09.18.3013: Knight Therapy
Summary: After getting out of the hospital, Chiron comes to visit Agnes and she helps him with some issues with his brother and his love life. She also lets him know they'll be awarded medals for their bravery at Cape Amran, and discuss why they deserve it.
Date: 09 September 2013
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Agnes Chiron 

Residence Chamber — Nether Keep, Khar-Mordune
Carved from the living rock, the chamber would be resonant if it weren't for the thick carpets layered across the floors in a melange of colors. Sconces of bioluminescent ooze glow on the walls, providing a cool, steady light. Tall tunnels lead off into the stone, cracks in the rock that have been expanded and laced with bioluminescent veins to provide additional lighting. The chamber itself contains a cluster of chairs around a long, low table of carved wood, made of a single slab of old-growth brought up from the Arborenin Woods. Shelves of holobooks and terminals connected to the InfoSphere line the outside of the room, but there are no decorations on the walls save for several areas of bare stone which have been intricately engraved with landscapes of the upper world.
18 September 3013

Deep in the mountain of Khar-Mordune, in one of the guest rooms Chiron lays on his bed. He's staring up at the ceiling, clearly lost in thought. The past few weeks have been rather eventful for the Squire, the first run in with hostiles, almost dying, and now something at home seems to be bothering him as well. He's spent the past few days getting seemingly little sleep, but has resumed any training if he's allowed.

Agnes is mostly healed up, but hasn't been back in the field, as she's been watching over Jarek and his recovery. Today she is sitting in the residence chamber at the table, reading her datapad, and wearing a casual outfit of breeches and tunic. She looks tired, but healthy otherwise. She sent Chiron word to come and see her, as she's heard things are going poorly for him at home.

Chiron sighs and rises from his bed, it's about that time to go see Agnes. He's wearing a nice slacks and a black t-shirt as he opens the door, making his way to the table. He has bags around his eyes, a clear indicator that he hasn't been sleeping well the past few days. "Hey, Sir Agnes." He says, giving the Knight Lieutenant a weary grin.

Agnes looks up with a small smile, and sets her datapad aside, gesturing at a chair for him to slouch into. "How are you feeling? You had me worried out there during our rather unusual journey," she notes, settling back in her seat to study him thoughtfully.

Chiron does in did slouch when he sits down on the chair. "Physically? I feel much better. I was told that I had a few broken and cracked ribs, and some pretty bad bruises. I was told that I was lucky to not have punctured my lung." He sighs, placing his elbows on the table and leaning his chin on his hands. "I still am having a hard time dealing with the civilians we didn't save… I knew it would be bad, and I already know that what we did saved much more people… but their screams still haunt my dreams."

"I'd be more worried if they didn't Chiron. That's what reminds you that you're human, with feelings," Agnes says gently. "What happened to those civilians is not your fault, or my fault, or anyone's fault but the Hostiles that slew them. They did nothing to provoke them. They did not fight back. They were slaughtered." She rests her forearms on the table and looks at him sincerely. "What we are responsible for, however, is the fact we closed that gate, and kept the Hostiles from using it to invade other cities. We did the best we could in a terrible situation. And we did it without expecting to ever come home. We were willing to give our lives to save people."

"I tell myself that, and intellectually I know that. It doesn't stop the nightmares though." Chiron says, frowning. "Is there any coffee around here?" He asks, passively looking around. "It doesn't help that when I came home there was other drama…" It might occur to Agnes that Chiron had been spending an unusual amount of time with Eiris, one of the members of the medical team that went out to meet the hero party.

"What sort of drama?" Agnes asks curiously. She gets up and pours him a cup of coffee, neglecting to mention it's decaf. He looks like he needs sleep.

Chiron sighs, shaking his head. "It's… a long story that's somewhat connected with the dinner we invited you and Lady Taly to." He accepts the cup of coffee when it's handed to him, giving Agnes a soft "Thank you." before continuing. "So, /Lady/ Eiris was tasked with taking care of me when we met up with the camp… long story short we became friends, with the chance of something more." He takes a sip of the coffee and appears to perk up some, probably the psychological effect of coffee. "Well, she hid her nobility from me, let alone she was related to my brother's girlfriend. I invited her to eat some pie, as my mother made a /ton/ to cope with me being gone. Bey recognized her and after following along with the ruse he revealed his identity to my sister, and everything just kind of fell apart there." He takes a deep breath and exhales rather quickly, feeling a little better to just get all of this off of his chest.

Agnes chuckles a little. "Ah young people and their silly games." She sighs and props her chin in her hand. "Chiron, first off, be cautious about romancing a noble. At the moment you are caught between two worlds, citizenry, and minor nobility. As a Knight, you cannot be a companion. You could wed a noble woman, but that is not in Lady Eiris' hands whatsoever, but the whim of her parents. "

"That's just it though, I didn't know! She didn't tell me she was nobility." Chiron sighs again. "It's all just so confusing. It made it worse that she's Lady Taly's sister, because she specifically asked me questions about my brother's relationship with her, and if I thought he would be faithful. I just feel used and manipulated…"

"Well, that's a horse of a different color, Chiron. I do not think starting with deception and manipulation is a good basis for a relationship. What did your brother think of the situation? It sounds like Lady Talynne was sending her sister to spy on him through you." Agnes ponders that. "Very unknightly behavior."

"I… I don't know." Chiron says, not wanting to believe what Agnes was saying, as likely that might seem. "She didn't pester me with questions about them, it was more just off handily when I mentioned that my Brother was dating one of the Rovehn main line. Most of it wasn't directed questions." He says, taking another sip of the coffee.

"All right then. It could have been innocent? She may not have realized you were Balius' brother?" Agnes points out, leading him to his own conclusions indirectly. "Regardless, let's get your Knighthood focused on. If the lady is interested in you as more than a companion, then that is what you need to have."

Chiron furrows his brow, "Knighthood? You think I'm ready for that?" Chiron asks, looking a little surprised and confused. He gulps down the rest of his coffee, eying the pot to see if he could maybe get some more. "It could have been, she claimed to have kept her identity secret because she thought that if she introduced herself as Lady Rovehn, we wouldn't be friends. Which… she's probably right"

Agnes nods. "Understandable. But not something to worry about. You have a bit of work to do yet, Chiron, to become a knight, but you are well on your way. No one would doubt your valor after the mission to close the waygate. I do believe we're receiving medals soon."

"Medals?" He asks her again. "Medals by who? And why?" Chiron asks. He doesn't particularly feel like anything he did was medal worthy.

You say, "By the nobility of House Holollas I believe. There is a ceremony in Beacon in a few days. Also a floating lantern ceremony. It will help bring some closure, and some peace," Agnes says quietly. "You took on what was a suicide mission, completed it, and survived Chiron.""

"But… I was only doing my job. Knights are supposed to protect civilians, yes? It's the price I pay." He sighs again, standing up to pour himself some more coffee. "I understand the reasons why they would want to honor us, our sacrifice… I just don't feel like I deserve it."

"If that were the case, we'd have had a lot more people with us Chiron. This was above and beyond the normal duty of a battlefield with full ranks and horses and medics. This was a small group of volunteers taking on something desperate, knowing full well they would not come back." Agnes smiles at him. "You deserve it, and much more. You kept going, despite serious injury. You kept me going, sat watches, helped with Jarek. Most men would have chosen to just lay down and die, but all of us, we worked together, pushed each other, to continue on."

The encouragement Chiron hears seems to calm him some. "You have a point, it wasn't a requirement. However, a counter argument is that if nobody did it, we would have Hostiles in all major cities… Not like that mattered. Lorelei and Balius ran into a hostile in the Arboren woods. I have /no/ idea how… but the two of them managed to kill it."

"Chiron, listen to your own words. If we didn't do it," Agnes murmurs, "Yet of all the Knights and soldiers and squires of Haven, we were the ones who did. Just us." She frowns. "Well there are still some in most of the areas, from the last landing. We'll need to increase patrols."

"I'm proud of them, they aren't equipped for combat, and had no armor and still managed to come out limping." Chiron smiles, looking up at Agnes. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so down. How do you do it? You've gone in all these battles, you've lost family, almost lost your betrothed. I feel like I have so much more to learn from you."

Agnes ponders the question for a long moment. "I have faith," she says softly. "I know that the Six are with us, and if it is our time, then I know I have led a good life, one in which I dedicated myself to the aid and protection of those who needed it. If I die tomorrow, I will have no regrets."

Chiron nods, accepting the Knight's answer. "Maybe I haven't been praying enough, then. I'd consider myself devout to the Six, but perhaps there is room for improvement." He gives Agnes another smile, "Thank you, I hope that I will have your wisdom some day. Oh, and congratulations about Jarek."

Agnes' cheeks color. "Thank you. I am very happy. Nervous but happy. I have waited a very long time for the right man to come along. And he was nearby all along. Life works in mysterious ways, Chiron."

Chiron folds his hands together, "So, have you guys worked out any details? I bet my sister would be willing to help you plan or help pick out outfits and hair. She likes that kind of stuff." He says, glad for something happy to discuss.

"Oh no, nothing yet. It will likely be a long engagement. We are too involved in the war to drop everything and focus on a wedding just now," Agnes replies, running a hand through her hair lightly. "I still need to see about buying those horses from your family. This mission waylaid so many things."

"I understand, we need your expertise on the field if we are to win." Chiron smiles, "What should I do about my brother? I… was rather harsh with him a few days ago about the whole situation."

"Why were you angry with him?" Agnes asks quietly. She sips her own decaf, watching her squire with those pale blue eyes of hers.

"Ok, so when Lady Eiris came to the house he called her by her title, then played along when she corrected him. I just… can't believe he would go along with it, or, why he would and then change his mind half way though." Chiron says, now a bit more level headed about the situation.

"Did he know for sure she was a Lady?" Agnes asks. She ponders things. "If he played along, he was likely trying not to offend a noble, and finally changed his mind because he didn't want his brother being deceived?" she suggests.

"Possibly. Maybe I just need to talk to him about it. I admit things have gotten stressful between my brother and I recently with all of this noble stuff." Chiron muses. "I heard there was a tournament happening, I was thinking of participating… if you would permit me."

"Of course, you have my permission, provided you go and try to talk things out with Balius. I get the impression he's a stubborn as my horse at times, so I won't fault you if it falls through. But try," Agnes requests.

"It's not just him, all the Quelltons are pretty stubborn. I'll talk with him, I think if he wants to, we can fix this." Chiron smiles up at Agnes. "What about you? Gunna do the Tournament?"

"I do not believe so," Agnes admits. "I can't risk further injury when I may be needed in the field. I'll attend though, to cheer you on."

"Injury? I thought tournaments were just a test of skill, not trying to actively kill each other. I think you should do it, it could be fun." Chiron says. "What do you do for fun?" He asks, suddenly realizing he doesn't know much of what Agnes does on her own time.

Agnes smiles a little. "I read, mostly. I used to watch over the little ones, Peake and Arboren alike. I take walks in the tunnels."

"That would explain how you knew about the pool of heroes, then. Are you any good at chess?" Chiron asks, suddenly intrigued. "When I was a sergeant, there were a few of us that would play each other regularly. I got pretty good at it."

Agnes chuckles. "Not really noteworthy at it, I'm afraid. But I wouldn't mind getting better at it. It's all strategy."

"Then perhaps we will play some time, I can share some tips." Chiron smiles. "How are you doing, Agnes? You're always so strong, I worry that you don't take any time to take care of you."

"Actually, I'm doing well, Chiron. I have a great squire. I'm engaged to marry an heir in a love match. And we all survived a suicide mission. I'm still sad over the loss of my niece, but she went out fighting, as any knight would wish to." Agnes reaches over to pat his hand. "Go, talk to your brother and sister. They were probably terrified you were dead while we were out of comm range."

Chiron nods and stands up. "I'll go do that now, thank you for talking with me." He gives her a smile as he walks out towards the ways. He stops briefly and calls back. "If you ever need anything, let me know. I'm always willing to help, if I am able."

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