Letter to Dad
Summary: Talayla has to write a very special letter to her dad! Make your own joke about House Iah freezing over again as a result!
Date: 03/July/2013
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Talayla Orelle 

07/03/2013 — Hospital

Talayla has borrowed a tablet and is using speech to text

Dear Father,

I realize that you are probably busier than - something that is really busy and I hope that this letter does not arrive at a bad time. I hope too, that you are holding up alright. Moreover, I hope I don't worry you, either.

But that isn't what I'm writing about. I suspect this may be a surprise to you, or perhaps it is not, though I fear I am not terribly eloquent about it. I would like discussions over a match between myself and Lord Sir Barton to take place. He is kind, his long reach most efficient for reaching third shelves, he is strong, willing to test my brews, intelligent and generally wonderful to be around. Though, I do apologize for my bias in collecting this data. But it is a happy bias, at least even if it affects the results.

I have yet to meet his parents, and I will confess, it does make me somewhat anxious.

It is nice to draw ties closer to another house, and he is a formidable fighter.

Thank you for your time, and I know that there is not much of it to spare.

Be well, and stay safe.

your daughter Talayla Orelle.

07/03/2013 — Orelle Residence, The Ring


I've received a missive from Lady Ibrahm requesting this match. I agree with both yourself and Lady Ibrahm that an additional connection between House Orelle and House Ibrahm would be beneficial for our House, and I am glad that you have found an Ibrahm that suits you well. I will engage in discussions with Lady Ibrahm to bring this match about. Do have your long-armed young man look out for you when you decide to step into danger.

Good hunting out there,

-Your father.

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