Hrithik Roshan (with grey eyes)
Hrithik Roshan (with grey eyes) as Llacheu Acanthus
Full Name: Llacheu Acanthus
Byname: None
Age: 29
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Soldier (archer)
Position: Sergeant
Spouse: None Height: About 6'1"
Father: Llachlan Acanthus Weight: Around 180 lbs
Mother: Rosealia Woodwyr Hair Color: Black
Siblings: TBA Eye Color: Grey
Children: None


The small Acanthus family dwells in the Spine, scattered from Arborenin and into the mountains. Citizens, they claim no noble blood and traditionally are craftsman, hunters, survivalists, and serve as archers and scouts in the Arboren military. Llacheu (Welsh name, pronounced roughly: La-kai) is typical of his family. A dutiful son, he likes music and dwelling in nature. Llac does not shun the limited use of technology though may may otherwise call him old fashioned in a lot of ways.

Like any boy, he dreamed of becoming a squire to a knight. That's easier to do if you are noble, live in the city and your family has influence, but not so easy for a citizen youth growing up in the mountains in a poor family. So when he was of age Llacheu joined the Arboren military. His profession is that of a soldier and specifically an archer. He's earned his way to the rank of Sergeant and is noted as an able scout and tracker. Unmarried, Llac has thus far prepared his life for the eventual return of the Hostiles, intent to fight and serve his House well in the Arboren tradition.


On occasion Llacheu likes to smoke a fragrant pipe and is fond of music. He may play a stringed instrument such as a lute and sing for his own pleasure - or the pleasure of others though he would not call himself a muscian. Those few who know him best would describe Lac as quiet but far from timid, watchful, not the most trusting of men, focused, yet not without a sense of humor. He is reasonably honorable and will look out for those charged to his responsibility, even protective.

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Known Associates

Aelewen Lady Lieutenant Aelewen Arboren : Officer, Arboren Military. She's laid back, practical, and decidedly down to earth. Llacheu likes her and so far she's easy to speak with.
Brienne Lady Sir Brienne Arboren : Such green eyes! Very pretty. Eh, Llacheu isn't sure he remembers much else as he was a bit intoxicated at the time he ran into her.
Tristan Lord Sir Tristan Arboren : Quiet, doesn't say much. Seems like a good fellow.

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