07.23.3013: Local Fare
Summary: Lorelei and Balius visit the Ring, encountering Demos and Ellion, the local fare is sampled
Date: 23rd Month Year
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The Bazaar
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.

Another day, the Bazaar is as busy as ever, perhaps a slight buzz different following news that Second Wave was arriving. Its not really a good or bad buzz so much as something slightly astir in the Bazaar itself. Presently, Demos Osteros, scholar at large, is walking with a tablet in hand, palmed up with a small holographic display above it. Its hard to make details from any vantage but his own. Yet those on the side or looking over his shoulder might notice a canal with a boat in it while the canal fills up, moving the boat from one lock to the next. Nothing overly exciting actually.

Though, it also means the scholar isn't paying attention where he is walking, at least not at this exact moment.

Balius is wandering through the crowds, while trying to keep track of his sister Lorelei. He seems to be looking for something in particular, a satchel over his "good" green tunic and leather vest. He seems to absent-mindedly stop at a stall here or there, never stopping for long at all. He finds the destination off in the distance, but instead he turns to Loree. "The bazaar is always busy. Seen anything interesting yet?" He flashes a somewhat fake smile.

Lorelei's only wandered off a booth ahead, looking at necklaces hanging. Her hand is up, frowning slightly at the drake charm laying against her hand, "What? Oh…no. nothing interesting." she lets the charm drop back to hanging, unsure as to why she was even looking at it. she's not really paying attention to anyone around them, she's been..distracted since she woke up this morning. She'll turn to face her brother "Are you going to tell me why we're here, or are you still being all secrety?" Even though she's got a hand on her hip and looks annoyed, Bey's pretty sure she'll stay even i he doesn't tell her.

Secrety or not, Demos is passing and whether he can help it or not, he actually does look up before bumping into anyone. Though he does look up and something in the ring of a charm dropping catches his ear. As if not pondering who dropped it, he makes over, "Excuse me, could I see that …" Its offered to no one in particular, or the merchant, or the window shopper that let it drop to ring of the display or the other charms even. Then he pauses, looking at who has just spoken, her companion, back to the woman that dropped the charm. His thumb folds down the ship in the lock on his display, and he intones as if he can't help himself, "I'm sorry, you look familiar. I'm usually good with faces." But its only an off-handed comment spoken like someone who isn't entierly good with faces but doesn't want to seem rude either. His hand continues to reach for the charm just the same, unless it means entering any personal space to reach it.

Bey looks up to Loree and says "You never know what you might find at the Bazaar, right?" He kinda shrugs, biding his time, hoping for a distraction. He glances at the charm she's put down and then hears the stranger. He puts on a formal smile, eying the scholar's tablet with a sense of respect. "We're from a ways off, but I haven't yet met someone who forgot my sister's face! Balius Quellton," he nods politely and looks to his sister with a teasing smile.

Lorelei blinks, looking over at Demos. She'll give a small smile and slight eye roll at her brotehr as she reaches and picks up the small drake charm. Handing it to Demos, she offers,"My name is Lorelei. We spoke in the gardens of Arboren last." Loree doesn't seem insulted, she's used to not being remembered, it's kind apart of her job to melt into the background.

A smile plants at the corner of Demos' mouth and spreads like sunshine, "Ah yes, I do recall, odd circumstances with knights, one dazed, one confusing. My apologies for not recognizing right away Ms. Lorelei." He offers a bow to her, simply to be friend, and then a hand to the other, "My pleasure Mr. Quellton. Did I correctly overhear, I owe the pleasure of meeting your acquaintance once more to shopping and surprises?" The tablet is then put away on his person, though in its place is brought out a small piece of green granite like rock, he fuddles with it a little.

Balius will take the hand in a hearty grip. He'll reflect the smile. "Believe it or not, I was going to check out the meat shop, one hears tales and can never be certain of their truth until properly tested." He'll chuckle slightly, a flush of red embarrassment going to his face momentarily. "I don't believe I caught your name?"

A smile plants at the corner of Demos' mouth and spreads like sunshine, "Ah yes, I do recall, odd circumstances with knights, one dazed, one confusing. My apologies for not recognizing right away Ms. Lorelei." He offers a bow to her, simply to be friend, and then a hand to the other, "My pleasure Mr. Quellton. Did I correctly overhear, I owe the pleasure of meeting your acquaintance once more to shopping and surprises?" The tablet is then put away on his person, though in its place he takes the charm with both hands, more intent on looking at the charm itself as if pondering what it is made of, or having an idea but his initial curiousity in the charm is given over to the Quellton siblings at the moment.

Balius will take the hand in a hearty grip. He'll reflect the smile. "Believe it or not, I was going to check out the meat shop, one hears tales and can never be certain of their truth until properly tested." He'll chuckle slightly, a flush of red embarrassment going to his face momentarily. "I don't believe I caught your name?"

Lorelei nods her head as well to Demos, smiling softly, "No apology needed. It was an odd meeting." she'll chuckle lightly, "Sometimes I don't think anyone would recognize me not surrounded by trees." Loree narrows her eyes, her smile dropping when Bey mentions where he's dragging her to, "No. Absolutely not." She'll fold her arms, defiantly, "That place is awful. they tried to make me eat shark fin." Shaking her head, and looking slightly green, "You can go. I'll just…wait somewhere else."

Not so interested in the design, Demos bangs it against the display case a little, the Merchant seems only slightly agitated, perhaps because Demos has bought here before. He eyes it a moment, but is more interested in the interaction before him. "There are other fine samplings, but far be it from me to encourage someone where they wish not to go. There are other small cafe's around the Bazaar that offer more … eh … normal fare." Then to Balius, "Yet, we of the Moons tend for the exotic I suppose. If you ever do wish to try that venture, I would be glad to dine with you." Not that Gregor's would be considered fine dining by any such stretch of the word. Smiling in reconition, he adds, "And here I was about to ponder that we were meeting under normal circumstance, not an unwanted surprise culinary tour."

Balius somehow, surprisingly, seems /relieved/ that Lorelei is not coming in with him. He involuntarily grasps the satchel closer to him. His smile has softened, and he seems to have relaxed, leaning gently against the stand. "I know better than to take the sparrow to the worm," he suggests, with teasing matter-of-factness. "And perhaps I shall have to take you up on that offer sometime. What brings you here, if not culinary discoveries?"

Lorelei stays green, but manages a small glare towards Balius at his jab. The arms crossed loosen, and then drop as the two men talk, Loree eyeing them both for the moment. She'll take a deep breath , letting her eyes go back to the jewelry, immediately honing in on another drake necklace, this time a tooth replica. She'll frown slightly as she reaches and touches it lightly with a finger.

"Mostly, I work here, as well as retain a small residence for that purpose. I am Demos Osteros, scholar errant, and sometime mason. Culinary discoveries a plenty mind, but I have access to them on a daily basis, I meant to imply I would gladly share my joy of the local offerings." Then he looks at other drake necklace. Holding up the one he had grabbed, he says, "Trust your eye, the first you picked up is pyrite, most likely from Nubilus." As if the material component of the item is of more interest than the item itself to Demos. Wanting to study it some more, he holds it up, draped in his palms, should she wish to take it back and consider it some more.

Looking again at the scholar before him, Balius seems to be excited, as if he got some question right. Completely disinterested in their jewelry discussions, he suddenly seems antsy, looking at Gregor's in the distance. He nods politely at Demos, and then quickly glances at Lorelei. "Loree, I'm gonna run in real quick, okay? I promise I won't be long!" He has a tight grip on his satchel as he quickly pushes his way through the marketplace.

Balius leaves, heading towards the Gregor's Strange Meats [GSM].

Lorelei blinks again, "I wasn't really looking…"she'll frown, unsure why she even picked up the necklace to begin with. she doesn't have any need for it. Giving Demeos a small smile, still trying to shake off the thought of Gregor's, "Pyrite, huh? Neat." she'll reach for the jewelry, gentally picking it back up. She'll frown slightly as her brother takes off, "I'm sorry …i don't know what's wrong with him. I think maybe he was dropped at a young age, but our parents have never confirmed that."

With a grin, Demos shakes his head, "Or he simply knows your displeasure of the exotic offerings at Gregor's and is embarassed that he must admit his own curiousity to his sister I would guess." The rock almost forgotten, his eyes still stray towards it as she looks at it. "And you are well, it seemed when last I had met you, there was a flurry of activity that simply surrounded you?"

Balius arrives from the Gregor's Strange Meats.

Lorelei shakes her head, "No…he dragged me here….he should have known if that's why he was coming to not bring me…" sighing, she'll look back at the necklace, considering it. "I'm well." She'll then look up, eyes bright with humor, "I think I'm always in a swirl now a days. No rest for the wicked, right?" She'll shrug and laugh, knowing she's about as far from wicked as one could get. The necklace gets set down after a moment, and she'll wipe her fingers on her dress unconsciously.

Balius starts out of the shop, seeming satisfied with himself. He looks around for Loree and Demos. His satchel appears flat and empty, as he makes his way confidently through the bazaar, back to the stall where he left them.

Grinning with a chuckle in his throat, Demos nods to the comment by Lorelie, offering another, "Or at least job security, if my mind wasn't swirling some days, I'd worry that boredom was about to set in. I am curious," he begins, just as Balius is returning and something in that arrival catches his attention. A pause, he starts checking his pouches a moment, and he asks of Balius, "They had just the meat you were looking for?" There is a hint of curiousity and yet a reluctance to outright ask simply because of the aversion Lorelei seems to have for the exotic offerings.

Lorelei wrinkles her nose at her brother, and shakes her head. a quick last glance at the necklace she'll turn, "Well, I'm going, so the two of you can talk about…"she'll way her hand towards the meat shop making a slightly grossed out face, "all you want." She'll give Demos a smile, "It was nice seeing you again, and will give Bey a small glare before turning and walking towards the ways.

Balius turns to Demos, after watching his sister leave. "They had an interest in the meat I was bringing," he said with a smile.

Smiling curiously, then lifting a brow, Demos ponders that. "That is, your profession good Balius, something of a huntsmen?" It is an honest question, not knowing the other, or how one would come by meat other than having found the game themselves.

A man in a crisp naval uniform walks through the bazaar. He stops here and there, and seems to be holding something in his hand. His sword is in his sheath, and a smile is on his face. " Demos!" He calls out with a smile, as he nears the small gathering. " I don't think we've meet, Ellion." He says as he nods at the muscular male.

The youth blushes at the assertion of his profession. "Perhaps you are familiar with our stables at Arion Oaks? It's the family business. We had to put down some injured steeds yesterday, and I was seeing if perhaps the meat could go to use for someone else. Barn needs some repair, after all." He states this matter-of-factly as he notices the uniformed man. He bows quickly and politely in his green tunic before extending a hand, "I certainly don't believe we have, Balius Quellton," he says with a broad smile.

Turning at first to the newest voice, Demos grins, and offers a bow of his head, "Lord Ellion, quite the pleasure." Then a pause as the other man introduces himself. The pyrite charm forgotten, a green granite-like rock is withdrawn from a pouch by the scholar. "And, Mr. Balius, this is Lord Lieutenant Ellion Khournas, Exectutive Officer of Shadow of Intent," by simple way of greeting. Then, "Stables you said, close enough perhaps. I never meant to imply you were curious about the exotic then, however, should you find that fancy, I would gladly treat to some of Gregor's more appealing specimens."

" The young lord smiles at the man, " What a brilliant introduction from our friend here, I have nothing to add." He grins at Demos, "Putting down a steed is never easy. My favorite steed was put down when I was 8, cried for days." He offers this tidbit of info, as he turns to Demos. " How's your research going?"

Balius looks a bit offput at the introduction of the young lord, glad he at least offered a bow earlier. "I'm always interested in new adventures for the palate. Always hard to find a meal that keeps me enticed back home." He smiles at the Young Lord's story. "It is definitely a trying experience that rarely gets easier, m'Lord."

"And of you good lord Ellion," grins Demos, now that topic is turned towards food, "Perhaps the Officer's Mess is a bit bland, care to venture into Gregor's for a good meal, a little relaxation?" Even though the topic touches on the meat just given to Gregor. "I am admittadely curious of steeds, I am pondering learning to ride, but may need to be convinced."

" Its called Gregor's strange meats is it not?" Ellion says, as he looks towards a few stalls. " But let us go." He says, as he starts moving in that direction. " How many steeds do you have, Balius?"

Just act normal. Just act normal. Bey continues to walk along, attempting to appear relaxed. He pulls it off effectively for now. "Always good to meet new friends over a meal." He smiles eagerly at the question. "We have 21 full grown horses, with a handful of ponies. I take it you are a well-experienced rider, Lord Ellion?"

As the two get to know one another, Demos assures, "It is called that, simply for shock value, there are plenty of staples from around the system, with a splash of the local fare." He continues to walk, holding the door for the other two.

Transition: Into Gregor's Strange Meats
This diner and butcher shop is nothing more than a narrow, rectangular outlet off the Blue District's bazaar. Based on its near-constant state of busyness, it could do with an expansion, but Gregor Petempke couldn't be bothered with such an idea. It is typical of every other hole-in-the-wall restaurant in history. The floors are plain tile that might have been white a long time ago, but have settled into a comfortable yellow. The walls are naked metal, decorated with a few holographic travel posters from various tourist spots in the System — all places that Gregor has been and has lots of stories about. Running along half of one of the side walls is a standard deli cabinet filled with what Gregor specializes in: strange meats. Frog legs, stuffed sheep stomach, chilled monkey brains, grasshoppers, shark fin, pigs feet, and other oddities fill it. Not only does Gregor sell fresh meats, but he also has a rather exotic menu where they can be braised, fried, baked, sauteed, and anything imaginable. It is honored as some of the best — and unusual — food in the system.

Ellion looks around, and seems kind of out of place. So he lets the two others make the first move

Balius just stands there, looking to Demos to take the lead.

Making sure to claim a table or some seats just in case if fills up, Demos orders a selection of items. It includes the unusual, brains, stomachs, tongue, but other items that taste more normal such as pig parts and frog legs. He brings it back tothe table explains it all, pointing out the legs and pigs bits, "These might be better for one not from the Ring or Moons, the legs taste just like chicken, the big is a mix of the back, like bacon, with the fat lining the stomach. Its quite savory, not unlike a juicy steak, but made from pig really." As if that explains it all, he will take a chair when the others are seated.

Lord Ellion sits down, and digs in. He takes a bite of the tongue, and licks his lips. " I't doesn't taste as bad as I though it would." He takes another bite, " Not bad at all." He then leans back into his seat and watches what the others will take.

Bey sits carefully, following after Ellion. He notices the selection in front of him. He pointedly avoids anything Demos said tastes 'like chicken.' After a moment's hesitation, he tries what he thinks is a brain of some animal or another, the texture nearly causing him to gag as he swallowed. He quickly follows it with some stomach, his face flushing red at the embarrassment. Feeling slightly relieved, he says "This stomach is actually quite tasty."

"One moment," offers Demos as he watches, he stands up and grabs a handful of sauces from the next table over, pointing at a particular red one as he lays them out, "This one is good for the brain." He takes some himself, spices it up and takes a bite, enjoying it. "If you two fair well with this, maybe next time with can try the eye-wraps, quite the peculiar sensation." Then he goes for some legs himself. "But really, its not much unlike anything else, I think most people are stuck at where or what the meat comes from, rather than that it is a meat itself."

" Well it does look quite exotic, one might say. Not your usual fare, that's for sure." Ellion says, as he takes another bite, and finishes his tongue. He then takes the meat that supposedly tastes like chicken," Chicken? Hmm, I guess its a tad similar." He takes another bite, " Well I'm not sure if it is that similar."

Balius chuckles good-naturedly at Ellion's discovery of the Chicken food. "Meals can indeed often be about expectations, Demos. I find that textures can be make or break for evening the best tasting meal." He'll mix the sauce and continue with the stomach he has decided he sincerely likes. "So, Lord Ellion, I overheard the mention of a mess hall, where are you stationed?"

"Indeed, and how are the repairs coming," asks Demos, who had hinted at the ship, but as Balius has asked Ellion, the scholar leaves it up to the XO to better explain his ship and circumstance. Instead, he enjoys what food he can, keeping to the brains as they are mostly ignored for the now by the others.

Ellion takes another bite, " For now at the ring, till the hostile invasion is done and over with." He takes a drink of the water, " Repairs are almost done, we are ready for the hostiles. And I'm sure they are ready for us as well." He mutters, as he looks at Demos, " I missed your reply before, how's the research coming?"

Bey pauses briefly, nodding solemnly, a sense of barely repressed awe on his face as he looks at Lord Ellion. "Fighting the good fight, eh? Good to know, m'Lord." He nods respectfully, and turns to Demos expectantly, interested in talk of research

"Ah, yes," says Demos, wiping at his lips with a napkin, "As for the rock from your Hull, it is most likely 4th world, but I have contacted a colleague from the Academ for further analysis to be sure. Presently, I'm also studying samples of pyrite from Nubilus, a byproduct of the ongoing Titanium mining, and its affects on the atmosphere and potential erosion." Then as an afterthought to Balius, "His ship is the Shadow of Intent, a contributer in dealing with the incoming Second Wave."

Ellion nods, and looks at the man thoughtfully. He then puts some quite a sum of money on the table, and stands up. " I'm sorry, but time flies, and my boat is calling. Nice talking to you Balius, and always nice to see you Demos." He says, as he leaves.

Balius will watch as the Young Lord leaves, giving a small sigh as he sees the door close. He seems full and relaxed. "Well, this meal has been far more interesting than I expected friend. I take it you are a geologist of sorts?"

A nod from Demos, "That would be correct, a geologist by formal training at the Academ as well as a stone mason. But my work in that arena is little known outside of Detritus. And again, if that were known more outside of Detritus, I would probably have time for little else. You have an interest in geology?"

With a smile, he'll politely shake his head. "Not moreso than what I've picked up here and there. I have always dreamed of the Academ though. What inspired your fascination with rocks and soil?"

Not one to turn down the opportunity to talk about himself, Demos runs with the questions. "My parents were stone masons, I had begin an apprenticeship at school on Detritus. Between the two, it was more natural that I retain the interest. I don't think I could imagine doing anything else come to mind." Then he looks up, ponders, "Indeed, if it wasn't for a mentor at school, I probably wouldn't have received a Crown Scholarship. I simply would have been a stone mason. Might I ask of your interests, and what you might pursue if the opportunity came to you, to attend the Academ?"

Seeming to actually enjoy the conversation, he nods at the story, as if to agree with the sense of the matter presented to him. "I'm certain that must've made them proud." He looks off in the distance at the question, as if he's pondered it a thousand times but never had the words. A brief moment of struggle appears on his face before he responds, his voice lowers, as if he's telling some unknown secret. "Honestly? I'd study Human Biology, to study disease and illness, maybe specialize as a trauma surgeon. I've got a whole makeshift library back on the ranch and have put theory into practice on a few occasions, but…" He trails off, and then seems to catch himself, almost like coming out of a daydream. "But someone's got to keep the family stables running, right?" He forces a smile at the end.

"Good Mr. Balius," grins Demos, "It sounds like its more than a simple fascination. I am in no position to offer scholarships, or put you on that path, as was my mentor. However, I think I'd like to learn more of your makeshift library and your theory and practice in medicine and surgery. I fear I have little time as I have samples in the lab finishing their cycles that need my attention. Perhaps I could contact or visit with you later, helps where I can in your pursuit of this interest?" HE stands up ready to go, offering the man a pass/shake from a smart device, to pass along his contact informatino.

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