Letter to Auntie 2
Summary: Ryan writes his aunt another letter, hopefully a bit more formal than his last.
Date: 08/12/2013
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March 17th, 3014 — Ryan's Rooms

TO: Eryn@Elderseat
FROM: Ryan@Elderseat

Aunt Eryn,

In my last letter to you, I wrote with the heart of a teen infatuated with the notion of love. As you're probably aware, no letter has come from Princess Evony and in fact I haven't seen Lady Drucilla is some time now. In light of the recent rumors surrounding our family, and the damage done to their name. I submit myself to be used to try and perhaps garner something of a restoration of good faith with the other houses.
Thus far, I've done nothing untoward to bring strife to house's reputation and have led solid victories against the hostiles along the borders in the forest as well as participating in the raid on the hostile transport on Nubilus. I'm certain there is some way you might be able to use me to secure a modicum of reparation for any damages done by my cousins.

Sincerely and with love,

TO: Ryan@Elderseat
FROM: Eryn@Elderseat
SUBJECT: Re: Family


I will make note of your willingness to sacrifice yourself upon the matrimonial altar, and should an opportunity arise, I will bring it to your parents. However, do not let your sense of importance rest solely on your state as a marriage bargaining chip. Instead, I encourage you to avoid the trouble lurking beneath the ladies' skirts and devote yourself to tasks more suitable, becoming, and important for young men. Take up a useful hobby, donate your time to charity, or — better yet — tour the lands of our vassals and get to know all of the people; know the House's strengths and weaknesses; know the culture and the lay of the land. The knowledge and skills you gather doing this will take you farther than any wedding vow.

With love,

Aunt Eryn

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