Senator Leandra Ryder
Claire Danes
Claire Danes as Leandra Olena Ryder
Full Name: Leandra Olena Ryder
Byname: -
Age: 32 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Paramount House of Cindravale
House: House of Rovehn
Title/Profession: Senator
Position: Senator of the Caravan and Elsewhere
Spouse: None Height: 5'5"
Father: Lord Orthur Iah Weight: 139 Pounds
Mother: Lady Nicola Rovehn Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Young Lord Aleksander Rovehn
Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn
Lady Eiristra Rovehn
Lady Esmeia Rovehn
Eye Color: Gray
Children: None


"The Hawk with talent knows when to hide its talons." — Unknown.

Leandra Ryder was born Young Lady Leandra Olena Rovehn, eldest daughter to Lady Nicola Rovehn and her husband Lord Orthur Iah. Since birth, she was fashioned to be her mother's heir even though she would become the eldest of six siblings — nearly all girls. If not for her brother Aleksander — born a mere three years after her — her family would have been cursed by the Maiden.

Lea proved to be a dutiful eldest sister, looking after each of her siblings with the attentiveness of a mother hen. She worked alongside her brother and younger sister Talynne in the paddocks, caring for the summer foals and rearing the spring yearlings. She split her time between her mandated studies and working alongside the hostlers. She was a gifted handler, and proved to be quite a savant when it came to the care of the horse herds. She was gifted a destrier foal when she was eleven years old, perhaps under the assumption that she would follow her mother's stead and become a knight. This would never be the case.

While her brother turned toward the journey of knighthood, Leandra instead focused on her studies. She ended up in the Academ at the age of eighteen, studying politics alongside professor Joseff Allway — a man who was also from the Caravan and would eventually become Senator. She became his favored pupil, and often assisted in his campaigns while working on a master's degree in political science. Even after she returned to the Caravan to work alongside her mother in managing the House, she continued to show support for her teacher and mentor.

When Leandra was in her mid-twenties, she served as the House Rovehn representative to Phylon to cease hostilities between the Caravan and the Roar after a year of on-going skirmishes were on the brink of actual war. It was there that Leandra had her first run-in with Lord Garus Leonnida — a young pup of twenty-one and sitting beside his brother Godric during the negotiations. Leandra found Godric utterly insufferable, but was able to form a relaxed friendship with Garus. There were some talks of a marriage between Leonnida and Rovehn to help bandage the new wounds, but the inability for Lord Leonnida and Lady Rovehn to come to agreeable terms had no results. Both Houses returned to their affairs, and Lea and Garus maintained a friendship, both avoiding a possible arranged marriage.

Leandra continued her avid interest in politics. As the Third System War began to approach, the Hawks — her favored party — gained momentum. She was seen frequently taking meals with Senator Allway and his aids, discussing and debating about how to prepare for the Hostiles. Her mother warned her frequently to not be seen as too closely tied with the Senate, but it was advice Leandra often ignored. What was also ignored was possible marriage opportunities. It wasn't that she did not have suitors, but none of them became husbands. She had Citizen romances now and then, but not even Companionship seemed to interest the Rovehn woman.

When the Hostiles finally arrived, Leandra was thrown into focusing on managing her House as the Caravans came together and the Rovehn armies amassed. She proved to be a strong leader and promising Lady Rovehn, but it would be the turn of the Rovehn Senate elections that truly changed the path of her life.

Katie Marner — old friend of Leandra and fellow pupil of former Senator Allyway — abruptly dropped out of the 3014 race for reasons not even Leandra was made aware. Without an Hawk representative on the ticket, and no one eager to step up, Leandra became worried that the Hawks would not hold their seat. It was a lunch between her, Katie and Allway that resulted in a decision being made. Leandra would run. She would give up her noble title, her heirship, all for her drive for politics. It wasn't unheard of, but an heir giving up so much for just the possibility of the senate seat spoke volumes about Leandra — either she was dedicated or she was crazy.

At first, her mother was certain her daughter had lost her mind. Sequestered in Lady Rovehn's study, Leandra argued fiercely with her mother about why this was what she must do. The Doves were gaining power, which was dangerous for the continuation of the War. Haven did not need more cooing Senators refusing to do what was necessary for the System. Haven needed Hawks. Leandra saw no flaw in her brother as an alternative heir, and Nicola was soon cornered by her daughter's sheer skill at debate. Lady Rovehn agreed, and the announcement was made the following morning.

On the evening of the Spring Equinox, after weeks of campaigning, Leandra Ryder was voted into the Senate.



This graceful, willowy beauty stands a mere hand over five feet, but what she doesn't have in physical height she makes up for in sheer presence. While there is a certain fineness about her bone structure, she does not seem terribly fragile. Her skin is a soft peach that has been gently warmed by hours in the Haven sun. Her face is a neat oval with a pointed, gently clefted chin and a high brow. Her brows are narrow, dark golden arches, and her eyes are stormy blues. She possesses lightly wavy, waist-length locks of summer wheat with tapered forelocks.


  • A Free Heart: Leandra is the true embodiment of the Rovehn peoples. She has a free, untethered heart, which she follows often. This hasn't always yielded favorable results, but she has never had regrets for her actions.
  • Horse Whisperer: Trained by some of the best hostlers on the Plains, Leandra has a knack for working with horses. She is often seen in her riding chaps and boots, assisting the herds.
  • Once an Heir, Always Dutiful: While Leandra gave up her nobility and heirship, she is still dutiful to her House and people.
  • Unshakable Grace: There is very little that can shake Leandra.

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