08.19.3013: Life Goes On Too
Summary: Aidan touches base with Brigham.
Date: 08-19-2013
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Aidan Brigham 

Grand Antechamber, Nether Keep, Khar-Mordune
A graceful archway decorated in delicate helictite and soft flowstone guides individuals into the Grand Antechamber of the Nether Keep. This chamber had once been a small secondary hovel to the greater cave outside, but it has been expanded by manmade means to rival the grand halls of other noble fortifications. Everything about this room's design is about providing light and emphasizing its natural beauty. A vast lacework of bioluminescent fungus covers much of the vaulted ceilings, creating a natural chandelier that is constantly refreshing itself with regrowth. The stone floors have been polished smooth, and bioluminescent veins course thorugh the stone to increase the overall illumination of the sprawling room. Braizers and wall sconces filled with organic, luminous goo provide consistent light. Massive, natural columns run from floor to ceiling along the back of the chamber, and stonecarvers have come in to chisel and engrave the stone in intricate designs. There is a series of turbolifts at the back of the chamber which allow visitors and residence alike to venture down into the rest of the keep.

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