Letter to Auntie
Summary: Ryan finally takes the plunge, and writes the 'letter'.
Date: 10/17/2013
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Ryan Eryn 

Tuesday Dec. 3rd, 3013 — Ryan's Room

TO: Eryn.Arboren@Elder_Seat
FROM: Ryan.Arboren@Elder_Seat
SUBJECT: Hi Auntie!

Hello Auntie Eryn,

After much consideration, I feel it time to make known my feelings for Lady Drucilla Sauveur. She and I have spent time over the last month getting to know each other well and our initial friendship has grown. We've discussed that the both of us would be okay if a match were made between us.
I really like her, a lot, like a lot a lot. She's smart, and tells me stories, and she's pretty. Also, she's really nice and a good kisser. If you'd be willing to talk to her parents for me, I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you sooo much, lots and lots of love and stuff,


You should know better, Ryan Arboren, to come to me with such a childish letter. Noble matches are not made because you find a Lady to be a good kisser. And stuff. Should I find that, that stuff could threaten the reputation of this House, my wrath will be worse than brambles.

That said, I am not the one to determine the benefit of such a match. To marry a Sauveur is to become a Sauveur, which means that such an arrangement will be at the whim of the Princess Evony Sauveur and her husband.

I also recommend that you find a way to contain yourself. You are a man and Knight of twenty-three, not a boy of seventeen.


Your Aunt

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