Betty White
Betty White as Lexille Bellard
Full Name: Lexille Bellard
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 94
Planet: {$planet}
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Ligonier
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Owner of The Wandering Bellard Carnival
Spouse: Claudious Bellard(deceased) Height: 5'(She's shrunk with age)
Father: {$father} Weight: None of your concern!
Mother: {$mother} Hair Color: Grey
Siblings: {$sibling} Eye Color: Blue
Children: Many


Lexille Orelle was born in 2919. She likes to tell folks it was a simpler time then, but it really wasn't. There was no threat of a war hanging over anyone's heads, so that fear didn't keep the Houses from fighting. Pettiness was a bound.

She was born, luck or not, into House Orelle . She went to the academy like any noble child after her normal schooling, focusing on Histories and lores. Any and all she could come up with. She was a bright girl, one the family was banking on being able to marry off for political gain. Unfortunately for the House, Lexi was a bright girl, and saw this coming. She adored her family, so what she did, broke her heart in many ways. But her spirit demanded to be free with the man she had fallen in love with. Claudious Bellard, a simple citizen entertainer from the vale.

So Lexi ran, giving up her family and title to only have 10 wonderful years with the love of her life. Claud died in an accident while working. In that time she had several children, and from them she's had grandchildren, and even more great grandchildren. When asked, the number is higher then blood though, Lexi has adopted many a vagabond. Her traveling carnival, The Wandering Bellard Carnival, has grown to a decent size. Family members come and go, there's always room at the fire pit, for family, or soon to be family.

House Orelle struck her name from it's records. But as with all things, There are still enough mentions that Lexi's blood connection could be proven (no one is ever truly wiped from every record). If needed or wanted. Lexi has enough loyalty to her old house, if she was needed (or pressured), she'd return to help. Although she won't give up her love's name…or her chosen family.

In Lexille's old age, she's become a bit of a firecracker. She's a jack of all trades kinda gal, knowing electronics for the rides and gambling for the games. She picked up shooting to protect herself and her family when they were on the road, her dear Claud made sure she knew. She's become adept at telling stories, not only to entertain customers, but her large family. The carnival has several rides they put up, along with games and shows. There's a petting zoo, which most of the animals are actually pets of family members. From ponies to llamas to pigs to falcons. Lexi has a fondness for small lap dogs. She strangle has a fondness for all the new tech too. She's always getting gifts from her offspring of the latest gadgets.




  • old Lexi didn’t think she’s live to see the Hostiles.
  • Sassy Don’t give Lexi any lip, she’ll give it back to you, with interest. And sometimes she’ll just give you grief, just cause she can.
  • Knows Things Yup. In her many decades Lexi’s learned a lot, that includes reading people and situations.
  • Loyal Lexi is loyal. Now, one has to earn that right, but once it’s given…
  • Hidden Past Lexi talks of the olden days, but never gives anything up of her early years.
  • Chosen Family Lexi’s family is huge. And spread out. And she’s adopted more children and grandchildren than she’s birthed. And she loves them all fiercely.

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