Amy Acker
Amy Acker as Lady Charlessa "Charlie" Dorelle Arboren
Full Name: Lady Charlessa "Charlie" Dorelle Arboren
Byname: -
Age: 21
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Spouse: None Yet. Height: 5'5"
Father: Lord Aritino Cindravale Weight: 120lbs
Mother: Lady Aelewen Margaritte Arboren Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: TBA Eye Color: Brown
Children: None Yet.


Born in May of 2992 to Lady Aelewen Margaritte Arboren and Lord Aritino Cindravale, Charlessa Dorelle Arboren was the second child, and soon to be the middle of three. A small but happy child, from the beginning Charlessa was a little unique. Soon nicknamed Charlie, she was fascinated from a very young age with how things worked. It was not uncommon for her to take apart her toys and put them back together, sometimes with changes. She tried to do this a few times for her siblings, but after 'ruining' some of their favorite toys with her 'improvements' she learned to only alter her own things.

She loved both of her parents dearly, and learned a great deal from both of them. Her mother gave her a love of the forest and all things green and growing, as well as the skills one needs to survive in the woods alone. It was her mother's teaching that gave her the inspiration for her greatest ambition: to create technology that doesn't harm the world around her. From her father, who would take the family to the Cindravale court at times, she learned a love of pageantry and fashion. Though she is convinced she could never fit in, one of her secret dreams since she was young has been to dress up like one of the elegant high ladies and attend a ball or some other function.

Generally, Charlie's life has thus far been uneventful. She did well at the Academ, her natural desire to learn taking her farther than some, at least when it came to the subjects that interested her. Though her awkward demeanor at times made things difficult in large classroom settings, she managed to make some close friends. She graduated a few years ago and returned home to make a workshop of sorts in her bedroom, and divided her time between her projects and the outdoors happily. It was wonderful to be with her family again, even though she tended to spend most of her time in solitude.

When her father died two years ago, it shook her deeply. She could not fathom the thought of losing any of her family, and was at first completely lost. She clung constantly to one of the first presents her father had given her, a real book of old fairy tales, and refused to leave her room. Until she learned that her mother had taken things even worse, and gone into seclusion in the forest. Shoving her own grief aside, she started visiting her mother regularly, taking her gifts and talking about whatever meaningless things came to mind, trying her best to distract them both from their pain. She did the same with her siblings, leaving them small handmade gifts on an almost weekly basis, doing the only thing she knew how to pull them all through. Now that their mother has returned she is more relieved than she knows how to express, not truly caring that it is because the Hostiles are returning. Their family is back together, and naive as it may be Charlie hopes that it means things will now return to normal.



Charlie is an unusual noble, even for an Arboren. Of course she loves the forest and all things that grow. But she is also an inventor and lover of technology. She will happily talk new tech and ideas with anyone willing to listen or share ideas of their own, though her thought processes can be a bit wandering and random at times, causing her to jump qiuickly from subject to subject. Her dream is to create new technology that upholds the Arboren beliefs of preserving and respecting the worlds the people of Haven live in. She is more often than not barefoot, with leaves in her hair and a data pad or new project in her hands. There's a more hidden side to Charlie as well, which is generally only seen by those closest to her. She takes after her father, inheriting from him a love of fashion and pageantry, and secretly longs to dress elegantly and be a lady in a fairy story. Which is how she tends to view Cindravale Ladies.


Charlie is a thin woman with long, loosely curled brown hair and large brown eyes. In her early twenties, she stands at about five and a half feet tall and is rather thin for her height, which can at times make her appear taller than she really is. Brown hair falls in loose curls to her waist, and is usually loose and without adornment. Her most striking feature is her eyes, which are wide and dark brown with just a bit of green in them. Her nose is straight, her lips usually tinted with a touch of pink or red, and her skin showing the light tan of one who is regularly outdoors.


  • Awkward
  • Barefoot
  • Curious: Technology
  • Dreamer
  • Fidgeter
  • Left-handed

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Aelewen Lady Aelewen Margaritte Arboren : Charlie's mother. Charlie loves her mother dearly, and tries very hard to hide her Cindravale tendencies when around her so as to be a daughter her mother can be more proud of.
Tristan Lord Sir Tristan Arboren : Charlie's cousin. Charlie likes Tristan a great deal, he is quiet and calming to be around. He likes the rain, too!

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