Sir Lionel William Keats
Chris Pine
Chris Pine as Sir Lionel William Keats
Full Name: Sir Lionel William Keats
Byname: The Mane
Age: 28 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Paramount of Cindravale
House: House Rovehn
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight (Citizen-Born)
Spouse: Sir Jeremy Keats of Singers Height: 1.83 km (6'0")
Father: Johnathon Keats Weight: 84.8 kg (187 lbs)
Mother: Clara Samson (Keats) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Sergeant Isaac Keats Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Lionel William Keats did not fancy himself as a Knight. In fact, Lionel William Keats didn't really fancy himself as much of anything. His father — Johnathon Keats — had died on the very day of his birth, crushed under the weight of a malfunctioning farming drone he had been repairing. The Caravan was not even suppose to be stopping at the Whitebridge settlement, but there had been an emergency call for repairs and they were the closest in the area. His mother, Clara, had grieved for years, leaving Lionel under the care of his older brother Isaac. In retrospect, by Lionel's memory, those years were the happiest of his childhood. Isaac was a good brother, caring for Lionel as best he could. He thought that was the way the world was meant to forever be, but then their mother came out of her sorrow, met another man, and was soon married.

Leroy Samson always claimed to be their father's best friend, though Isaac always said he never remembered the man before he started courting their mother. The relationship had started out loving, and for a moment, the boys truly believed that Samson was going to be a good addition. Then things went sideways, like they always did. That's when the abuse started. Sure, the Rovehn men-at-arms would stop by now and then when things got loud, threatened Samson with charges, but their mother would always reassure them that she was fine, her boys were fine, they were all fine. And that became the theme of the Keats-Samson house: everything was fine.

Lionel was eleven years old when he was hauled to his family's housing unit by a pair of Rovehn Outriders. He had been caught trying to steal a horse from one of the other Caravan pods. Lionel objected fiercely, explaining that Riley Jessup had promised him that horse after he lost a bet to Lionel, but it didn't matter. The Outriders were polite to Clara, maybe because of how she trembled at the news. They promised her no formal charges would be filed, but that someone should give Lionel a talking to about all this. Maybe his father could do it. But, Lionel's father was dead. All he had was Leroy.

As he progressed through his adolescence, Lionel proved to be three major things: 1) a righteous smart-ass whose mouth got him in trouble, 2) terribly good at brawling, which usually was the result of the first trait, and 3) a terrible flirt that had not a care for age differences or gender differences. He was all but useless according to most. He had been rejected by a handful of trades masters, even if some tried very hard to be patient with him. The abuse in the household continued, though Lionel began to stand-up against his stepfather, trading blows with him. Once more, the Outriders were summoned. Amongst them though was Knight Lieutenant Tate Plass. He saw the abuse, saw the angry boy, and saw an opportunity. Leroy was arrested, and ended up enlisting on a mining ship after a few weeks of confinement. He was never heard of again. And Plass returned some weeks later, asking Clara's permission to squire her son for Knighthood. Clara agreed. Lionel was sixteen when he became Sir Tate's squire.

Despite his rough and tumble ways, Lionel adapted quickly to being a squire. Tate gave him a direction for his anger, gave his mind exercise and stimulation, and kept the leash just lose enough so Lionel didn't feel locked down. He was an innovative thinker and problem solver, though his solutions were not always traditional. He did not catch up with squires his own age, but did manage to make great leaps and bounds in his training so he was knighted at twenty-one instead of what most believed would be somewhere closer to twenty-five. He joined the Outriders, swearing himself to House Rovehn.

When Lionel was twenty-six, he got married to what some thought was a rather surprising partner: Sir Jeremy Singer. Most had always known he was a unprejudiced flirt, but it was always a mystery where Lionel's heart would take him. It took him to Jeremy. While he continues to work closely with Tate, he also prepares for the upcoming war against the Hostiles even as the Rovehn caravans come together to defend their home and horses alike.



There is something almost average about this Knight at first glance. He stands at a flat six feet in height, and his broad-shouldered frame is typical without being too lean nor too bulked. He has a narrow face that includes a nicely sharp chin, broad jaw and slightly high forehead. Thick, expressive eyebrows sit slightly arched over sharp blue eyes that often dance with a boyish, good-natured charm. His nose is long and neat. Generous lips are just slightly upturned in the corners even when relaxed, and broaden into easy smiles. His unremarkable brown hair is kept short and neat, and does nothing to disguise his ears which are just a bit too large for the rest of his head.


This knight is armored with a distinct leonine theme. His defender armor is tawny gold and bronze in color, roped with faux cords of muscle as if the skin had been torn away from a great cat, the lines smoother and less broken up than more traditionally-styled knightly armor. The fingers of his gauntlets are colored a pale ivory, as if they were the extended claws of a lion. The helmet, however, is the crowning glory of this knight's equipment, a fully-featured lion's head with tendrils of real hair dancing about the helm to form a mane. The lion's mouth is slightly open as if prepared to roar, and provides the hinge for the visor, the lower jaw remaining in place as the upper jaw and majority of the face swings up and out of the way.


  • Loyal to a Fault: Good to his friends even when they are bad to him. He is easy to forgive. Most of the time.
  • Omniflirt: Tends to flirt with anything — man, woman, old, young. Doesn't really matter.
  • Shameless Smartass: It speaks for itself. No additional information required.
  • Tends Toward Drink: Also speaks for itself, though Lionel doesn't get dangerously drunk anymore.
  • Tests Authority: Likes finding out where the boundaries are.

Musical Inspiration

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Simple Man"

Forget your lust for the rich man's gold
All that you need is in your soul,
And you can do this if you try.
All that I want for you my son,
Is to be satisfied.

  • The Lumineers - "Hey Ho"

(Ho!) So show me family
(Hey!) All the blood that I would bleed
(Ho!) I don't know where I belong
(Hey!) I don't know where I went wrong
(Ho!) But I can write a song

  • Led Zeppelin - "Ramble On"

But now it's time for me to go.
The autumn moon lights my way.
For now I smell the rain, and with it pain,
and it's headed my way.
Sometimes I grow so tired,
but I know I've got one thing I got to do: Ramble On!

  • Of Monsters and Men - "Yellow Light"

Somewhere deep in the dark
A howling beast hears us talk.
I dare you to close your eyes
And see all the colors in disguise.
Running into the night,
The earth is shaking and I see a light.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cindravale The Paramount House of Cindravale : Lofty in their Fortress on the Plains. Their ladies are lovely, their bars quite exquisite, but they lack something. Warmth, earthiness, a smell that only rolling around in good dirt can give you.

Rovehn House Rovehn of the Caravan : I have nothing ill to say about the House of my birth. I will always live on the Caravans. I will protect them. They are my home. And fuck anyone who tries to take them from me.
Isaac Sergeant Isaac Keats — Brother : There is a particular thing about older brothers. Mine really is no different. He looks after me, I look after him. He keeps me out of trouble, I get him into trouble.
Dax_icon.jpg Dax the Brave : My dog, a perfect example of a Rovehn retriever.
Charmer_icon.jpg Charmer the Destrier : He really has always been a Charmer. Perhaps he is now even more so with his cybernetic leg and eye. I blame the Leonnidas for it, but he hasn't wilted under the terrors. A solid friend.
Rebecca Sergeant Rebecca Mordain : A fellow soldier in the House of Rovehn. She's got a pretty cute kid too. Jeremy definitely likes her. The kid. Well, I'm sure he likes Bex too.

Leonnida House Leonnida of the Roar : Crazy motherfuckers.

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