05.27.3013: Lengthening the Perspective
Summary: Nitrim, a guest of the Larents, has breakfast with Ariana in the wake of the Hostile attack.
Date: 27 May 2012
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Great Hall - Sky Palace - Larent
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It is the morning after the news of the Hostile attack blazed all over the airwaves. The atmosphere around Nubilus has been tense throughout the night and many of the nobles and citizens have been working to take precautionary measures on how to better defend their territory. Lady Ariana Larent is up early, dressed in one of her many expensive gowns, this one in pristine white, fashioned in a more medieval style with a full flowing skirt and long bell sleeves. She takes her breakfast tea in the great hall of The Sky Palace, admiring the 180-degree views of the cloudy Nubilus morning sky, her hair is coiled into a simple braid that hangs down before her shoulder.

Her young guest was settled away into one of the many lavish guest rooms situated within the Sky Palace. A couple of guards and several servants await for their guest to awaken, so that they can tend to him and lead him to the Great Hall where his hostess awaits. There is an array of breakfast pastries and fruits being served at a long banquet table within the great hall, along with a variety of coffee, teas and juices for their guest.

Whisked away by Ariana to the Sky Palace after traveling through the Ways, Nitrim was tired and in need of sleep. An early night was taken and for the first time in a few days the nobleman was gifted with a long, undisturbed sleep in a room that was best described as airy. If his own room back in the lands of Khournas was described as cave-like, then the suite he's been provided was the diametric opposite. After waking and taking advantage of the hot showers and clean linens, he dresses in a dark pair of pants, a baggy, white shirt that ties up the front, and his belts with the stitched leather in the colors of his house.

Looking clean and far-more awake than he did the night before, Nitrim is escorted into the room Great Hall to meet his hostess with a pair of eyes that look less sleepy than normal. When he sees her, he cracks a broad grin and tilts his head in an introductory nod. He steps over to her, allowing her the opportunity to choose where he sits. "If I had only known what the view was outside of these windows I'd have asked to visit years ago."

Upon Nitrim's entrance, Ariana's back is turned towards him as her own wary gaze peers out into the far distance, watching scouting gliders cruise through the skies in search of any signs of hostility or danger. However, noting his reflection through the glass, she finally turns, affording him a polite smile for the morning with her tea cup and saucer still in hand. "I hope that you were able to sleep well, My Lord. Please, have some breakfast. It might be a bit of light fare for some, but still delectable, I assure you." She then half-turns to look over her shoulder to view the area of clouds and sky that she was looking at just moment ago, "When I was allowed, I used to take many of my lessons up here. And I did much of my reading and studying here as well. The views were so serene and I did like to watch as the gliders and birds made their way to one destination or other." Returning to look at the young Khournas, she then muses, "I'm surprised that you've never come here at least once in your life. It really is one of the most beautiful places in the entire universe." Of course, she is exaggerating, but this is what she firmly believes. Placing her cup onto it's saucer, she then gestures towards a nearby table with several seats surrounding it. "Take your time. I don't believe there is any need to rush with breakfast." Her tone comes off as reassuring, though there is some hint of concern within her ice blue gaze that may say otherwise.

Choosing a seat beside Ariana's, Nitrim selects a few pastries and helps himself to a cup of tea. "I was able to sleep well, thank you. Lighter fare or not I actually prefer to go light in the mornings, so this will work well for me." He replies, spreading one of the cloth napkins across his lap. He then paused and took a bite from the pastry, set it back down, and cleaned off his fingers while he chewed. After he swallows, he looks over to Ariana, reading the features of her face in an attempt to discern her mood. Without making any indication as to whether or not he sees what he is looking for, he salutes her with his tea cup and sips.

"My hostess is generous." Nitrim starts, setting his cup of tea back down. "I could imagine that being raised here might have been really good for my training, at least with my powers. That and I could see where that electronica would seem really out of place in this room." He cracks a grin and turns back to his food. "How did you sleep, My Lady?"

Ariana's expressions are normally pleasant ones, if lightly so and bordering on wearing no expression at all. It is her vivid eyes that betray most of her feelings, the way they shine with excitement or narrow in displeasure, ever so gently. This time they give off a sterner cast and her mind seems to be elsewhere even as she speaks to her guest. "Oh? From what I've heard of your Awakening experience, I can truly believe that. I recall being allowed to practice my dance lessons up here a few times. It was as if I were dancing on air. On a cloud. It felt so heavenly." The corner of one side of her lips tugs into just a tiniest hint of a smirk at the mention of electronica. "Classical or even new age tends to fit far better and are types of music that I have a great appreciation for." Taking up her cup of tea, she sips softly at the cooling beverage, before making her response, "I slept well enough. It was a little difficult, knowing that our enemies are now so close and so very dangerous. I had little time to speak with my Lady Sister or my Lord Father, but I do know that my dear Lady Mother is terribly concerned by all of this. As well should be."

"As they should be." Nitrim agrees before another bite of his breakfast. He chews quickly and sets it back down again, taking the time between bites to display proper table manners. "It's not much consolation but typically if danger were nearing the nobility would be given the first warning. It doesn't make the risks any less, but I'm sure there are plenty of eyes and ears open to keep an eye on the space far out there. I doubt either of us would wake up and simply see the Hostiles at our front doors."

Nitrim sets his tea down once again and shifts in his seat to face her a little better. His eyes flutter, blinking the last of his sleep away as he squares his jaw to hide an early-morning yawn. It looks as if he's taking a deep breath. When the sensation passes, he glances down the line of his shoulder to the Great Hall and beyond. "Dance lessons, the clouds, this place. I always wondered why the Larents favored those shimmering silks." He looks back to her. "Rough fabric and heavy leathers wouldn't make sense here, would it? I must look terribly out of place here, don't I?"

"Yes. And our naval forces and scouts will continue to patrol our vicinity. If there is Hostile activity, I know that we will be alerted at once." Ariana speaks in a professional manner, perhaps having told a few people something similar throughout the morning already, for reassurance purposes. "I probably should be heading back to the laboratory and see what more we can find out about that Hostile pod which was retrieved from the Arboren woods." A slight pause, before she states, "And they have a Hostile captive somewhere as well… I do wonder what was learned from him… it. Whatever they are."

When Nitrim brings up his own attire in contrast to his surroundings, Ariana graces him with a smile and a shake of her head, "Nonsense, My Lord. Nubilus is a tourist Mecca. We have visitors from everywhere who stop by, including paying visits to the Sky Palace. As for those who make their homes here, we do fancy such fine things but as we are so close to the Ring, radical fashions sometimes do make the leap here."

"Well, at the very least it'll be easy to pick me out of a crowd here in the palace. I don't mind being easy to find, as you Larents are always so polite and pretty. It would be good to want to be found." Nitrim says casually, though his lip does curl slyly as he takes the next sip of his tea. He sets the empty cup down onto his saucer and looks over his empty plate. He was hungry, wasn't he? He pushes the plate away and moves to stand, offering Ariana his arm to escort her over to the sitting area that she mentioned earlier.

"At the Crescent I don't see so varied a population of tourists. We've so many factories and so much business that if not for noble traffic it would seem a never-ending stream of laypeople moving their wares. There's plenty of entertainment to be had, but the sights are more primal and nature's wrath in their own beauty. It's a stark contrast to this, but not a poor contrast in and of itself." He pauses, the lump in his throat rising and falling softly as he swallows. "So, all propriety aside, Lady Ariana, how are you doing given the circumstances?"

While many other young women may flush with color at the mere mention of a compliment, Ariana is used to such kind words. In fact, she is so confident in her own beauty, that she expects everyone to look upon her with favorable eyes, if merely in a superficial way. So when the Khournas noble mentions the Larent being 'pretty', Ariana responds quickly in an unphased manner, "It would look poorly upon me if I were to lose an honored guest. So I am glad that you are making my job far easier than it might have been." At the offering of the man's arm, the young Larent gracefully rises to link hers with his as they make their way to the seating area which is positioned in one corner of the room where the view is still amazing.

"I have been to the Crescent once in my youth." Ariana does admit, though she doesn't sound overly enthusiastic about this visit. "It was interesting, to say the least and you are so right about the natural beauty of your home. It is clearly different than what I'm used to, but intruiging nevertheless. Beauty is what you make of it. Anything can be beautiful in the right eyes." Rather than settling herself down in one of the comfortable plush chairs, Ariana instead wanders forward, bringing her closer to the large window, as she silently observes the Nubilus skies before answering Nitrim's question. "As I've said, I'm doing as well as can be… why do you ask, My Lord?" She now quickly turns to face him directly, "Are you concerned about my well-being?"

"Maybe it's my upbringing, but I grew up in the shadow of blackened glass and histories filled with destructive lava bursts. We've learned to tame volcanoes to a degree; build factories on them and the like, but it serves as near constant reminder that we are merely guests on the planet and that, should nature decide to do so, it could shrug us right off of its back. As an effort to survive we do things to hedge our bets, like make it possible to travel off-planet. Still, the Crescent has its beauty but we can never forget its bite every time we look out of the window." Nitrim replies, arm still in hers while the two stand before the window. He turns his head to glance over her thin wrists and then to her eyes. Where hers are telling of her comfort and her beauty, his have been hardened over time, much like the Khournas lands.

"So yes, I am." He says simply with a few slight nods of his head. "Our nobility doesn't learn much along the lines of hardship, but I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't think that my experiences as an Awakened and my experiences growing up haven't steeled me for the inevitability that the Hostile present. You? You're strong, you're no wilting flower by any means, but…" He turns his eyes back to the window. "…part of me could only imagine being raised to have all of this sky and beauty and consider that this has got to be rattling your cage in ways mine isn't."

Ariana remains quiet as she listens to the man's explanation, learning further about his upbringing and, perhaps, the way of thinking of his people. Much of this is not anything which she may have thought of until now, how different the nobility is in each different section of the world, whether it be on Imperius or any of the moons of Oculus. Her own vibrant eyes now study Nitrim's expressions when he speaks, his body language and gestures. "I wouldn't say that I felt that my cage were rattled… though I am greatly concerned and somewhat worried about everything that has happened thus far." Turning to look back out into the blue skies peering out between heavy swathes of clouds, she does add in. "I am unnerved, but this is something that I would expect everyone to be feeling, including yourself, My Lord. And if the time comes and my assistance is further needed, I will take up weapon to help with the cause." Though it doesn't look as if she has any martial training in her life. "I do appreciate your concern though, My Lord." She even smiles a tiny bit here, "But it is the beauty of my home that gives me inspiration to know that I must do all that I can to protect it."

Nitrim's eyes remain on the glass, though near the end of her response his eyes turn to watch her reflection. Off in the distance one of the scout flyer patrols makes a pass, turning its broad wings as they head around the Sky Palace once again. A trail of cloud whips up as its engines kiss the fog, and the flyers disappear from view once more.

"I believe you." His words finally come and he turns his attention to her once again. "Given a choice or not, all we can really do is what we have to, given the situation. I think the next few days are going to be telling in seeing where our leadership takes us, and when that's decided I can only hope we'll be able to remain in contact. I do enjoy our conversations." He smirks, but only a little. "So…if I may be so bold, how has your family taken so far to a Khourni taking up hospitality at the Sky Palace? With the current events I'm sure my presence isn't going to cause a dent in the daily plans, but I'd hate to be too much trouble as I'm sure you have a lot to do."

The sight of the patrol glider does little to put Ariana's nerves at ease, but she is comforted by its presence still. "The tension in the air will not let up until the Hostile threat is dealt with. That much I do know." Smiling quietly to what the man says next, the young Larent maiden retrieves her datapad and presses an icon on the screen. "Of course, Lord Nitrim. You will be able to obtain all of my contact information now. I am very much looking forward to learning what you and your family are doing in preparation for any Hostile attacks. And I'm certain that there's quite a bit of experiences to be shared as we make these preparations or lie in wait. Though… I have a feeling that our naval forces will be needing any knight and combatant that we can get our hands on to fly with us." Turning towards the Khournas noble, Ariana looks over her shoulder to view the entrance to the Great Hall, already hearing footsteps going to and fro in the hallways just outside. "We do have our hands full at the moment, I'm afraid and I should be assisting with the research at the labs, but you are free to stay as long as you wish, though I expect that your family will be searching for you soon enough?"

"Well, my intent was to come out this far to listen and see if I could feel anything, but I haven't felt anything different from normal. As a side effect, I've spent some time with you, which has been very enjoyable. You've been a great host, as has your noble house. But you've cut right to the bone about it, haven't you? I should return home and make inquiries and that you and I have established this line of communcation. I'll be sure to let them know that your Lord Father will be in potential need of knights and other combatants. You have your labs and I have my work at the Crescent…and I will return." Nitrim nodded softly and glanced down to his watch to check the time displayed. He looks over her shoulder to the bustle in the hallway and nudges his head in that direction. "Thank you for your hospitality. If you'd provide me with an escort to the Ways, then I'll be sure to send you a message when I've arrived safely."

Ariana's lips purse, her wide eyes looking thoughtful yet again. "You have felt nothing at all? I do wonder if those things are masking their intent somehow. I am glad to know that you and the other Awakened are not having another of those episodes like the one at the feast." Her own smile brightens softly when the young Lord gives thanks to both she and her Household for the hospitality which they had provided. "You are most welcome and I am pleased that we were able to have some of our discussions, sharing our own experiences. I have so little knowledge of Crescent, but you have enlightened me to what it was like living there." Turning now to help lead the way back out of the Great Hall and then to the Waygate of Summit, the Larent lady quickly states, "That will be no problem, My Lord. I do hope to hear of your safe return home and that of the safety of your family when you arrive there and I shall inform my father of the cooperation of your House as well."

"Nothing is masking itself. I feel plenty, just nothing that feels connected to the event at the Feast, that's all. I still feel and dream, just not them, which is nothing new." Nitrim replies to her, falling into line as they begin to walk. No longer trying to break through the walls of Ariana's tightly controlled demeanor, his face becomes serious and contemplative. "If you truly seek to be enlightened about Crescent, then you should visit. If that is something that your family is comfortable with you doing, simply send me a message and I will arrange." He slowed as they neared the junction that led back to his rooms, where he would need to gather his belongings before leaving. He turned to face her and gave his head a light bow. "Until then, My Lady."

Ariana nods her head slowly when the man further explains his Awokeness to her. As they draw nearer to the Waygate, the young Larent considers the invitation offered her. "That would be a wonderful experience, I think. I am curious about the world around me, even if that world is Imperius. Perhaps there will be time after we fend off these Hostiles to do just that." At the point of their departure, Ariana lowers herself into a flourishing curtsey to meet with Nitrim's bow of the head. "Be well and have a safe journey home, My Lord." With those words said, she waits a moment to watch the man wander off before returning home to prepare for her work at the lab.

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