Letha Vallas of Cindravale
Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell as Letha Alexis Vallas
Full Name: Letha Alexis Vallas
Byname: -
Age: 23 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Paramount House of Cindravale
House: House Cindravale
Title/Profession: Miss Vallas
Position: Musician, Former Writer for Landing Life Magazine
Spouse: None Height: 1.55 meters
Father: Christian Vallas (d) Weight: 54.4 kg
Mother: Alena Vallas (d) Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None

This character has been retired.


Daughter of Christian Vallas, the famous classical composer, there was little doubt that Letha Alexis would follow in her father's footsteps. Raised in the gorgeous city of Phylon, she was exposed to the arts from the moment she was born. Her father played her music while she was still in the womb, and even composed a song about her named Alexis that was played at the grand concert of the winter feast in Landing months before her first birthday.

Letha's world was a symphony of music, and she was equally inspired by this world instead of repulsed by it like other children might toward their parents' passions. She began to play the cello as soon as she was big enough, and that quickly morphed into the stand-up bass. While she attended the compulsory education required by all Haven children, she was also groomed to attend the Phylon Arts Academy.

But it would not come to pass. At age eighteen, just days before she was expected to begin her formal musical education, her mother unexpectedly passed. Her father slipped into a terrible depression, and it was up to Letha to help see him through the pain. Her own education was cast aside, and she did what she could to keep her family afloat. Her father began to gamble and drink, and soon enough, their wealth began to dissipate.

Letha was forced to find work while they clung to their family home and what remained of their dignity. She began to wait tables at a music house in Landing where the Vallas name was not quite so known. It was there she got her first taste of classic rock, as well as using the electric bass. When she wasn't earning tips and the occasional ass-grab amongst the drunk music enthusiasts, she was composing a new type of music as a Vallas. She struggled to reinvent her family name, but that was not the destiny of Letha Vallas. After overhearing her eloquent and critical assessment of a recent show at the Violet Siren, a writer for Landing Life holo-magazine asked if she wanted to intern with the music critics department. That launched her career as a music correspondent, though she primarily did research for other writers at the LL.

Eventually her internship turned into a paid position as an assistant to Janice Royce, an old rock groupie who made a career in writing the "up-close and personal" reviews of rockers all around the System. She has been working with Royce for the last three years, and has finally landed her own writer's job after submitting an expose on Frankie Frank, a washed up rocker who had been on six farewell tours in the last decade.



Though she stands only a mere breath over a meter and a half in height, there is something about this woman that speaks of grace and charisma. Her poise is precise, emphasizing the neat line of her shoulders with that of her spine. There is something equally precise about the proportions of her hourglass frame, which definitely does not seem to scream knight or any other warrior caste, but instead something gentler. Her squarish face can easily round out with her smile, or maintain a truly angelic softness. Her nose has a gentle pointedness to it that matches the same jut of her chin. Her eyes are cool and attentive aquamarine pools. Long, soft waves of shiny flaxen fall about her shoulders and down her back where they can easily be gathered into a simple knot if needed.


  • Famous Father
  • Chameleon
  • Music Connoisseur
  • Self-Reliant


Letha-UpBass.jpg Contrabass (Upright Bass)

Letha does not often take out her upright bass. It is large and hard to travel with, but it is still one of her cherished instruments. It is known as the Black Bear to those close to the Vallas family.

Letha-Cello.jpg Violoncello (Cello)

Of all her orchestra instruments, this one sees the most light of day. It is easier for her to carry around, and she has worked closely with her father on multiple pieces on this instrument. She calls it Big Red.

Letha-ECello.jpg Electric Violoncello (Cello)

She utilizes her electric cello for more modern pieces and her own personal compositions. Due to its sleek and futuristic design, it is the easiest of all her instruments to lug around. It is known as the Mighty Slim.

Letha-BassGuitar.jpg Electric Bass Guitar

Just another step in the direction of modern music and a step away from her classical roots. This instrument is used for performances in mainstream music. They call it Thumper.

Letha-BassAcoustic.jpg Acoustic Bass Guitar

This is the newest of her instruments. She is attempting to find a really individual acoustic sound and dabbling into Arborenin style music. She has yet to name the baby of her instrumental family.


LV.jpg Self-Titled

Still In Production
Symphony of the Plains (Instrumental) — (Desert Symphony - The Piano Guys)
Arrowproof — (Titanium - David Guetta, ft. Sia)
Before You Tell Him Goodbye — (Listen To Your Heart - Roxette/D.H.T.)
Fallin' to Pieces — (She Wolf [Falling to Pieces] - David Guetta, ft. Sia)
Encoded (Instrumental) — (Code Name Vivaldi - The Piano Guys)
Phylon — (Franklin - Paramore)
Morning After (Instrumental)
Portrait in Blue
The Last Watch
Set the Stars on Fire (Instrumental)
Lament of Snow (Instrumental — ft. Christian Vallas)

Musical Inspiration

  • Halestrom - "Rock Show"

This goes out to anyone
Whose heart beats like a kick drum
When a bitchin' riff comes
Knows the words to every line, every time
And you know you gotta go and get some
Get pumped, find yourself and lose it at the rock show

  • Journey - "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"

Someday, love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night will remind you
How we touched and went our separate ways

  • Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"

All I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand, as I scan this wasted land
Trying to find, trying to find where I've been

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Who'll Stop the Rain?"

Long as I remember the rain been comin' down.
Clouds of myst'ry pourin' confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages, tryin' to find the sun;
And I wonder, Still I wonder, who'll stop the rain?

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Jane Jane Wyre * Actress : A close friendship that has developed over a short amount of time. I couldn't imagine finding a better girl to party with, do business with, or just cry with.

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