Letter Home
Summary: Late one afternoon Jarek is pestered enough that he finally sends word back to the Drakholt that he is indeed alive.
Date: 06 Sept, 20163
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TBA — Khar-Mordune Medical, Jarek's recovery room

Late into the afternoon, Agnes having insisted that he write his family, Jarek finally takes a moment to dictate a letter home. The computer converts his still gravel voice into the text before sending it on its way.

TO:Erek.Saimhann@Drakholt (et al @Drakholt family)
FROM: Jarek.Saimhann@Drakholt

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Aunt and Uncle,

Agnes insisted I write to you, to at least let you know that I'm on them mend. The doctors say it'll be a long time yet before I'm fit for active duty, and as such I've decided to take this down time to work on my relationship with Agnes. I'll be staying here in Khar-Mordune with her until I am cleared from the hospital. Then we'll both be coming to stay at the Drakholt until we can return to the field.
They Guide Us Without Fail,

P.S. Father, I will send you another letter privately when I have the strength of mind to think.

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