12.16.3013: Lines
Summary: Klaudea and Lincoln bump into each other at the mall, and Klaudea helps Lincoln go over his lines for his play.
Date: No idea. Awhile ago.
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Klaudea Lincoln 

Commercial District, Volkan
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16 December, 3013

The mall on Volkan overlooks the lava and gray plain below, the glow mostly red through the windows of the small rest areas tucked between shops here and there. At one of these little alcoves a short brunette has a few shopping bags on the floor near her, and has one leg curled on the sofa, ankle tucked under knee as she taps on a tablet. A coffee and half finished burger sits on the little table in front of her, and the bags, instead of bearing names of department or clothing stores, seem to be from electronics and gadget supply stores. Lowering the tablet to her lap, Klaudea lets a 3 dimensional display pop in front of her, turning and studying it.

Lincoln's getting used to the volcanic heat. There's even been talk of Valcono climbing! He figures he should maybe spend a bit of free time, just getting used to the area…may earn him some bonus points. Not that he's sure he even wants them, but…Linc's in casual clothes, loose fitting tunic with tight pants. His jewelry is all back on and his hair is messy styled. He'll walk into the mall, and head directly towards the coffee, almost like a beacon. He'll grin and laugh loudly as he orders a triple carmel latte, his tablet in his hand.

Hearing a familiar laugh, Klaudea leans through the image and looks around the corner. "Heya, Lincoln," she greets, lifting an arm to wave and give him a smile. Then she leans back, letting him finish his ordering and procuring.

Lincoln glances over as he hears his name, "Hey Klaudea." He'll get his coffee and walk over, "What's up?" He'll glance at the computer, but doesn't pay it much mind. He'll perch on the opposite arm of the couch. A small sip and nod to the drink.

Klaudea has been manipulating the image, turning it arond and looking at it, before she sets it down, and then closes the program. "I thought, after our last incident, it might be a good idea to start learning something about demolitions. Basic circuiture and triggers, things like that. How to dismantle them." She gives a sigh that makes the wisps that escape her ponytail flutter at her forehead. "What are you up to?" She turns sideways towards him, her leg now pushing along the back of the couch as she takes her cup in hand to give it a little more attention while they talk.

Lincoln 's going to assume she means the incident that landed her in the hospital, not the last incident where he was stun in a circle. "Sounds exciting….Not going well?" He'll shrug, "Not much. Coffee, lines…maybe meeting someone later." He'll not say if it's a client or not. Another sip, "How's not training training going?"

Klaudea grimaces. "It was going. I was helping Lady Cyrielle, at least. She wanted to learn some self defense, and we started working with some sword work, too. Then Lord Sir Victor said that Sir Thalo would kick my ass if he found out." She shrugs. "So, now there's that gone." She takes a sip from her coffee, and nods halfway through it, lowering the drink as something else comes to mind. "Then there was that gigantic and very rude dude at the gym, who wouldn't even tell me his name but demanded I tell him why I'm in trouble with Sir Thalo. When I refused, he gave me a lecture on disobedience and said he'd report me to Sir Thalo. And that if he was Sir Thalo, he'd kick me out on my ass and make sure no one else would take me on." She pulls up one corner of her lips. "Been a great week so far. You want some help with your lines?"

Lincoln lets out a soft noise,"Yikes. Rough. Are you not supposed to help anyone, or not be training at all?" It's an honest question. "If it'll help, I'll spar with ya….What a douche bag. If he had a title, he should have stated it. Doesn't sound like he had any business asking. Unless he's knight or of Sir Thalo's house, it's none of his business. And if he refused to give you his name, the faults on him. He broke etiquette. He should be reprimanded by his house." Look at that, Linc's smarter than he looks! Etiquette training for the win! He'll glance down, "If you'd rather look at dry lines than bomb deactivations…sure." He doesn't sound too excited, but will slide from the arm of the couch down to the seat cushion.

"I briefly thought Sir Thalo might actually have sent him, but, I don't know. I don't think Sir Thalo is really underhanded like that, but it was just plain bizarre," Klaudea tells him, then she gives a grin. "Look at you, all knowing your etiquette and stuff," she chuckles, but she sobers a little. "I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. I train, I work out, I study, I keep in shape… and mostly stay around the barracks so I can be found… so, yeah… /anything/ to distract me would be great." She holds out her tablet for him to bump the script over if he wants so she can read.

Lincoln mock puffs out his chest, "Has to be good for something, right?" He'll frown, pulling up the play lines, "Well…can't you just ask Sir Thalo? I would think being straightforward and asking can't be held against you…although him finding out that you're trying to learn to disable bombs probably won't help." He'll bump his tablet to hers, the play data flying over. "We can run lines, or if you want, we can spar later."

Klaudea tips her head sideways to look at him. "Yeah, we can spar," she agrees, then flips through the pages to look at the play. "I don't see any reason for him to be upset that I'm trying to learn about demolitions. If I go ahead and /try/ to disable something without him knowing or being around, I can see that upsetting him." She looks at the pages in front of her. "Man, this is a lot of lines. How are you going to remember them all? I could listen to the audio version in your sleep to try and learn subliminally and still have troubles."

Lincoln shrugs, "I just meant, he might not be happy that you're pursuing the demolitions, as that's what kinda got you in this mess. I could be totally wrong." He'll snort, and take another sip, "Yeah…it's not as exciting as most. I got most of it, I think. Just boring." He'll laugh, pulling out a small ear piece from his tunic, "Yeah…that was the plan, but real person is better."

Klaudea grins and gets comfortable next to Lincoln now that he's slid down, not exactly leaning against him, but in contact, kind of like a brother. "Okay, so… which scene do you want to work on?" she asks. For the moment, she doesn't seem to want to talk any more about knights or demolitions, or anything else.

Lincoln blinks at the contact, but won't say anything. It's just gonna take him some time to get used to this…again. "I was focusing on act 2, scene 3. The political intrigue is unbearable." He's clearly mocking the play, and the scene, which is dry. And the notes say he needs to rapid fire these lines off, as it's an argument.

"Political intrigue, hm?" Klaudea asks, the slight sarcasm on the 'hm' catching his tone. She scans through the tablet until she reaches the scene, and then nods. "You? In an argument? Unbelievable…" she ducks her head but gives him a wink, and then she fires off his first cue at him, leaning forward to set her coffee down again.

Lincoln fires his lines back. He's not bothering with inflection, or even any real acting, just getting the words and the speed down. He's mostly got it, although here's a few times that he says the wrong word completely. Like, it's close, but not what the page says. With a sigh, and hand through his hair, "I should have asked for the support character…"

Even though some of the words that Lincoln puts in seem odd, Klaudea just corrects them and keeps going, doing her best to keep the pacing for him. Sometimes, though, on some of the longer replies, she seems to get a little breathless. "You're doing fine," she encourages. "I couldn't remember that much. And you're going to be great."

Lincoln pauses to take another sip of coffee. He'll admit, "I'm terrified…It-Rook knows Jane Wyre….she made a half comment about inviting her…I just with I could break a leg, and have a way out."Anotehr hand through his hair, and he'll then rub his face. "It's like, I'm nervous enough about this, but, Jane Wyre? seriously?"

Klaudea turns a little red at the mention of Jany Wyre, biting at her lip to smother a smile. "I didn't know your sister knew Jane Wyre. Do you think she'd really have the time to come to your play? Just… imagine her without her clothes on. Isn't that actors are supposed to do to make themselves comfortable? Imagine the audience naked?" She gives a snort. "I don't know why that's supposed to help, but… hey. It might help you relax and just get on with the acting part."

Lincoln watches Klaudea, tilting his head. "Six…I hope not." He'll blink, now it's his turn to try to not smile at Klaudea, "You want me to imagine Jane Wyre naked?" He'll laugh, "Naked people don't really affect me as much as they do others…"

Klaudea chuckles. "Exactly. You'll feel right at home," she teases, flipping back to the beginning of the scene. "Do you want to do that on again, or work on a different one?"

Lincoln snorts, finishing off his coffee, "Yeah…right at home." He'd feel much more comfortable if that was the case. "Let's do that one again…I don't know what I messed up those words. I need to nail those before I forget."

Klaudea nods once, leaning forward to take her coffee back, this time resting it in her lap next to the tablet, taking an occasional sip. She gives a look to Lincoln to make sure he's ready, and then reads the opening cue once more. She doesn't try to rush the longer lines quite as long this time, but she matches whatever speed he wants to recite.

Lincoln huffs, but will run the lines again. He still messes up some of the lines, but not as many as he did the first time. He's still rapid firing the lines back. When they end, he'll groan and lay his head back into the couch. His eyes close, "This is going to be a disaster…"

Klaudea gives a little back hand to Lucian's arm. "Stop it. You're going to be fine!" she tells him with no-nonsense encouragement. "You'll be a big time actor after this, and you'll have to turn down offers. You were better that time." She finishes her coffee and sets it down. "You want another one?" she nods to his empty latte cup.

Lincoln scoffs at the smack, eyes traveling down to his arm where she hit him, "seriously? Big time actor, huh? think I should stick with stage, or go directly to Vid?" He's mocking himself. He'll take a deep breath, "Yeha….Another one might do me good." He's start to stand to go get the coffee.

The elbow exerts a little more pressure to keep him seated. "Here, this one's on me. Play a round of solitaire or Knight's Duty to clear your mind before we go on," she suggests, nodding to his tablet. "And guard my stuff! What kind did you want?"

Lincoln rattles off like the character in the play would, super fast, "Triple cameral latte expresso, half cream, half foam." His eyes are closed, and he'll run both hands through his hair, letting out a sigh. the silver from his rings stands out brightly against his dark hair.

"Triple caramel latte expresso, half cream, half foam," Klaudea repeats. "You high maintenance actors and your fancy drinks." With that, she grins, and heads over to the cafe, pulling her wallet out of a pocket.

Lincoln would roll his eyes, if they weren't already closed. He'll scratch his head, tilting his head to each side. He's not quite popping his neck, but close. When she returns , he's still got his eyes closed and head back, but his breathing has slowed, not quite meditation, but he's definitely zoning a touch. "Hey." he sound more relaxed, anyway.

Klaudea pauses a minute when she gets close, before making enough of a noise to let him know she's there. "Hey," she says quietly, setting his drink down unless he reaches for it, in which case she'll put it in his hands. She settles back on the couch next to him with her fresh drink, and lifts her feet to the coffee table.

Lincoln's hands go out, fingers wiggling in anticipation. He doesn't sit up though, his head still against the couch. "So nothing new besides the squire drama?" Clearly he's not wanting to go back to the lines just yet.

Klaudea chuckles as she hands over the drink, then settles back on the couch, taking a long sip before she shakes her head. "No, not really. Lady Cyrielle has invited me to go sailing with her and Lord Nitrim. It sounds like fun, if I don't get seasick. But, I mean…" she pushes back at her hair, and then lets her hand flop to her lap with an audible slap. "How am I supposed to go off and have fun when I'm working so hard to get back Sir Thalo's trust?"

Lincoln struggles internally a moment then sighs, "You need to just ask him. If you can keep training, if you can stay at the barrack…all that. Squires are allowed to have fun, right? Or is this like, a long trip, or just a day thing?" See? He's being polite , even with the snake begin involved.

Klaudea shrugs. "I haven't been told to pack up or leave the barracks, so…" she trails off and takes a sip. "I don't know. There weren't any details. I just.. I hate this feeling of walking on eggshells. And it seems everything I do lately is the wrong thing. Everyone's mad at me, or impatient for one reason or another."

Looking over, Linc cracks his eyes open, still cradling the coffee, "Talk to him.Show your serious about winning him back, but do that by asking. Throwing darts at a board in the dart isn't really…proving anything, ya know?" He'll smirk a bit sadly, finally taking a sip, "That's life, sweetie. Everyone gets mad or upset. Just how life goes."

Klaudea's turn to have her eyes closed. "I want to. He's been on the front, and I haven't been able to talk with him." The assertion that everyone gets mad brings a snort from her. "Yeah, I know. I just wish it wasn't everyone at once. I mean, didn't their mother's teach them to take turns?" Her forehead wrinkles. "Did you just call me sweetie? Are you turning into Georgiana?"

Lincoln laughs, taking another sip, "Life's like that. If it's gonna happen, it all happens at once.It's not just you." He'll frown, "Oh..screw that. Never calling you that again." he'll shift in his seat, his shoulder brushing against hers a moment.

Klaudea laughs, and his shoulder brushes against her, she nudges him. "What? Georgiana's cool. She doesn't understand some of the things I believe are important, but she helps me anyways. That's what friends do, right?"

Lincoln shakes his head, "Glad she's good to you." So glad he's practiced at poker face. "Yeah, that's what friends do."

Klaudea nods. "You should get to know her. I think she likes you," she adds thoughtfully. "She asks me about you. Anyways… more lines, or are we sparring, now?" She opens her eyes to look across at him again.

Lincoln narrows his eyes, watching her as she talks about Georgiana. "Yeah…no. No need to complicate my life more." She asks about him…right. He'll groan, closing his eyes. "No more lines." He'll leave it up to her if they just sit there, or go spar, or gym or whatever. He just don't want to think of words right now.

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