06.12.3013: L.L. On H.I.I.K. & Also L.I.T.N.
Summary: Drake and Letha talk about… stuff.
Date: 12 June 2013
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Letha Drake 

Roof, Vallas Estate
On an upper terrace of Phylon, where the rich people live.
June 12, 3013

With the Vallas estate set up in one of the topmost terrace of Phylon, it provides a nearly unobstructed view of the night sky. Letha has seen to her father's nighttime routine — a quiet dinner, an hour in his study with recordings of his symphonies, and then bed. Drake had been instructed to arrive an hour after that, giving her time to clean up and prepare the roof. Blankets have been sprawled out across the shallow slope of shingles, and a couple smartly-arranged flame-less candles. She has greeted him at the door with a kiss, and instructed him to carry up the basket of food as they scale up a ladder to the roof. "I figure… I have tonight and maybe tomorrow before you're embroiled in concert mode," she explains.

Drake brought his acoustic guitar with him, but then again, he's been doing that most everywhere these days. The kiss is accompanied by a light goose at her side, but he collects the basket without complaint and climbs up the ladder one-handed. Getting both feet onto the roof, he dimples a grin, "That would have been a lot more fun if you'd been wearing a skirt, Vallas." He sets down the basket at the edge of the blanket, unslings his guitar, then settles down onto the blanket himself, spreading out his right arm and patting beside him with his left, "But yeah… I'm pretty much already there, but even I gotta take a brain-break now and then." He rubs his temples then, "Or a Skuzzy-break. Dude's wrackin' up a frickin' record line of AMP."

Letha settles down beside him on the blankets just as a cool summer breeze rides up the roof. She casts him a dubious smile as she props her head on his arm, collecting his fingers in her hand to twist their digits together idly. "You know, you need to watch that. I won't report on it, but if another journalist gets wind of Skuzzy going to town on AMP, could cause you guys some problems if this concert does what it is suppose to." She nods her head to the picnic basket. "I ordered from Pete's… I hope you haven't eaten yet."

Drake shrugs slightly at the warning, "At this point, I don't much care if it gets his ass kicked outta the band. If I… if we…" apparently, there are still some identity problems between Drake Danger and Hell If I Know, "…didn't need a drummer for the concert, we'd have dumped him already." His fingers twine around hers, and he chuckles, "Or were you tellin' me I need to watch my mouth around you, blondie?" The mention of the burgers causes him to perk up, and he stretches out his free hand, making a soft grunt of effort as he reaches for, and eventually collects, the basket, "Oooh, burgers. Nope, haven't eaten yet."

"I don't write trash about the guy I'm fucking," Letha reassures him with a quirk of her smile. Then she lets him fuss around with the burgers, and once he's freed one of the paper-wrapped sandwiches, she takes the smaller of the two. She also grabs for some napkins to lay on her chest. She glances toward him through the fall of her golden waves. "So…. I was thinking," she begins casually as she starts to unwrap her burger, though she eventually accepts she's going to have to sit up to actually eat it. "After the twenty-four hours of partying… do you want to rehab on Terran for a weekend?"

Drake passes over the first burger, then gets out another one, likewise unwrapping it on his chest, "So I'm 'the guy you're fucking?'" Lifting his head to shake his hair out, he snorts, "That's not real glamorous, now is it?" He works the burger free with one hand, but comes to the same conclusion as she does, brushing his hand down her back as she sits up, then gathering up burger and wrapper and sitting up himself, "Sounds damned good to me. You gonna be sober enough to make it through the Waygate the day after?" The words are said with a teasing laugh, "So I'm assumin' I should call and make some reservations, hope that they aren't too crazy with people goin' to the concert there too."

Letha casts him a smile as she releases his fingers, though her hip remains neatly tucked against his. She takes a bite out of her burger, chewing casually before she rolls her shoulders a bit. "The guy I am exclusively fucking?" She inquires as she glances over toward him. Then she offers him a wider smile. "I actually… have access to a beach house, but I have to let the guy know as soon as possible." She shifts a bit on the blanket. "It is the vacation house for Rodrigo Cruz from Silent Riot."

Drake leans over his burger, then tosses his hair back again before he takes a bite. He shrugs just a little at the correction. Chewing it down, he swallows, then puts in, "Don't I at least get 'lover in the night' or somethin'?" He leans his shoulder in Letha's, grinning crookedly, and then takes another bite, chewing on it. This time, he speaks around the last of the burger, "Silent Riot… shit, totally should have gotten them into the show." Frowning a little, he swallows and adds, "So, you cover him for the paper?" Yeah, there might be a little jealousy there, but just a touch.

"Lover in the Night," Letha repeats. "Sounds like a good song title." She takes another bite of her burger, which allows her to refrain from an immediate answer at his jealous words. She starts to snortle a bit while she finishes chewing down her mouthful before she shakes her head. She is grinning widely now. "No, but he's a big fan of my dad's. He almost went into the Valen Orchestra before he got hooked on the guitar, and realized he wouldn't be stuck in a doublet the rest of his life." She offers him a nudge. "I do have to interview… ah… what's the name of that band? They are in the show, their name sounds like something you'd find in the sewers…"

Drake nods his head at the commentary, "It does… really does." The snortling gets a sidelong look, and then he smirks with a dimple on either cheek. "Your dad gets all the pretty ones." Taking another enormous bite of his burger, he chews into it, speaking around half a mouthful, "Grunge Pit? Or Skidmark?" He chortles to himself, then teases, "Hell If I Know." He frowns a bit at that, "Shit… aren't they both playing out here in Phylon? You're not gonna be stuck out here, aren't you?"

"Skidmark," Letha confirms with a nod of her head. Then she shrugs her shoulders. "With the Ways, I'm not stuck anywhere. I interview the band before they go on, I watch their first couple songs, and then I hop the Ways back to Landing." She glances over toward him, waiting until he finishes with that mouthful of burger before she leans in close and presses a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth. "Don't you worry… I'll be there to cheer you and Hell If I Know on."

Drake turns his head into the kiss, drawing it dead onto the center of his mouth instead. When he straightens up again, he laughs softly, "Well I wouldn't want you to miss the official debut of Long Time Comin'." Gesturing idly with the burger in his left hand, he adds, "Not that you ain't already heard it, of course. But that's not the point. It's totally different with amps and a full band and all that."

"It actually had a… strangely haunted feel without all the additions," Letha comments as she turns her face back toward her burger, taking a solid bite as she looks up at the glitter of stars. Imperius has perfected light technology in such a way that the orangey glow of pollution is completely nonexistent. She admires it as she chews away at her mouthful. Only then does she smile toward him once more. "You know, I bet you have more than just one song to debut… what else do you have up your sleeve?" And she has obtained the journalist tone.

Drake feeds his face too, chewing and chuckling. Around the remnants of his bite, he inquires, "Is this blondie askin', or Miss Vallas of the El-El?" He brushes a bit of sauce off a corner of his lips, sucking it off his thumb, then adds, "If it's Miss Vallas, then I'd just have to say that you'll have to see what we're gonna show. Now, if it's my lover in the night, then I might say that we got a couple more. You've heard little bits of 'em though. So how much work you gotta do on this concert? You gonna be busy any time I ain't on stage, or you gonna have some time to dance?"

"I don't know…" Letha teases in the wake of his own inquiry. "Is it the lead singer of H.I.I.K., or my Lover in the Night askin'?" She casts him a playful look. "I mean, if a representative of H.I.I.K is askin', I should say that I will be dutifully following the story around Imperius, ensuring I give the best possible account." She tilts her head now, casting a bit of bangs into her vibrant eyes. "But, if my L.I.T.N. is askin', then I will be waitin' to dance with him."

Drake laughs easily at the repeated use of acronyms, "Yeah, yeah. It's your Song Title askin'." Sitting up more fully, he reaches over to brush her bangs from her face, setting down the burger with his other hand. He leans forward to press a longer, more luxurious kiss to her lips. Murmuring against her lips, he opens his eyes and jags his eyebrows upwards, "So we done talkin' business now? Not that I got anything in mind for topics of discussion, but I got a few ideas on what else we could do with our lips…"

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