Lady Knights
Summary: A younger Michael and his former Knight Sir Roan Corbin have a chat late one night after Michael's training. (far past)
Date: 15 July 2013
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15 February 3007 — Roan's apartment

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Michael stands on the street, in his light armor wearing his longsword. He waits for Roan to come down to street level, she always takes longer than him. Even though she's in her armor, and he knows this because he helped her get into it like he always does, she somehow manages to take an extra fifteen minutes than he does. However, it's been almost twenty now… and his comms haven't been returned with hold ons and wait a minutes… something in him feels like he was just kneed in the groin.
Taking three steps at a time, Michael makes his way back to her apartment. Shouldering the door, he comes to a stop to see Roan sprawled on the floor. "Roan?… ROAN!!" Michael starts to ask, then he roars her name and instantly open the emergency comm line. "I need medics, right away. Sir Roan Corbin's apartment, for her." there is a reply, and Michael gives the address. What feels like far too long passes by as Michael does what little he can to try and rouse Roan. Tears from fear and panic begin to waterfall down his face, and he keeps saying her name over and over. The medics get there, and shoo Michael away so they can begin their work. They get her onto a stretcher, and with some medical magic they get her awake just a little. Her speach is slurred heavily, and she's soo far out of it what is understandable is incoherent.

Shuffled down the steps and into the ambulance with Roan, Michael sits by her side. Holding her hand as the medics do their work. Roan, for a minute, seems to return to Michael as her words are more directed to him and coherent enough for him to understand. "Michael… I, am, saawy…" she gets out before that far off look returns to her eyes and she doesn't seem to know him again. Michael grips her hand, she'd just apologized to him for nothing… and he doesn't understand. The medics continue to work, but she's fading. Her eyes grow dark at moments and she seems to get sleepy. "No… NO!… ROAAAN! ROAN. ROAN…. ROAAAN!!!" Michael can't do anything be scream at her, his eyes dry from the lack of tearducks capable of handling the flood they should rightfully have. Roan, one last time, looks at Michael her hand squeezing his.


Michael snaps, his entire world stops right there. His thoughts, his feelings, everything. He zones entirely, and just watches the world work around him as if he isn't there. When they get to the hospital, he stumbles out of the ambulance and then starts to follow the shuffling into the building by the medics and Watch officials. He gives his name, relation to the woman, and other things he's asked for. There is not tone to him, he is for all intentions, dead himself. He drifts easily through the doors and makes the comm to his mother, the wail from the otherside is met with just a simple, "Come get me." there is no reply, but about half an hour later his mother is walking through the doors with his father. She's a bundle of nerves and her face is the trainwreck of grief. When she sees her son, Stella rushes to him and hugs him tightly. Michael goes through the motions, with the final few words. "I quit… squiring… everything." Achaeous nods to Michael, and pats his son's shoulder, they will talk at some point.

[From here the scene fades out, with the Athyros family going to Roan's side… listening to the explanation of her death, and then contacting Roan's family. After this, Michael returns to her apartment… he packs up her place and moves everything to her family's storage. In her stuff, he also placed his armor, and his sword. Vowing softly on his blade, a gift from Roan, that he would never betray her and his knighthood goes with her on her next journey.]

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