08.17.3013: Life Goes On
Summary: Aidan pays a visit to his sister in the hospital. Antaeus has a bed in the room as well.
Date: 17.08.3013
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Khar-Mordune Hospital
A semi-private hospital room.

It's been fairly quiet where Viannea's been laid out, the majority of those who were also injured probably already gone, leaving her to her own devices after a day spent asleep in a medication-induced haze. Laying flat on her back, the patient is staring at the ceiling, counting the steady beeps from the heart monitor in effort to stay awake. Looks like she's about to fail in that as her eyes are already beginning to slip closed.

Antaeus is on his hospital bed, snoozing at the moment. His chest and abdomen wounds have been cleaned and bandaged up, thankfully they weren't that all that bad individually, but wounds do add up over time, and thus he's had to stay in bed to get a little rest and recooperation. Snorting awake, he blinks and then squints to get his eyes used to the white. Grunting and groaning, he shifts in his bed to prop himself up, glancing around the room, his eyes trying to make out who else is here at the moment.

Aidan is standing quietly in the doorway studying Viannea in her bed. The relief at not losing a second sister doesn't show except in the length of time he watches her. After a bit, he walks forward saying "You need to stop trying to be so much like Agnes. Then again, as often as she ends up here, she's still going strong."

Viannea pivots her head to the side, first so she can look at Antaeus who gets a grunt and then to Aidan who gets a snort. "This is the first time I've been laid up like this," gets croaked at her brother, Vi's voice cracking. Someone really needs a drink of water but it's debatable as to whether or not she's allowed water. "Hmm. How are you guys holding up? You, Brig… Mom and Dad? Agnes?" Leave it to her to be more concerned for them during a time like this.

Rubbing his face to get awake, Antaeus takes a few moments to situate himself before he turns and slowly stands up. "Look, if the two of you need a few private minutes, I can go try and walk around a little bit. Feeling a little stiff from that nap." He tries to offer a quirked grin, but that fails. Sighing, he shakes his head. "I heard about… I, I'm sorry for your loss. Both of you. I can't imagine losing one of my own sisters."

"About as you'd imagine." Aidan answers. "Tempered a little by your not following her." He pulls over one of the chairs and sits down with a sigh. "Poison. They've never used poison before. Why?" It's not a question he expects an answer to as he looks over at Antaeus and shakes his head. "Thank you. But stay. Assuming you still have an intention of possibly marrying into the family."

Viannea nods slowly, the fog starting to settle in a little more which is making it very hard to focus. "Keep an eye on Brig, just in case," she instructs groggily. "Just in case he decides to do something out of guilt." 'Something'. Does she mean do something bad to himself or something that might qualify as just

Viannea nods slowly, the fog starting to settle in a little more which is making it very hard to focus. "Keep an eye on Brig, just in case," she instructs groggily. "Just in case he decides to do something out of guilt." 'Something'. Does she mean do something bad to himself or something that might qualify as just plain dumb and dangers in general. Ant's offer gets a raise of a hand, her eyes closing for a moment. "Please, stay."

Glancing between Aidan and Viannea, he nods, and then glances around the room for a moment before finding two chairs. He slides one over and gestures for Aidan to have a seat before moving to the second. Sliding that one over, he takes a seat himself , taking a quick breather before asking, "What was this about poison? Is it something the science or medical types can identify, or is it something new?"

"It's not his fault. The plan was mine." The guilt is all Aidan's. "The bolts they hit her with were coated with some kind of poison. She would have survived her injuries otherwise. We'll need to come up with an antidote and all carry some with us." Which is easier said than done.

A sigh is exhaled by Viannea, that breathy sound carrying as much emotion as she can invoke at the moment. "You shouldn't feel guilty either. We got caught off guard." Literally shaking herself, Vi strives to get the blood flowing to her arms and legs and then tries to sit up "Ow… oh, we did get a Hostile, right? Interrogate it. Ask it about the poison."

Antaeus leans forward and puts a hand gently on Vi's shoulder. "You probably shouldn't move too much. Don't strain yourself too hard just yet. As to the hostile, yeah, I think one was captured." Though he glances over to Aidan for confirmation. "Are we really going to have to all carry antidote with us now? What if the antidote is hard to produce? It seems to me that they are stepping up their efforts to wipe us all out." He leans back, shaking his head, mumbling something about the Hostiles being sons of bitches.

Aidan nods. "One was captured." he agrees. "And you can count on it. They're already creating a list of who gets to talk to it and in what order. I'll be sure to remind them to ask about the poison. And if we can't come up with an antidote or enough of it," he tells Antaeus, "We're screwed."

Antaeus is given a warm smile by her and she leans her head over so she can rub her cheek upon his hand, the easiest and least-painful way to give him a bit of affection. "I didn't do a very good job of protecting you. I hope you and your sister will be able to forgive me." She pushes a button on one of the bed railings so the back can be elevated. She's already tired of laying down but Antaeus' right. She shouldn't push it just yet so this will be a good compromise. "We can make as much as we need," is then spoken to her brother but it really doesn't sound like Vi believes that.

Frowning at Aidan, Antaeus has to admit that the man is right. "It's clear they've elevated things. We should do the same, but it's going to take smarter men and women than me to work out how." He glances to Vi and smiles at her affections, his hand gently squeezing her shoulder in return. "You know, out of the two people there who had no experience fighting in a wooded environment, I got off far better than that Orelle chap."

"I'm going to pretend that I believe they jumped the gun by using poison on Yolanda before they were really ready to use it en masse. Which gives us time to prepare." Maybe it's even true and not just the silver lining Aidan's trying to convince himself of. "I was really expecting the two of you to fight side by side and guard each other. I was surprised to see you not do so. It might have helped." Or it might not have. "Oh, him. I believe his name is Tomas. I have no idea who he is or who invited him. I hope he recovers."

"I don't think that us fighting next to each other would have helped." A hand lifts and is worked under her hospital gown and then Viannea fitfully starts to itch where some gauze has been taped to her torso, the sticky stuff irritating her skin. "I am almost of an impression that every damn time we face them they hit harder and in bigger numbers. Are they adapting?"

Rubbing his chin, Antaeus considers this for a moment and then nods, "You're right, it might have helped. Though…" And here is where he gives a rather sheepish expression. "I think that if I hadn't tripped and fallen while we were leading the enemy into our ambush, I would've been able to get into a better position at the start. As it goes, I had my hands full dealing with some bugger with a sword who gave as good as he got." He gestures to his chest and abdomen as evidence. "Still, I do wish I had been there for her. I did try and get over to her when I had a chance. Even gave that bastard a good whatfor with my sword."

"It might not have mattered." Aidan conceeds. "But it might have. I'm not laying blame, just saying I expected you two to group together." He shrugs lightly, careful not to aggravte his injuries though the bandage on his head is worse than those on his chest. "No matter."

Viannea simply shakes her head. "With how things turned out, it probably is a good thing Antaeus wasn't by me. He'd probably more seriously injured." Or killed, but she does not want to think about that. "Anyhow, we shouldn't dwell on the past," gets pointed out. "We should learn from it and move on." The loss of her sister has finally started to sink in and Vi cringes inwardly while trying very hard to put on a brave front.

Antaeus nods, and reaches up to scratch the back of his neck. "I probably would have still been better off than that Orelle lad." He snorts out a laugh. "I suppose I shouldn't comment given that he's Navy and I'm Navy, but I swear I saw him get hit, go down, get up to only get hit and go down again and again. Then again, I could stand to do better too. Maybe I should learn a little more about surviving and fighting in such environments."

"Look to the future." Aidan agrees, if only for the sake of the freshly injured Viannea. "So Antaeus, if you do decide to marry, do you have any objection to being a Peake?" Peake is a larger House than Larent after all and probably a bit wealthier or at least equal. "I'd think your willingness would make our father more amenable to a match though I can't speak for him of course."

There's a blink and then a slight smile is given to the menfolk, Vi clearly plotting something. "Tell you guys what. I'm getting sleepy so you two talk and I'll get a nap." Drowsiness is hitting her again but she could fight it off if she wanted to. But taking a nap might encourage Antaeus and Aidan to talk more freely.

Antaeus glances down to Vi and offers her a smile as she tries to nap. To Aidan he says, "I don't have a problem with that on a personal level. I mean, there was always the chance that it would have to happen, right? It's just, I'm not exactly sure what my father's plans are. I've tried to talk to him about it, but he can be quite a busy man." Plus, he suspects that his father is more about maximizing political gain and family prestige as well.

"Well, you could certainly do worse." Aidan notes, his eyes on Viannea as she tries to go to sleep. "As for better… Hmm. I know Anabethe isn't eager to marry again but you could do well marrying the Heir to Khournas. And there's Eilara of the Arboren but she's as likely to disappear into the woods at the first hint her father is looking for a husband for her. I haven't met Sir Kassandra Cindravale but I hear she like a party. I'm sure there are other unmarried women of the various paramounts but those are the ones I can think of offhand." Which makes Vi quite a good catch really.

Chuckling lightly, Antaeus holds up his hands towards Aidan. "Alright, alright. You're starting to sound like my sister." He grins at Aidan, his eyes twinkling with some amusement. "I've bumped into Anabethe once or twice, but I'm not sure I've ever met Eilara. As to Kassandra? I can't tell you if she likes to party or not, but I've met her, and I can tell you that she seems against getting married any time soon." Leaning back into his chair, he ponders something for a moment before speaking again. "My youngest sister is marrying into a Paramount, and I wouldn't be shocked if my oldest sister wants to marry some man from a Paramount. Me? Eh, all I really wanted out of life was to do my duty in the Royal Navy, but then all this Hostile business came along. I suspect that pretty soon there will be a large push on all of us to ensure the future of our houses. I can't begin to consider what that might entail for me, what designs my father might have. What I can say is that I do care for her." He gestures towards Vi, "If there's a chance that it can happen, I want to try and seize it. It's far, -far- more preferable than some political match with someone I could end up hating for the rest of my life."

Aidan nods his agreement. "Yes, it would be. And if you're certain there's feelings there between the two of you - and I can say there is on her part, at least - then you should make it happen. If we weren't noble, I'd say you should live together for a few years and then see how you feel but we don't have that luxury. If you wait too long, the decision will be made for you. Or for her. Neither of you wants that."

"You are right, Aidan. You are right. This… this last battle is a turning point, I think. In more ways than one." Life needs to be lived to its fullest. If the Hostiles are going to begin escalating the violence, any battle could be his last. Antaeus hates the very thought, but the hard thoughts… the true thoughts, aren't the most pleasant. "I'll try and see what I can do to get things moving forward, if I can."

"Good. Talk to Viannea tomorrow and if she agrees, she can speak with our father about it." Aidan glances at Vi again briefly. It's not the best time with the loss of Yolanda but then again, it might be the best time with the loss of Yolanda. Life goes on. "And either learn to use a bow or practice more with the sword."

Antaeus gives Aidan a wry glance. "Hey, I'm not -that- bad with a sword. Granted, I'm no knight, but I used to be able to hold my own against my older sister." Though he has to admit that he does fight far more defensively than others do. "The bow is another thing entirely though. I've some skill, but I'm sure a youth can outshoot me." He smirks and rises from his chair. "Anyway, you are right. I do need to get back into practice. The debauched life of a Navy man tends to leave us a little rusty."

"And extra padded." Aidan agrees, keeping a straight face as he rises as well. "You should be getting back into bed so you don't aggravate your injuries. Tell Vi to comm me if she needs anything. You can do the same."

"You should do the same Aidan. Head injuries are never something to take lightly. I'll be sure to let you know if Vi or I need anything. I'm not going to let her move much for now. She needs to stay put." Sliding his chair to the side, he begins to trudge towards his bed, he turns back to offer a smile. "Have a good evening."

"And you." Aidan waits till Antaeus has made it to hie bed then turns and leaves.

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