08.28.3013: Lava Underwater
Summary: Devon and Victor go to New Atlantis to (briefly) meet Kadmus
Date: 28 August 2013
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Victor Devon Kadmus 

New Atlantis
Inside the Underwater City.
28 August 3013

Victor may be a child of the ash wastes, but that doesn't mean that he likes being cooped up inside tunnels, even when those tunnels look out over vast swathes of seafloor. Still, he's dressed up, for him, in his red-shot shirt of black. It's not every day you spend time in the city where your betrothed was a child. Okay, so that's not true for most people, but it's definitely true for Victor. He's also delightfully discovering that he has mild claustrophobia. Still, he's suffering in silence, rolling his shoulders as he looks out over the city from one of the bays outside the central fortification. Looking down on the little tray of seafood cradled in his left hand, he scoops another morsel into his mouth, looks over to Devon, and shrugs a little grudgingly, "Okay, so that's not bad, even raw."

Devon looks up through a transparent composite viewports that line the ceiling of this particular corridor in New Atlantis. There is a flutter of silver as a passing fish school rushes along the underwater current, and it draws a faint smile to her lips in the same manner that a distant memory might. She is regarding the portal to the fortification with a kind of uncertain hesitation, stalling at the edge of it with her husband-to-be. She doesn't immediately register his comment about the fish, but after a moment, she offers a slight, "Hmm…" Then she glances toward him. "Kadmus said he would meet us here," she offers, a bit of anxiety in her voice.

Kadmus arrives a short time later, offering a slight nod to the two, "Sir Victor, Devon." He says with a curt greeting to the pair, "Welcome to New Atlantis." He says, "I hope you have not been waiting for me long?"

Victor looks up sharply at the flutter of silver, his feet shifting slightly to draw more securely under him, and then he snorts amusement at his own reaction. "I see somethin' shiny, and I think metal motherfucker." He reaches over to cup his hand at the back of Devon's head a moment, "He'll be…" and then he stops as the voice sounds from behind him, his hand dropping away as he turns toward the lighter man. "Young Lord Kadmus." Even his rumbling voice can reach formality when he tries. Then again, he reaches out to offer out his right hand to the Naval officer, "Naw, just long enough to get a bite to eat." And he hefts the little tray of sushi.

"Relax… New Atlantis is very safe," the Witch remarks to her betrothed. Her eyes flutter shut a moment at the hand to the back of her head, relishing in the familiar touch. Then Kadmus arrives. "Kad," Devon says as she turns toward her brother's voice. There is a slightly nervous moment from the young widow, but she finally lightens with a bit of a smile. Her fingers drop away from where they rested on Victor's arm, turning fully toward the Young Lord of Mare Maris. She allows an awkward moment to lapse between them before she steps forward to offer her older brother a gentle embrace. If allowed, she will even touch the base of his neck with her hand, ruffing up his hair — a gesture she learned so long ago from their mother. She steps back a bit, shaking her head. "I was trying to show Victor around, but… things have really changed."

"Not that much." Kadmus replies, "But I'm certain after so much time it all seems new and different." He agrees, not turning away the embrace, and even lightly returning it, though it is a bit reserved. Once his sister has stepped back he gives a slight nod towards Victor, "The seafood is the best in the system here, if I do say so."

Victor offers out the tray, "I've had a…" 'shit-ton' is swallowed, and instead he says, "…lot out in the Isles. But this stuff's real good. You want some?" That draws a smirk onto his heavy lips, as he offers food to the host. "Views are real impressive. Not exactly high up, but sorta the good kind of opposite." His broad shoulders rise and fall in a shrug, "So what's the best thing to see down here?"

Devon embraces the awkwardness as there's very little she can do about it. It is one of those things that will take time before it passes. She straightens up her shoulders a bit though, regarding her betrothed and brother with faint curiosity. "Is there still that glass-blower off in the bazaar?" She asks, tugging at a distant memory of her once-home. She glances covertly toward Victor and then back to her brother once more. "He use to make those volcanoes in the center of the glass," she says helpfully.

"Well, down here?" Kadmus offers a slight shrug at that, "There are some areas you can see sea life fairly often, if you're lucky. Otherwise there are some of the higher points that offer good views of the city." He hmns, then glances towards Devon, "I imagine he is still there."

Victor arches an eyebrow at Devon, "Yeah. 'Cause all us Khourni like volcanos." A chuckle rises up from his barrel chest, and he shrugs helplessly at Kadmus, "Don't tell her, but I do." He collects more of the fish, lifting it toward his lips but not eating just yet, "There's somethin' nice most everywhere. It'd be nice to look at the city from some place high, but you're the boss here. You know what's good to look at," And he gestures over to Devon, "Plus whatever Dee'd like to see."

There is a touch of hesitation from the Grantham widow, and she glances toward Victor briefly. There is a certain weight to her gaze, and her lips thin a bit. "I was going to suggest that Reena might like a gift like that." She shakes her head a bit, gesturing for them to take a seat in this little courtyard outside of the New Atlantis fortification (which still OOCly needs a name!). She takes a seat, looking back up at the pair. "I was thinking of visiting the surface beaches," she points out.

"Well, if you are willing to travel beyond the city, there are some amazing reefs, beaches and similar." Kadmus nods with a gesture towards Devon as she mentions the beaches. "And the views get better the closer to the surface you get as well." He hmns slightly, "It may be a good gift." He nods, "I'll consider paying him a visit some time."

Victor nods to Devon's suggestion of the gift for Reena, "Glass volcano'd probably go over pretty well." Nodding to Devon again, he looks back to Kadmus, "You two're the experts. I'm just along for the ride and to lift heavy stuff." He gestures up toward one of the high-placed 'windows,' "But yeah, you wanna show off the reefs and the surface stations, I'd be up for that." Smirking just a touch, he adds, "So, you seen any of those Hosties that smashed down into the water yet? Or they stayin' all nice and dry in their ships?"

There is a hint of warmth in her eyes at the acceptance of Kadmus to her gift suggestion. Devon clears her throat a bit, tucking her hands into her lap. "Reena really wants to make this place home… we should invite her along too. Eirene wanted to have us both around for tea." Still a very feminine affair, it seems, though Eirene is truly the apex of femininity. She glances over toward Victor at the mention of the Hostiles before looking back to Kadmus. "I had a Dream about that, Kad… about Hostiles attacking New Atlantis." She hesitates a bit. "Attacking our home. I suspect the defenses are still up and running?"

"We always keep our defenses up." Kadmus replies, "And the ships were empty when we found them, though one seems to have crashed." He adds, "I for one will be amazed if they have a force that can threaten New Atlantis though, unless they have spent the past 500 years developing a specialized underwater unit." he shrugs slightly though.

Victor works his way through two pieces of sushi as the others talk, then blinks sharply at the news, although the mention of the Dream doesn't seem to be a surprise to him, "Empty? Shit, that means there's what… two or three thousand Hosties out there somewhere?" Running his hand back over his shaven head thoughtfully, he grunts again, "I mean, they went all walkin' on the sea floor in the last War, yeah?" He lets that drop though, smirking just a bit, "Next time we come by, I'll keep my axe on me. They could hit the outlying settlements though, even if they can't hit New Atlantis."

"You mean one with fins?" Devon asks, looking toward her brother with a bit of dryness to her tone. "No… we haven't seen any of those. The Scouts are said to be better equip to handle aquatic conditions, but it is still the Hostiles batting at us to keep us entertained." She glances toward Victor, though she shakes her head a bit. "You are dealing with a whole new world if you want to come over here and fight… it isn't like running around the Wastes." Is that a hint of smug pride in the Castellan's voice?

"Well, the Orelle have been very xenophobic towards many of their vassals since hostilities started, I've not received any research data on Hostiles, or any other communications from them, for that matter." Kadmus says, "So our understanding of Hostiles specifications are perhaps behind many others, but it was infrequent in the past, I understand. But if there are three thousand out there, I wonder if New Atlantis will stand. Perhaps I'll recall our marines for home defense."

Victor shakes his head, "Old news. Second System War." His lazy eyes sharpen just a little at the discussion at hand, even as he looks over to Devon, chuckling lowly again, "Dee… even I ain't dumb enough to go out there in a suit to try and fight 'em. I'm no Scuba Steve." His eyes shift back to Kadmus, "But if they get in, you send a call to Volkan, yeah? We're always up for a fight." Grunting softly again, he finishes off the last piece of sushi, "I had a chat with the Hostie we've got in a cell. You got any questions, I'm happy to talk."

Devon frowns a bit at Kadmus's assessment. "Has the Paramount truly been taking a passive stance? I had heard some whispers about that, but the Granthams already keep their noses out of everyone else's business, so I thought it was just a result of the Pit's own passiveness." Then she offers her brother a nod. "Bypass The Ring then… you're the Young Lord of Mare Maris… you can be given access to all the tapes and files on recent Hostile activity. If High Lord Orelle isn't offering the information directly, ask the Citadel."

Victor shrugs at Devon's words, "The Orelles have their hands full with the naval war. They're keepin' tens of thousands of the metal motherfuckers off our backs." When Kadmus is called away, he nods his head to the Young Lord, "Thanks for stoppin' by," then looks back to Devon, "So. Reef or beach, Dee? We still got time to hit one of 'em, at least."

Devon looks after her brother as he departs, and she frowns a bit. The thoughtful expression does not linger long though as the Khourni poses the very vital question. She leans back on the bench a bit, offering him a soft quirk of a smile. "Beach," she says after a moment. "It is an easier adventure." She then starts to slip up to her feet, the lavender silk whispering back into place around her legs.

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