05.20.3014: Lessons and Scars
Summary: Jayce arrives at the Taphouse after Brienne summons him.
Date: 09 January 2014
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Mott's Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.
The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.
Wednesday, May 20 3014

Brienne is just biding her time lately, no real reason to do much of anything other than fight and drink and sleep. Chances are you'll find her doing one of the three and nothing more. At the moment, she's at Mott's Taphouse. An Ale only establishment that serves only the basic of meals. She's not eating, she's got a mug of ale in her hand and she's steady drinking.
Dressed in her usual tunic, pants and boots, healer hair is pulled back into a braid down her back. She's got two empties on the bar, apparently she's in a hurry to get drunk or she's been here awhile.

A small paper sack spotted with grease lands on the bar with a thump and a voice from the past along with smells from years ago. "The old man at the burrito shack hasn't seen you forever. I told him you weren't a squire anymore and got you your old order. Figure you'd need a good burrito, sounded like it." And hes just sliding into the stool next to her gloves snapped about his wrists, looking a little older but its him. He nods to the keep for some ale and turns to look at her. "You called?"

The paper bag looks familiar, or maybe it was the grease stains. When it lands, she finds herself looking for the donor of the meal in a bag.

Damned straight.. Smells from the past, a voice from the past. A gasp as her breath leaves her, almost deflating her completely. "Jayce.." It's not a question, its not a statement. It's an acknowledgement and its all she can voice. Brienne nods mutely. She had called and he had come. Oh gods where to begin? Where? "Yes," she croaks out, wanting to say so much, to touch him and see if he was real. She'd avoided him so long. He'd had a life of his own. He'd come.

Jayce nods. "And I'm here." He supplies, tilting his head and taking a drink from his mug. Looking at her he sees the confused squire who's trying to get a grip on something slippery or hard to explain. A starting point is needed. He points to the bag. "Don't let it get cold. Have something to eat and think about it. Let it come.". He smiles. Nothing of whats happening, no judgement or wants from him. Hes just there and kind.

Food. Just the thought of it turns her stomach but he'd made a point to bring it just for her so she releases the hold on the ale and reaches for the bag. Green eyes lift to meet his as she opens the bag. "The beginning? Lets see.. I'm not even sure I know what the beginning is anymore. I've messed up so much. Gods." Withdrawing the burrito from the bag, Brienne opens it and tears it in half, sliding one half to him on the wrapper. "Trust me you'll need it by the time I'm finished. And a whole keg of ale."

Jayce listens to her, nodding face starting to show some strain, and he nods, looking to his left hand, rubbing the fingers together under the glove, “I think.. I think I would like that.” He takes his mug and drinks, deeply now. He sighs as he puts down the ale, “It’s been a long time, Brie, sitting here, feels like it’s been longer. Look at us.” He smirks, and shakes his head slightly.

The reminder was a grim one. "You're right.. We did. I.. just wasn't sure at eighteen what life would bring. I came back home to my family after those years away.. And I felt like a stranger here. I.. I called you because I didn't know who else would really come. I never once doubted you would. It turns out you're the one who should have called sooner. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I can be now during the adjustment." Brie still has her drink wrapped in her hand. "If you will let me."

Jayce nods, taking the burrito half and sips his ale. "Okay then, in your own time.". And it looks like he means it. He takes a bite of the burrito and settles into his seat, looking for all the worlds like hes ready to be there for as long as she might need him. He looks to her, dark eyes patient and accepting, listening quietly.

Brienne takes a bite of her burrito and chases it with her ale. "I'm sure you've heard some of the rumors surrounding me. Haven't you? Something about sleeping with a lot of men?"

Jayce thinks a moment, taking a sip of his ale and setting the mug down. "Proceed as if I've been in a bubble for the last month or so. Rumors of whatever. Didn't come because of rumors I came,". He looks at her with that strong patience and acceptance "because you called me."

"Won't you tell me about you first?" Brienne tries to put off the inevitable a little longer. "How have you been doing Jayce? What have you been up to?" Involuntarily her gaze sweeps his left hand in search of a wedding band but she notices the gloves instead so she dives into her burrito again.

Jayce smirks, that never worked with him. "Really Brie? No. Talk to me, what happened? Something drove you to reach out to me." His right gloved hand moves to hers, covering it for a moment of simple human compassion, then releases her and takes up his mug again. "Straight and true, just like how you shoot. Tell me."

Realizing she wasn't going to get out of stalling, Brienne doesn't try further. "It's my whole.. Personal life. I was friends with a man named Canis. Good friends.. Best friends. We went sailing, had a picnic, went swimming.. Just hanging out as friends. Then he told me that he was feeling more for me and asked to seek a marriage with me. I declined him and then started seeing Kieran Valta. A vassal of the Khournas.. He said and did the right things.. I fell for it. I had sex with him." Wincing at it. "He asked to marry me, my mother declined." … She pauses, there is more.

Jayce listens, nodding as she explains the course of events, tilting his head at the mention of Kieran Valta. Name is big enough to be common knowledge, and he takes a drink of ale, waiting to listen to the rest.

Kieran also has the reputation of being a playboy. Something Brienne wasn't aware of at the time.

"After my mother declined the match, I spoke with Canis and he said he could forgive me sleeping with another.. About that time the rumors all began about me being none too discriminating in who I bedded. Kieran's cousin Adelstein started coming around also and he told me he loved me, as had Kieran and Canis.. And then there was Advent."

Brie reaches for her ale and takes a long, much needed drink. It's a bad story, all of it. But it was her life.

"Advent was in love with me as well. I was unaware.. When my brother Tristan expressed interest in Advents cousin, Lady Firia, I stayed away from Advent and I hurt him. The damage to my House was almost irreparable. My mother told me to try and make amends, so I met with him and did. I worked it out and asked would be marry me. He agreed and we both sent letters to our families. My mother once more declined the match.." She takes another breath still waiting to tell more..

Jayce listens, propping an elbow on the bar and pressing his right cheekbone in the gloved palm, leaning, and watching her tell the story, face getting slightly more compressed into the glove as the story just keeps going and getting worse, and he’s listening, silent, attentive, and expression slowly getting more pained. Yeah, this.. this sucks, but he’s silent, and ready to hear the whole thing out.

Now that she had started, Brienne cannot seem to stop. "When the match was declined, I went to see Advent. He was heartbroken all over again and there was little I could do except write to my mother again yet.. When it came to choices.. despite everything, his name is not the one I said I wanted the match with. It was Canis.. and he was soo over me that the match was most certainly declined."

Canis is of Ligonier, a vassal house of Cindravale, though Jayce was probably aware so she says nothing of it.

"So now.. Canis and Advent have become so awkward around me, it's.. difficult. At best. Though the fault is mine. As for Kieran, he has moved on, sleeping with even more people. I had my say to him and now I don't care whether I see him again or not. As for Canis and Advent, I expect they feel much the same for me."

A frown creases her brow, but instead of speaking further, she drinks, finishing off the third mug of ale. "Another," she tells the bartender. "Do you need a refill Jayce?" Brienne looks anywhere but at him, her cheeks flushed with shame, waiting to hear his take on how she had ruined her life.

Jayce sniffs, as if just taking all that in for a moment, “Uh, no, thanks.” He has half his ale left, he hasn’t really been drinking. “Okaaaay.” He says, lifting his face from his glove and folding his arms in front of him, elbows on the bar, facing the wood. He’s got his thinking face on for a few seconds, “So, these guys are all prickly about you now, and Kieran is, fine whatever.” He’s tracing lines of causality in his head, “What do YOU want in this now? I mean if you had your choice?” He shrugs and looks to her, “What do you want Brie?”

What does she want? "I want peace. I want all of it to go away. None of that is me, not the real me. I just can't recall who the real me is anymore but none of this feels right. I've hurt people but none more than myself. I don't mean my reputation, though that has suffered greatly.. But me.." Brie presses a hand to her chest and forced a few deep breaths in.

"I was born Arboren, raised as Cindravale.. Now I'm.. I'm a stranger even to myself. I was with a man, a stranger I thought I knew and I swear that is the only one I was ever intimate with but does that even matter when I lost myself in the process? I don't even like who I have become but I feel stuck in this place I have put myself."

Jayce listens, and nods, tilting his head from side to side. “Well, it doesn't sound as if you've completely destroyed everything. I mean I know the word of reputation for a Lady is more than what I have to worry about. I mean, we haven’t been in the same circles..” He gestures idly with his left hand, looking at it, “Keeping apart, agreeing to it, so I haven’t been involved with any of the intricacies.” He lifts a shoulder, then looks at her, “But that doesn’t have to stay that way. I can be around more, see if there’s anything I can do to help, or just listen.” He picks up his mug, adding, “If you like.”

He was offering to be her friend. Just when she needed him most. "Yes.." The single word is released on a sigh of relief. "Yes," Brienne echoes just in case. "Please. I want to spend time with you again. Someone who knew me before the war started. My friend." Her new ale is brought, but she pays it no mind yet. "Now.. How have you been?"

Jayce blows out a breath, and nods, “Okay.” He sips his ale. When she asks how he is, he tilts his head, “Oh about as well as you, just in a different way. Remember Destiny?” His horse, powerful steed, sculpted from the cell up. “Dead. Dead as fuck.” He nods, “My armor rig. Totaled. ALL my weapons, pretty much gone.” He takes a deep drink of his ale and slams down the mug, to bolster himself before pulling off his left glove, unsnapping and

Oh shit, it’s cybernetic. One of those, tightly wound metal muscle under transparent skin jobs, feels like flesh, looks like machine. Jayce looks at the hand as if it were dirty. “Yeah.”

"Destiny.." Brienne had loved that horse. Dismay is writ clearly across her features. "Oh Jayce.." But then there is more. His armor. His weapons. And then more.. Brie's eyes widen as he shows her exactly what he had lost and as sympathy darkens her eyes, she lifts them to his, should he meet hers instead of look away. "You have paid a high price in the war." Her hands clench into fists. "I'm sorry, Jayce. I didn't know. I would have been at your bedside while you were injured."

Jayce smiles as he looks up to her as she speaks, nodding, “I know you would have. There’s no way you could have known, it was recent, I’m still doing the last of my healing around it.” he puts his glove back, on, snapping it securely over his wrist. “So, yeah, that bubble I've been in for the last month? That’s what it was.” He releases a sigh and lifts his mug, “IT uh, goes all the way to the lung on the left side.” He looks at his mug, and frowns at the emptiness, lifting it in the direction of the keep, and waits for his refill.

Brienne doesn't smile, not at all. "Jayce.. who was there for you?" of course his family but.. "How did it happen? All he way to your lung?" Another breath escapes her, stealing any further words she might have said. Reaching for her new and as yet untouched ale, she lifts it to her lips and tips it back, forcing a few large gulps. "And yet.. you never called me." Her problems seemed so petty now. "Why would you not call?"

Jayce smiles as his new mug is brought. “Haven’t been off the Ring that long.” He looks to her, and shrugs, “Had my instillation there, and really, you and I parted to try to have separate lives. You didn’t need to come and watch me getting turned into this.” He takes his mug and sips, deeply. “I’m still ‘Adjusting’ is what they call it.”

The reminder was a grim one. "You're right.. We did. I.. just wasn't sure at eighteen what life would bring. I came back home to my family after those years away.. And I felt like a stranger here. I.. I called you because I didn't know who else would really come. I never once doubted you would. It turns out you're the one who should have called sooner. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I can be now during the adjustment." Brie still has her drink wrapped in her hand. "If you will let me."

Jayce listens to her, nodding face starting to show some strain, and he nods, looking to his left hand, rubbing the fingers together under the glove, “I think.. I think I would like that.” He takes his mug and drinks, deeply now. He sighs as he puts down the ale, “It’s been a long time, Brie, sitting here, feels like it’s been longer. Look at us.” He smirks, and shakes his head slightly.

Unable to contain the relief she feels at his agreement, her shoulders slump slightly and she has to force herself to look up at him and meet his gaze. It's then that Brienne sees the stain and she tenses slightly. So unused to reading him anymore she tell if the strain is from his newly acquired cyber or… her and their past. "It does seem so long ago. We are two different people than before. I hope at least we hold the friendship still. I hope we always will.."

It takes a moment, but when he settles back, taking the mug and drinking, now it looks right. The gloves, not a scrap of Cyber shows, left hand resting on the table, It’s easy to see he’s not too sure what to do with the arm itself. Jayce smiles to her, apparently the fake arm the source of his strain. “Well, I think that sounds just fine.” He smirks, “Let’s do that.” He grins and lifts his mug.

Brienne doesn't know what to say about the cyber arm that he seems so uncomfortable with. Nor does she know what else to say about their now almost awkward friendship. Instead she goes with something she is more familiar with. "My youngest brother, Keanen… he has a cybernetic arm also. Maybe you both could talk. If you're interested? He could give insight I never could."

Jayce nods, “I’ll keep it in mind, though I've had counselors babbling at me for a while now.” He smiles, “I didn't know what your reaction would be. I seem to recall you not liking technology very much.” Tapping his left index finger on the surface of the bar, “I really had no idea what you’d say.”

Brie lowers her eyes, suddenly finding the half empty ale fascinating. "I don't. I've had to learn some.. In regards to using my armor and a datapad.. but.. Some things I do not understand nor have I ever tried to. I… don't know how to react honestly. You've mostly kept it covered so I can almost forget. But it's now a part of you.. so I have to accept it, either way. It's not a bad thing though.."

Jayce nods, “Yeah, I have to do the same. accept that this mass of metal and poly-alloys is going to be with me from here on out.” He sighs, “I knew I’d have to keep myself from forgetting, so it doesn’t look.. you know normal.” He smirks, “Never forget the lesson of a scar right?” One of the old lessons.

Tentatively, Brienne reaches out to touch his gloved hand, gently squeezing it though uncertain if he had nerves connected too or not or if that was even done. "It's part of you. I respect that." Removing her hand she holds them both out to him, palms up. A few scars crisscross from the sheet number of times she has hurt her hands during battle. "I remember every scar also."

Jayce notably keeps both hands gloved, but it appears that the cyber hand feels exactly like a real one. It’s a high quality replacement, and he smiles, apparently still feeling through that limb, yeah, a good replacement, just looks like a Cyber arm, likely why its covered for the moment. He looks at her palms and smiles, nodding. “Yes, and you just outlined more scars you got recently.” He looks at her seriously. “They heal and you recover from them, but you don’t forget the lessons. Alright?”

Lessons and scars. "I agree. So much to heal from though. Tell me what happened to you Jayce. How did you lose Destiny? And your armor and your.. Limb and lung? What happened? Will you speak to me about it?" Brienne finishes off her ale but orders no more yet.

Jayce tsks, tilting his head to the side, “I think the scariest thing was how fast it happened. I was riding into battle, you know. Hostiles around, and I finished one, but when I sat up in the saddle, Destiny's head was.. gone. Fell on me, pinned me down, you know, he was pretty heavy, couldn't get up, and.” He pauses, looking at the ale, “Three Hostiles.” He nods, thinking, “Just, peeled the armor off and tore out whatever they found under it.” He frowns, “Took a while for the others to get to me. They did in time. Sort of.”

Just imagining the nightmare he must have been through is heartrending. Brienne lifts a hand to order another ale, deciding false courage was better than none at all. "You could have died." The words are hoarse, hard to say.. as if just realizing it to be true. "Somehow, it's always been a comfort just knowing you were there, knowing if at any time I wanted to see you, or hear from you, you were there. Though that's not true. There are many times I wanted your advice over the years.. but you gave me everything I needed to grow into a knight of my own right." A small look of pride enters her eyes. "Did you know in the Tournament of Tomorrow, I won second place in the Joust? Nine passes with your cousin Sir Niko Cindravale before he bested me."

Jayce nods, “I saw it.” He smiles, “I was quite proud of your performance, you were brilliant.” He sighs, looking down at the mug, nodding, “I could have died.” Yeah, that’s a pain to realize, but he did that a while ago.

Brienne waves off her own tournament participation to concentrate on him."You almost died. Had those Knights not come…" She shudders to even entertain such thoughts. "What would I have done without you, Jayce?"

Jayce smiles, “Oh, you would have had some funny stories at my funeral and would have gone on.” He shakes his head, “You’d be fine.” He chuckles, seeming not worried about her going on without him. “Your old teacher, nah, you would have been just fine.”

"Is that what you think I see you as? Then why, when I am at my lowest, when I cannot sink any further down than I am, have I called on you? Despite everything, our reasons for separating aside, we have both know that no matter what, we'd always have the other if it came to it, right? You have known that, haven't you?" Brienne questions, the answer important to her.

Jayce rolls his eyes, “Damnit, woman, can’t you let me vamp like an old crotchety man for a few minutes?” He smirks, and nods, “No, I know. I mean, you called and I came.” He smirks, and shakes his head. He gestures as if to illustrate the example.

Brienne lowers her eyes, reaching for the new delivery of ale. "Thank you for coming. I suppose if you need to go, you are welcome to, I have had my say." Feeling he really doesn't want to be there any longer. Watching the roll of his eyes and the smirk. "It wasn't my intention to.. bother you as well."

Jayce looks at her, and smirks, “Oh, Brie, I’m trying, and failing miserably to get a laugh out of you.” He looks at her, “You've been shouldering this crap for how long now? How long did it take for things to get this messed up seriously?” He doesn't look like he’s going anywhere, “I still care, and it’s not the easiest thing to watch you like this.”

"Oh Jayce, I've had so very little to laugh about in so long I'm not so sure I remember how. And just listen to me lamenting about my own life when everything that happened is my own fault. And you… with what happened to you still trying to make me laugh and smile. I don't deserve you but Gods know I haven't the strength to let you go again." Brie offers a tentative smile. Wobbly and uncertain. "Thank you for being here."

Jayce smiles, "Yeah, that's it." He leans in slightly looking at her intently. "No no that's bad your mouth is uneven." He starts instructing in a bad Ring accent, much like old Master Conch would way back in the day about sword forms. "Come, come both sides up, how are you going to smile if you re lopsided? Com on girl, concentrate. Smmmmmiiiiile." He's just being stupid now.

Stupid or not… it works and the soft laugh that escapes is purely involuntarily. Brienne tips her head to the side, regarding him with no small amusement. "I remember when you were training me , back when everything was so very simple. You always managed ti bring a smile or a laugh so easily. Looks like some things don't change at least."

Jayce nods "Yeah part of the whole training philosophy. But now we just both need some laughs." left hand flexes "For our own reasons. Its good to hear you laugh again Brie."

"I am proud of all I have done as a Knight. Its the mistakes I made as a woman that I rue greatly. Give me a battlefield and I am not lacking in confidence though. I found I make far fewer mistakes where you have trained me." Brie gives him an almost rueful look, ducking her head as she turns it to look at him in an almost shy manner. "Are you getting used to the arm yet? I mean.. does it still hurt or anything?"

Jayce nods, "That's important to have confidence in battle. As far as my arm… Doesn't hurt how you'd think. All of my muscles and connections to the cyber are.. Well its like a soreness. Lasts a few hours in the morning, and is supposed to lessen day by day as i get used to it.". He makes a face "Not easy to explain, its… Deep."

"I can't even imagine. I think I've heard something like.. it hurts like where your arm used to be? The appendage is not there but it still hurts anyway? Or more like where the nerves and muscles were connected to the cyber? Is it rejecting it or anything?" Brienne asks, concerned about what he is going through. "Are you still seeing a counselor?"

"Phantom pains. No I never had those and the cyber took well, but its just getting used to it internally." Jayce nods, "I'm going to have to retrain once i get the okay for it, and i have the counselors number to talk if I feel I need to as he says. Still it could have gone a lot worse I'm told."

Worse… Brienne knows what that means and she looks deeply troubled. Her hand lifts and instead of touching him to reassure herself he is there, she tugs on the braid that had fallen over her shoulder, the pain she feels at the thought almost taking her breath. "I'm.. just glad you're alive and here to tell me about it." There's a pause as she reaches for her drink, finding it had gotten lukewarm by now, but she takes a sip of the ale anyway. "Would you like me to accompany you to the visits to the physical therapy?"

Jayce smirks and sips his ale watching her, "Well I'm glad to see you again too Brie. I guess if you wanted to come to my next appointment, its not very exciting but you're welcome." He smiles lightly, "More interesting is likely to be the shopping for new gear."

"I don't want to try and ingratiate myself into your life again, I was only offering if you needed me to be there. I understand that you've been doing things on your own for a long time now.. but if you need me, just know I will be there for you. I want to be, Jayce." Brie murmurs quietly. She rests her elbow on the bar and rests her chin on her palm, uncertain what to say. Finally, she adds more. "We're friends.. that's all I have to offer. I want to be friends with you and have you in my life again."

Jayce smiles slowly. "I appreciate the offer, Brie, its just the therapy is dull and I'm doing it. I cant imagine how dull it would be for you.
"However, I do need…" He frowns, "Everything. Horse… Come on do you know where i can get a horse, like properly trained and cybered properly?" He was always so happy that Destiny could see in pitch black darkness. "Armor, weapons, just everything." He looks to her "I need help with that."

At first Brienne thought he was declining her offer of being a friend. When she realizes it was just the therapy accompaniment, she breathes a sigh of relief. "I think a horse from Phylon, where you life. In the stables, there are people who sell theirs. Young Lord Solon Cindravale, I met him once buying from there.As for armor and weapons, I think the Ring would be best for that. I will help you. I use defender armor. Some prefer aggressor. I also use a great sword or a polearm, depending on whether I am on horseback or not when I fight. I much prefer to be."

Jayce nods, setting his mug down, "Yeah, that and I've been told on no uncertain terms not to get anywhere near Combat gear till given express permission by the doctors." He shrugs, "I'm free and ambulatory, but not combat ready." He lifts his left arm, looking at it, "Just to try to feel normal with this." He shrugs, "So, a horse. Get in the saddle, ride, that's normal for me." He looks at his arm, eyes narrowing, "I wonder if this thing works with the weapons or armor, you know? Like, with it."

Brienne wraps her hands around her mug, forcing the last few swallows down of her ale, stopping at four mugs for now. She was feeling good, no pain at least externally. When he mentions the combat gear and not going to battle right now, she nods almost hesitantly. "I don't think you should go out at all, until you're good and ready. There are tons of other Knights to be out there. I'm one of them." Finally, she drags her eyes to his arm, flinching at the pain he must have felt as she imagines it. "You mean as an extension?'

Jayce looks at his arm, eyes widening with the complete lack of any idea of if it's possible or not, and looks to her, "Maybe?" He shrugs, sighs, and unsnaps the glove, pulling it off, revealing the Cyberhand. Carefully crafted, and complex microbundles of metal looking like muscles, and a transparent skin. Dropping the glove he uses the hand to unsnap the other glove and pull it off, his battlescarred, strong hand visible. He rubs his hands together, watching them, his gaze intense as he shakes his head, "Watching this, and.. doing it, that still takes getting used to."

When he removes the glove, Brienne watches, rapt. As soon as both hands are bared, and rubbing together, she reaches over to touch his cyber hand. A slight brushing of her fingers, not wishing to impose herself into his own personal space too long. Withdrawing it, she smiles once more, lifting her chin til she can see his face as he explores his new extension. "I couldn't imagine what it takes to get used to, but I'm glad you're here to do it, lived to tell about it."

Jayce holds out his hand to her, nodding to it, clear invitation, "Go ahead," He says clearly, "I've got to get used to it." It feels like..a hand, it's creepy in that if you closed your eyes, you couldn't tell it was Cyber. It feels like a hand, the skin is warm and pliable. There are short nails of a hard translucent material, even the texture of fingerprints, it's all there, including a pulse. Creeepy.

Brienne reaches out once more, rather unabashedly, and explores his hand, lacing her fingers with his cyber ones, unable to tell the difference really, except for how it looked. It was indeed different, would take some getting used to for him surely. "I'm glad it feels normal for you." Withdrawing her hand once again, she reaches into her pocket and withdraws enough money to pay for their things. "Would you like to meet up in the morning in Phylon at the stables?"

Jayce nods, letting her pay, money was never an issue, but she won the draw this time. "Ten. I'll be there, and we'll see what they have." He takes a breath, and smiles, "Lives shattering all around, but it's good to see you again, Brie."

Once she has paid, Brienne stands and smiles at him, a genuine smile. "Ten o'clock it is then." A moment of silence, of recognition to his statement being true, she nods. "You too, Jayce. You have no idea how glad I am."

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