Let Me Crash Upon Your Shore
Summary: Cyrielle manages to get a message to Nitrim from the rescue ship…
Date: 26/10/2013
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Night of Rescue — Captain's Cabin on a Hollolas ship between Terran Islands and Beacon

The pre-recorded message comes in on official lines. There's naval codes attached and a confirmation of identity required. Highly secured, there's no easy interception of this message. Cyrielle's face comes into view: she's in rough shape. She looks drained on multiple levels. She's pale, her hair is matted and tangled: damp with sweat, rain, and dried blood. The feed is rough and full of static.

"Nitrim… I'm sure you've seen the news. I'm sorry I wasn't able to contact you sooner… They shut down the Waygate. They cut communications and power. My messenger was damaged, as was my cane…"

She lifts her hand to rub at her face. It's got a light stabilization bandage on it. The scenery lurches and the camera catches a wider view of a ship's cabin. When Cyrielle rights the camera, she looks ill. And drunk.

"They came from the ocean. The fucking useless hospitality AI reported two thousand 'visitors'," she even makes the finger quotes, "appearing an hour after the initial explosions. I think they had inside help." Her eyes narrow, pressing the implications.

A bottle is lifted with her good hand and Cyrielle takes a long drink. Nitrim's seen her drink, but this is more. She's practically chugging that whiskey. Her eyes waver again and she draws in a slow breath, slumping and putting her face in her hands.

"We managed to avoid most, but we ran into two of 'em. I took the lead from the start. There were two medics, an older noblewoman, Balius, and Lyrienne. She and the older woman are capable Awakened, but I didn't feel right letting them anywhere near anything we might encounter. Fuck, Nit… they had flayed a girl alive and left her strung up to die. Balius and I cut her down so she wasn't left that way, but…" She's quiet for a moment, drawing in long breaths. "Lyrienne got hurt, bad. The twins," did he know it was twins? He will now. "are fine, but her shoulder is in rough shape. I helped fry that fucking Hostile for it."

The signal starts cutting out more and she's swearing. It's rather colorful and in any other circumstance, it might be cute.

"Fuck- look. I'm on a damned ship heading to Beacon. I need you."

The last is a clear plea before the message terminates.

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