Knight Music
Summary: Eirene realizes she has a crush.
Date: 30/August/2013
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August 30, 3013 — Eirene's Chambers, House Volen

Eirene arises the next morning with her data pad laying next to her. She turns and holds it against her body for a moment while replaying the words of an email over in her mind. A smile slowly takes over the countenance on her face and the heat of blush colors her cheeks. Lifting the data pad to her face while laying on her back now, she focuses on the address:
To: moc.sitnaltawen|neloV.eneriE#moc.sitnaltawen|neloV.eneriE
From: moc.nolyhp|elavardniC.noloS#moc.nolyhp|elavardniC.noloS

The correspondence goes back and forth a few times before it eventually ends. Eirene hits reply to the last email and starts typing a few things - lyrics perhaps, a poem most likely. In mid-swoon, the semi-sleepy noblewoman doesn't realize she has hit send!

Eirene drops the data pad in horror. Should she write back right away and apologize quickly? Say it wasn't for him? Perhaps she can delete it before he reads it.

Too late.

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