07.19.2013: Little Brother Takes Over
Summary: With Elodie accepting a position on board Shadow's Intent, Una and Ronan have decided some more training in weapons would be a good idea in case she needs to protect herself.
Date: 18 July, 2013
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Frigid Wastes Shelter, Niveus
Niveus is a small moon, the surface of which is covered entirely in ice and snow. Light is filtered through heavy gray clouds, snow falling much of the time. All visible land is of snow and ice. Though there are vast, deep oceans beneath the thick surface, from above it appears as though the entire moon is made of ice. A few formations of mountain and glacier, as well as the settlements of Niveus, break up the vast, largely empty surface. There are only a few settlements to be found here, many are buried into mountains and even glaciers. Shelter, the largest, is one of the only ones easily visible from a distance. It rises from the moon like a great mountain of stone topped by the icicle-like weather stations and homes of House Iah, the lights from within visible only in a few places, giving the appearance of bright glowing rivers that run down the sides of the great settlement.

Most of the creatures of Niveus are visible only beneath the surface in the oceans, though ice bears and a few other creatures can be seen roaming through the snow. The ice bears resemble the polar bears of ancient earth, though they are often much larger and some have pale gray fur as well as white. There are also a few packs of great wolves, though it is a rare thing indeed to see one, and a few smaller creatures which are completely unique to Niveus.

19 July, 3013

Ronan is not wearing his armor, but he is wearing the padded gambesson that he wears underneath it. He stands out waiting for Elodie in the training area just outside Shelter's secured walls. The sun is out, and it is at the moment not snowing, though the weather meters indicate that it could be a possbility later.

Elodie has her armor with her, but she's not wearing it, yet. Her skin suit that protects her from the elements, and short sleeved tunic are all she wears at the moment. She glances up towards the sun, then finds her brother and strides towards him.

Ronan glances over at a bench. "You can put that there for now." His demeanor is very uncharacteristically stern. He is almost scowling. He cocks his head slightly, "So, you still sure you want to learn this?" There is a slightly severe look in his eyes that is quite remenescent of their mother. "Because, it will be on my terms, 'Die. You have to listen to me."

Elodie sets her armor down, and then goes to stand in front of her brother. She looks at him, and then jerks back slightly, as if she's been slapped. "I didn't come here to ignore you, Ronan," she says evenly. She stares at him a long moment, then shakes her head. "You and Una," she mutters to herself, turning to look at the horizon line.

"Me and Una what?" Ronan asks her. He looks at her. "What I meant is that in this situation, if I tell you something… no back talking… you just listen to me… This is not like anything we have ever done before… Right now, I'm not your little brother."

"When have I ever back talked, Ronan?" Elodie asks wearily. "I do /understand/ how serious this is. How serious everything is. I've seen people die from the Hostile attacks, and have to try and keep people from dying. I don't understand why you think I wouldn't take you seriously."

Ronan walks over to a small chest. He opens it up and pulls out two long rods. They are training maces with adjustable gravitational settings. He offers one of them to Elodie. "It's not that I think you wouldn't take me serious, it's just that I have always been the little brother… the one to be told what to do, not the one telling you what to do."

Elodie watches Ronan walk over to the chest in silence, taking the mace when handed to her. She tests the weight and feel of it, not with and sweeps, but with a little motion of her wrist, seeing how it feels in her hand. Her legs shift slightly, redistributing her weight into a basic ready position, her weight off her heels and ready to move. But she doesn't. She waits for Ronan.

Ronan walks around Elodie. He reaches and adjusts her hips. He kicks her feet a little to adjust them. He then reaches and activates the rod increasing it's weight - though not to the point of being too heavy, but defeatly a noticable difference. "This is the basic stance." He looks at her. "Leg forward like that is an aggressive stance. Reverse your legs so that the opposite leg forward is a more defensive stance."

Elodie's muscles don't resist the changes he makes, but she does bounce slightly to get a feel for the new distribution of weight when he does, her eyes losing focus as they turn momentarily inwards to concentrate on where and how her body is standing. She doesn't even nod, just shifts as told as she commits his instructions to memory.

Ronan moves a few feet ahead of her and to the side so that she can see his form clearly. "Okay.. watch me… These are a couple basic motions. We'll do them individually then put them together." He demonstrates the swing, reset, and returning swing from across the body, explaining each part.

Elodie watches, waiting until he's completed each move and reset before trying to mimic it herself. It's obvious she hasn't forgotten everything she was taught before she left the 'smashing and bashing' to her siblings to concentrate on archery and survival. Her natural athletic coordination helps, as well. Not that she's perfect, but she could be a quick learner.

"Again." He tells her. Ronan walks around her, stopping her at one point. "Lift your elbow up a little bit more.. but don't stick it out as much… It gives you more torque without expose the arm as much." He nods slightly, "Good… now put it all together…

At the command to repeat, Elodie repeats. Although she doesn't turn to look at him when he gives her instructions, she looks to herself as she makes the adjustments he suggests. She tries again with the new angle on her elbow, and nods as she feels the difference. There's a slight hesitation between moves as she puts it together, as her mind remembers the sequence. She tries again, a little more fluidly.

Ronan nods slightly, "Good." He moves once again in front of her. "Okay, footwork. You see how you have one foot forward, one back. The direction that you want to move. You step first with the foot in that direction. Move forward, step with the front foot. Backward, back foot." He demonstrates the slight step. "When I say forward, I want you to step forward. At the same time, repeat the three swing steps. Back the same…" He turns to watch her. "Forward. Forward. Back."

Elodie's first forward with the swing is hardly coordinated at all, leaving her almost swaying for balance. She doesn't grimace at her failure, though. She pauses before taking the second forward that he instructs and manages the first two parts of the swing well enough, but the third doesn't finish properly. By the time she steps back, though, she's starting to get all three with the step.

Ronan gives her a couple of pointers, but finishes up with, "That's a good start. Now angle the step slight to the side to move side to side, like this." He nods, "For the time being, just work on your footwork… and the three base moves… whenever you have a bit of free time. If you don't have the training mace with you, just work on the footwork."

Elodie tilts her head to the side as she listens to the pointers, then nods. She practices a couple side steps, then the front and back again, with the three base moves. At his injunction for practicing, she nods, and tries each side, front, and back, one more time.

Ronan nods. "Good." He purses his lips slightly. "Okay. I was hoping that Sergeant Wolf would be able to attend, but I guess his other orders have him busy at the moment. Move the mace back to its ready position. Do not strike, just keep it at the ready. I'm going to face you. At first, I will tell you which direction you can go, but I want you to watch my body so that you can see what I'm doing… After a few steps, I'm going to stop announcing my moves, and I want you to anticipate. If I move forward, you move back. If I move to your right, you move left. Got me?"

Elodie takes a deep breath as Ronan gives his instructions, then gives a nod. She sets herself in the ready position that he taught her earlier, shifts a bit when it's not right, and then gives another nod.

As he starts to step forward, Ronan orders "Back." He takes another step forward, "Back." He moves back, "Forward." He does this about a dozen times, then he informs her that she now has to anticipate, as he starts moving opposite her. He whole time he, likewise, keeps his mace in ready stance, though so that she isn't carrying the weight alone, also so she can watch his arms.

Elodie follows the orders when given quite well, and the first few movements after he stops talking, she seems to still be in a zone, anticipating properly. But then she starts trying to think, and almost bumps into him a couple of times, or steps out of the way because she's anticipating wrong.

After a short while of this, Ronan stops. "Okay, enough for now. Tonight, before you can go to bed. I want you to spend one hour working on just your footwork. Two hours if you have it available." He looks at the training mace, "That is on setting two of ten. When you get comfortable with the grav setting, move it up one." He then looks at her. "It was a good beginning."

At the halt Ronan calls, Elodie lowers her arms, then gives a puzzled look down as she realizes how tired it is. She turns the mace in her hand, looking for the settings, then nods as she turns it off to take it back. She starts towards the bench, then pauses. "Can I practice the footwork in my armor? Since I'm always wearing it when I go out on rescues?" The concern of her eyes under the raised eyebrows considers that Hostiles can show up when she's minding her own business somewhere as well.

Ronan smiles and nods. "Yes you can." He pauses, "But only after you do it for an hour out of it first." He looks at her, "You need to work on the basics before you add another layer to it."

Ronan looks at Elodie for a moment, then walks over and places his hand on her shoulder. "You did good, Elodie." He smiles slightly. "There are some good instincts there… " He smiles, "Okay, let's go inside and have a nice cup of hot chocolate." Yeah, training time over, little brother back. He moves over and places his training mace in the chest, before closing and picking it up. "Come on."

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