Una's eyes narrow. She listens, nods, and is already putting in the order on another channel when she asks, "We need to know more, Elodie. Quarantine? An illness? What is happening there?"

Ronan frowns. "You know I'm supposed to be the one to make people worry… not you. You're supposed to be responsible… Who can we contact to fix this?"

Elodie shakes her head and lets her hand fall from her forehead, walking over to sit wearily in a chair. She props the data pad on a desk so she can rest her head on her hands, fingers at her temples. "I'm a combat medic, infectious diseases are not my specialty. I'd like to make a call to Landing, someone from Academ who specializes. And we are going to need some medics. Half the ones here are already sick. They thought it was flu, but the normal treatments didn't work. People are burning up with fever that can't be brought down, their muscles are under heavy strain when looked at under the scanners. If not pumped with enough muscle relaxants, they convulse, but too much of the medicine can be dangerous. We need people who know how to root out causes of diseases." Elodie gives Ronan a weak grin for his humor. "I wish responsible was shield against getting sick."

Una's eyes flicker only briefly toward Ronan before going right back to her sister. For a moment, as she listens, they close. Hostiles, cave ins, and now a possible plague. Will it ever end? A deep breath follows, as Elodie finishes her summary, and she nods, "Alright. Once we are finished here I will patch you through to Landing. I've already put in an order to send everyone back to White Gates. Is anything helping? What can we send with them to help you?

Elodie shakes her head. "I don't know. I've sectioned off the survivors from yesterday's crash. Then I've split the outpost to keep those who aren't showing symptoms yet away from those that are. But that doesn't mean I've got everyone sectioned off." She bites down hard on her lower lip, and her eyes brighten for a moment before she shakes herself. "Only the muscle depressants. Nothing touches the fever… we've even tried ice baths, and that only lowers the external temparature, which barely helps, and will cause frost bite before it even does anything to the core temperature." She rubs at her forehead, then lets her forearms fall to the desck in front of her. "Just… hope for the best."

Ronan sighs. "I don't like this… can't you be quarentined here? We can lock off an entire wing…"

Una smiles a little to Ronan, but shakes her head. "We can't move those who are so sick. A quarantine team is prepping, they will be headed your way in a few moments."

Elodie shakes her head to Ronan. "I don't like it either, but I have to set an example as a Lady of the house. And…" she pauses, and looks down to her hands which she twists together. "I can't leave Evald," she whispers quietly. She gets herself together, and looks up to Una and nods. "Thank you, Una."

Ronan nods. His expression shows that he really doesn't like it and he doesn't approve of 'Die using the Lady Iah schtick against Una, that's his trick. He claimed it first. "Please keep us updated… like every hour or something."

Una nods. "Agreed. If we don't hear from you at /least/ every three hours, we will be sending someone to find out what has happened." She glances to the side, then back again, "Alright, the quarantine team is on their way, I'll patch you through to Landing now. Be safe, Elodie."

Elodie swallows and nods. "I'll check in. Thank you for the patch… you guys keep a lookout, all right? If anyone starts showing flu symptoms at Shelter, quarantine them immediately." She starts to turn, then she gives a little shake to her head. "I'd forgotten… Lord Nitrim Khournas sent his regards to House of Iah when I was a guest at Landing. I seemed to have overlooked that in all the searching and rescueing business." Elodie gives a wry smile, then shifts her gaze to wait for the patch to Landing.

Una patches Elodie through, rolling her eyes briefly at Ronan before the link is gone. She's in the midst of a plague, and felt the need to share that now??

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