08.05.3013: Lets Try Friends
Summary: Viannea chances upon Roxy and Demos at the Ring
Date: 5th August, 2013
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The Bazaar
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.

Viannea hasn't been to The Ring in a while, the last time being when she was all dressed up and with a bodyguard trailing behind her, trying to make sure his charge was safe and sound. As a stark contrast, this time she's dressed down in a loose blouse with a vest thrown over it, breeches, boots and, most importantly, a sword which means there's no one tailing her like a little duckling.

It does not take long for her to have her attention caught by one of the shops where she's standing before now, glancing through the window at something on display on the other side of the pane of glass. There's a thoughtful look on her face and every once in a while an equally thoughtful 'hmmm' sounds from her.

One of Roxy's favorite places is The Ring, spending as much time as possible there and today isn't any different. At least once a day she skateboards through, looking at clothing, agate, people. Today she is sans skateboard, just taking a leisurely stroll, her blonde, pink and green hair pulled back in a haphazard ponytail. The rest of her clothing is almost normal, a hot pink shirt over a short black plaid skirt boasting neon green and vivid pink colors laced in the colors and black leggings beneath. A black hoody is worn over the shirt with a large logo on the back Hell If I Know. On her feet are shiny white skateboard shoes with a popular logo on each side.

With her hands in her pockets, she approaches the same window that another seems to be looking through, peering in, forehead almost pressed to the glass. "I love that color…" Right, so it's the hot pink rug the display is sitting on, not something really for sale. Turning her head, she grins at the lady with the sword. "Pretty huh?"

Luck, chance, a little serendipity even, Demos is not far from window shopping that is occuring. The stand he is at is like one of those stalls in a mall, its not a regular of the Bazaar, but it is out in the open for all to see. It is a covered cart, despite no need for a cover on the Station, that specializes in holo-suite programs. Little chips each with a small case advertising the program, or game, or whatever. Demos has one in his hand, it seems to be a series of holo-puzzles. Then when a certain voice rings out, loving the color and seeking agreement, he turns his head up. It couldn't be, so close, so random. Yet it sounds like someone he knows.

Turning with the chip/game in hand he finds surprise when it is, not far away, Roxy and, another surprise, Viannea sans watch. His feet begin to carry him. A hand stops, "You'll have to pay for that." Caught thusly, he lifts a small device to transfer the funds, giving it a shake for the man to use his reader, "Of course, yes, I'll take it." As an afterthought.

The comment from Roxy has Viannea nodding in agreement although it's probably safe to assume that she believes the brightly-dressed woman's referring to the same item she's looking at and not the rug that's been cleverly used for an eye-catching back drop. "It is very lovely. I'd love to have it myself." There's a chuckle and a sigh, Vi's head shaking as well. "Oh well. I didn't come here to shop today so I'll just exercise restraint and hope it's there when I return on another day."

A quick glance around puts Demos in her line of sight and she waves to him, trying to get the gentleman's attention without resorting to yelling, the wave coupled with waggled fingers. "So," she says to Roxy with a light, happy tone even, "are you out just window shopping as well or are you here with a purpose?" Kind of nosy, that question, but Viannea's trying to be conversational.

Item purchased, its slipped into a black/clear sack, probably with some flashy logo on it for the cart of the day. No telling how long it will be in business or how much money was wasted on the gimmicky advertising. It blends into the Bazaar like everything else. Demos waves and heads over towards the woman, "Good day Lady Viannea … Roxy." The pause isn't merely distinguishing, but a thoughtful look given to Roxy in that moment before her name is said. "A pleasure to see you both, hopefully you get to see more of the Bazaar today." Towards Viannea, noticing she is unaccompanied.

Colors, Roxy loves them, bright, vivid colors that are attention catching. Vibrant. Equally radiant is the smile she gives when Viannea agrees with her, so that she glances back in the window but only briefly. "I guess I couldn't talk them into taking apart their display just so I could buy part of it." Where would she put a rug anwyay? Keeping her hands jammed into her pockets, she turns away from the window and studies the woman. "How can you come here and not go shopping? I never really come to shop, but I can't seem to stop buying things."

As the lady waves, Roxy swivels her head in the direction of the recipient and only then does she notice Demos. Instead of waving or calling out to him while he pays for his purchase, she draws her comm device out and sends a quick text, lips quirking in amusement before she turns her attention back to the lady. "I come here every day, either shopping or just people watching. I appreciate the differences in all people. No two are the same." Offering her hand, she introduces herself. "I'm Roxy."

Roxy's hand is taken at the same time she gives Demos a warm smile, very pleased to meet the former's acquaintance and to see the latter again. "Pleasure meeting you, Roxy. I'm Viannea but you can call me Vi, if you'd like. And I have to admit that I love people watching. I believe that is why I come out to places like this." She proves that by shifting her stance so she can casually observe those passing by while the three of them chat.

"Demos. I do hope you've been well. And I do hope I can see more of the Ring as well. Today has me rather free so I can at least stay and visit for longer if nothing else." He's given a touch on the arm, Viannea familiarity with the man shown. "How have your research gone?"

When her hand is taken, Roxy shakes in return before withdrawing it and slipping it back in her pocket. "Nice meeting you too, Viannea." Turning a little also, so she can face more towards the both of them. Wait, what? Demos had called her Lady? A double take, a wary expression and Roxy bows her head politely. "Forgive me, Lady Viannea. I didn't know." At the familiarity between the two, another nonchalant step back under the pretense of looking into the window of a different shop, she puts a bit of distance between her and them, but that smile never slips. "It's good to see you too, Demos. Hope things are going good for you."

"That's wonderful, you can enjoy more of its charm," says Demos in regards to enjoying the full charm of the Ring, towards Viannea. "Things are well indeed. A new project out of Niveus has come to my attention for research as well as an offered commission for a sculpture for their Storytelling Festival. Not to mention, a new rock from a beach I have promised to look at for someone close to me." As close as anything he has, his eyes look to Roxy at that thought. "And now to share this company, things couldn't be better. I need to find some material today, but was distracted." He holds up the program then decides to put it away, tucked into a pocket.

Viannea groans when she sees Roxy's reaction to Demos' use of the title when greeting her, it making a twinge of sadness hit. "Please, Demos. Just call me Viannea. Or Vi. I'm flexable like that." She casts a sheepish shy to Roxy and waves, trying to invite her closer, not realizing the real reason she stepped back. "I'm just like everyone else, honest. I just had the good fortune of being born into a house of nobility, that's all. But I'd love it if that fact can be forgotten while we're here, chatting together." There. Hopefully that'll make Roxy more comfortable at the same time it'll get Demos to stop being so formal. Looking at Demos again, Vi raises a brow. "What kind of material?

Charm, the Ring has it in spades and it's what draws Roxy time and time again. With her hands still in the pockets of her hoody when Demos mentions looking at the new rock from the beach, her fingers close around it and she rubs her thumb over the sharp end in a distracted manner as she draws it out, enclosing it tight in her fist. Her attention skitters from Demos to Viannea, her forehead marring very briefly with a slight frown. "But you're not just like everyone else. You're a noble with a long history of family, right?" The frown clears and she does relax marginally as she looks between the two. Then the hand holding the 'rock' is thrust towards Demos, her fist opening up to reveal what is not a rock at all, but more like a shark tooth. Course, Roxy doesn't know that. It's hard like a rock, blackish grey with a bit of white, hard.

"Vi it is," grins Demos, perhaps opposite to Roxy's reaction, he's comfortable slipping into the familiar once permission is given. Taking the rock he turns it over, "This isn't a stone, actually, this is a great find, I just wouldn't want to swim in those waters. Its some sort of shark or something large that lives in the water." A grin as he turns it over, sort of like a treasure in its own way. Then towards Viannea, "Large graystone, I have to find a good quarry for this rock, I'm thinking a good diorite would work well for the sculpture. Inculta favors basalt, but between the moons, I imagine there is a good quarry for what I seek."

Normally Viannea can take the division of classes in stride but today is not one of those days, not when Roxy frowns and seems to still be bothered. "Yes, I suppose so," gets sighed although an attempt to keep the sadness out. "But I'd really like it if you and I could be… well. I'd like to try and strike a friendship with you." Now to hope that doesn't sound as lame to Roxy as it wound up sounding in her own ears. When Demos finally uses the shortened form of her name Vi quirks a grateful smile towards him. Maybe that'll help.

When he takes the rock, Roxy tips her head to the side, listening to his explanation as to what it is. "I couldn't tell what it was, but it was like something I'd never seen before so I thought I'd ask." Hands go back into her pockets as she listens to the talk of the quarry and sculpture with interest. Her posture loses some of the stiffness when Viannea addresses her again and she even offers a genuine smile. "Sure uh.. Vi." Having a hard time using the name, but managing it all the same. "I could use friends."

Offering the tooth back, Demos grins to them both. "It would be interesting to see if that beach has more of these, it might be a wonderful challenge to simply collect a set." And he turns the topic towards Viannea, "Perhaps, I am curious, if you know some of the sculptors of Khar-Mordune, if anyone know of a good location for dark Diorite, I imagine they would of found it. I think in part, the sculpture is to be some sort of gift from Una to her sister, something of a wedding I believe. I'm looking forward to this one." He keeps talking, one might sense that with the slight nature of maybe awkwardness over the circumstance, he's trying to use his voice to bridge the gap and continue a comfortable conversation. If Roxy takes the rock back, Demos' fingers will linger, offering to hold her hand, out of want to do so and to offer his comfort to her just the same perhaps.

A smile forms when Viannea sees that Roxy at least appears to be more at ease, it doing quite a lot to brighten her mood. "I'd be honored if you'd consider me one." Dipping her chin, she bows her head respectfully to her and then looks at Demos, shifting mental gears. "I do not know of any personally but I could easily find one for you." There are people with all sorts of talents back home. It is just a matter of finding the right person with the talent that's needed. "If you'd like, you can come with me and we can search together. The hunt might be made shorter with two people."

Withdrawing her hand from her pocket, Roxy accepts the tooth, just holding it in her hand and moving her thumb over it, much like she had seen Demos do several times before with his rocks, though when his fingers linger, she glances up at him in pleasant surprise and doesn't pull back, but holds his back gently. "We can go look if you want to sometime, Demos." Though not really so educated in the whole area of sculptors and quarries, she does listen with interest, perhaps hoping to learn something. Resting her gaze on Vi now, her smile is much more genuine and warm. "I'm honored, Vi, thank you."

"That only makes me curious," says Demos, "How quickly we could navigate the Ways to go from Khar-Mordune to the Vale. I would love to find the right rock for the sculpture but I have a later obligation at the Vale." He looks from Vi to Roxy, "Something of a horse riding lesson, I was introduced to the idea of enjoying something new, I have meant to try horse riding, the opportunity seems to be at hand."

Viannea looks between the two of them and then down at their hands, smiling to herself when she notices the gesture between them. She lifts her hand and feigns having to rub her nose so she can hide a smile. "I am not sure, myself. I have never tried to make the trip, myself. But I can find out for you if you two would like to try." A vendor pushing a cart full of drinks passes and she excuses herself, giving the two a bit of privacy while she fetches beverages for the three of them.

"A riding lesson, did you ever find out more on that?" Roxy questions thoughtfully. She had not forgotten about it, but had just been waiting for the response on if she was able to go or not. Looking back at Vi, she gives a slight shrug accompanied by another smile. "I usually travel all over, but I haven't been much to Khar-Mordune. I'm not sure I'd be of any help in selecting rocks for a sculpture, but if I'm not in the studio at the time, I'd enjoy the journey if you're sure you both don't mind." As she excuses herself, she looks back at Demos and smiles, gently tightening her hand a moment. "I got your text, I understand you needed to go."Place log here.

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