06.26.3013: Knight and Squire
Summary: Johana returns from patrol, and swings by to check on Michael
Date: 26 June 2013
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Temporary Medical Area - Barracks, Volkan
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.

The temporary medical area is a small curtained off place in one of the main halls of the barracks. It is in the process of being broken down, in favor of a more permanent position elsewhere perhaps.

26 June 3013

The sun has just passed it's zenith, and Michael has stuck true to his word this whole time. Bored out of his mind as he is, he's stayed put like he promised Viannea he would. He's been writing in his journal like crazy, and no not just Viannea's name over and over like a preteen with a crush, he's been editing poems. There is again a tray of food next to him, this time though it's practically finished save for that apple. Another note on this one too, "Good, you've been eating. Get better and we'll go for that walk. *smileyface* -Vi"

Just arriving back after the patrol she'd gone out on with Erik Cindravale and the other men, along with her guard, Johana steps into the barracks/makeshift sickbay. Noticing that Michael is the only one left, she arches her brows and approaches. "Hey you," eyes flicker over the tray of food before resting on him again. "You look to be in better spirits at least."

Having been focused on his journal, that is laying open on his lap practically for all to read, Michael starts when Johana starts talking to him. He looks up and smiles softly, "Well, it's a good feeling knowing you've kept your promise to someone important to you." he pauses, "How are you?" a slight tilt to try and look at her neck.

When she approaches, Johana doesn't read the journal despite it being opened, not wanting to invade his privacy. There's a half smile playing on her lips though. "So have you finally found a steady girlfriend, Michael? Or should I call you Casanova?" Her neck seems to be much better, maybe only a small bandaid over the cut now. "I'm good, thanks, just trying to stay busy."

Michael chuckles, "Well, if I could call a noble knight a girlfriend, then yes." he chuckles again, "Hey, I'm a nice guy and a flirt. Can't blame me for having a few females who like that in me." he winks, "However, Sir Viannea and I do spend time together and plan on spending more time together. And yes, I do like her more than others and I wonder how that'll change in the weeks, months, and years to come." this time his smile is warm and gentle. Then after noting the bandage, he nods. "I tried to do the same, but both medics and dummies worked against me. Only for Viannea will I just stay put, bored as I am, she promised to go for a walk with me when I healed."

"I understand that means you'll be wanting to be knighted sooner. I also wonder if that also means you'll step off the front lines with me and train more instead of fight the Hostiles more so we can get a handle on what all you know. I have a feeling, after seeing you fight the Hostiles, that you already possess the necessary proper training to be Knighted. What you're lacking is the attitude." Johana says quietly, though she does seem happy for him and his Noble Knight girlfriend.

Michael nods, his smile softening and then fading. "It isn't a rush to be knighted, I do wish to be and I wish to prove myself on the field. It has been a long time since I was a squire, and for a while I felt like I needed to make up for lost time in a whirlwind of action." he pauses, "I also, didn't have friends for all those six years. I kept to myself, and in my whirlwind of restarting I lost track and got too involved with meeting people and making friends. This first fight, since I was sixteen, was what I've needed. Sure, sitting around here bored out of my mind isn't what I wanted, but the solitude to think and remember why I choose to come back to this is what I needed." he looks up to Johana, "I'm sorry, that I ever caused you to second guess your offer."

"You have done an excellent job on the field, but now that you've matured some, I'd like to see how you handle things. You seemed sometimes in such a hurry to live life and experience everything. Sometimes if you just sit back and take your time you'll realize rushing through life only gets you to the end faster. Enjoy the small things. If I could put it through to you somehow so you'd understand better, I would. One day you're sitting here, marking love poems in your journal, dreaming about happily ever after with the love of your life… the next, you're sitting at home taking care of a pregnant wife, worried about purchasing diapers and putting food on the table. Hand holding is replaced by passing out from being so weary from working and caring for a family and then as even more time passes, your evenings out become evenings at home in front of a movie. Take your time Michael, the fun of a relationship is in the chase of it. Don't rush through it, yeah?"

After giving the advice, Ana gently touches his arm. "I don't regret having you for a squire. You're a good man and you're growing in a lot of ways. I'm impressed."

Michael listens in silence for the entirety of her words. Only once she places a hand to his arm does he speak, "Perhaps, that's why I like Viannea so much. She won't let me rush, and at the same time I don't want to rush." he smiles up at her, "I know you'll know when it's time for me to go through the ceremony. And though I am eager to earn my spurs and show the worlds that I am more than simple flatteries and poems, in this too I want to take the time it will require." he lowers his gaze slightly, "One thing that worries me though… Lord Nitrim's mental connection during my zoned state, shattered it. I can't go back into it, I don't know how to deal with the emotions of battle any other way."

That both he and his Lady Knight are willing to take things slow brings relief to Johana and she smiles her approval, drawing her hand back, but remaining standing beside his bed. "Then is there something you can think of out there on the field? Perhaps imagine that your previous Knight is watching you?"

Michael ponders for a moment, "When, the zone broke. All the emotions I thought I'd have, I didn't. I wasn't afraid for myself… I was afraid for you. For Sir Thalo, and Sir Ellinor, and Sir Anabethe. I was even afraid for Sir Gwain and I don't really know him, or like him much." he pauses, "I've never fought without it, and I'm not sure how I'll feel fighting again without it… when we sparred, I knocked you to the ground and two thoughts occurred at once. Finish the fight, and look away. If you had stood back up while the first thought was still in my mind, I very well could have struck again." he sighs, "I'm just confused right now, all this commotion all this chaos." he flips the journal to a page with a single poem written on it and begins to read, "To the soft earth, my compliments for its gift of luscious brown to your hair and your eyes. To the sun for its kiss of your skin, and then to the rose for its caress of your lips. To the Maiden for her smile on your beauty, and to the Knight for his approval of your brave heart. And, lastly, to you. For without you to combine all these gifts the world would be without a, splendor." the soft smile on his lips takes on a warmth, "And that's what sliced through this storm, and calmed me."

"If the emotions weren't there then there's not reason to zone, yeah? I know you'll worry about people when you fight, that's what helps me to fight. I fight at the side and if someone is hurt, I let the anger I feel lead me against the Hostiles. Since they have returned I have been at every single battle other than the one where they first appeared in Arboren woods. They will never be easy to kill, but the more we learn how to fight them, the easier it is. A group of at least two usually works best." Falling silent as he reads the poem, Johana smiles and tips her head to the side. "That's what you need then. Fight for a life you can lead with your Lady Knight, focus on her when you fight. The Hostiles are there to take away any chance of a normal life you could have with her. You fight to keep it."

Michael smiles, and then looks up at Johana, "That's a good way to look at it." he pauses, "So then, when can we start?" he grins, "My leg is pretty much healed up, the medics told me I can go for short walks around Volkan until its starts to ache."

"Then why not tomorrow? We can start as soon as you're released from here if you like? After your walk of course. I'd definitely not want to be the person who stilted or stood in the way of true love." Johana offers a playful wink. "And Michael? That whole poetry thing you have going on? Keep it up, you're good at it, but show some warrior side too."

Michael nods, then chuckles softly. "That sounds great, and thank you. I'm sure she'll love to hear the next poem I wrote for her." he smiles, "Thank you again, I think I gave Lady Anabethe a head ache though, with all the fighting going on the only way I knew to cut through it was with a poem, and Lady Anabethe doesn't seem to like poetry a whole lot." then a tilt of the head, "How do you mean, show some warrior? Do I not? I'm not Khourni born, sure, but…" he leaves it open for her to answer.

"I like poetry as good as the next person, and I am sure that your Lady Knight will enjoy it. Sometimes though," Johana explains, "Sometimes women want a man who, despite his wounds, despite the advice of family or doctors, does what he damn well pleases. Not someone obedient. Just.. be fierce sometimes too. It's ah… attractive in a man." Man up, basically is all she's trying to say. "When you fight, you know how you were? Fierce, protective, masculine. Yeah.. that's…" Grinning when she realizes she's describing someone specific to her. "Forget it, maybe it's just something /I/ like."

Michael chuckles and eyes Johana, "I see." he pauses, "Just so you know, he ever makes you cry, I don't care he's some noble. I'll call him out and I'll make him cry." he nods once, then smiles, "I'm still learning Viannea's likes and dislikes. She's also not Khourni, and when she saw me training regardless of the orderlies and my wound, she forcefully put me back into my bed." he shrugs, "Like I said, I'm still learning about her so only time will tell."

With a softer voice, Johana laughs, "Everyone is different. I'm glad that she put you back in the bed, and you've shown your warrior side out on the field. I like how you didn't back down even after being hurt." Bending, she offers him a brief hug before ruffling his hair. "You're a good man, Michael. Here lately I feel closer to you than I do my own brother. Weird huh? You want to spend time with me and I have to chase him down for any attention at all."

Michael smiles and briefly returned the hug, "Psh, its a ribbon of metal. I've had a sword in me once, that hurt, this… it was my zone that made me stop moving when I did for that short moment." he smiles, "It isn't so weird really, at least now that my emotions have settled and I know how I feel towards you." he smiles, "Were you able to ask about borrowing his old armor? If not, I can ask him next I see him." he pauses, "Viannea seemed like she was ready to 'have a chat' with you when she heard I was only in light armor that's been patched up several times." he smirks.

"I've not actually got to get in touch with Barton yet.. but he's like way, way, way over six feet tall, so I think it wouldn't work anyway." Johana relays the bad news, but then she does smile when he mentions how he feels and getting things into perspective. "I was able to get you some armor though. It's Combat Armor. Just your size too."

Michael smiles, "Thank you very much, I'll prove that I deserve it." he looks at her for a moment, "So tell me about him, yeah? I noticed you pacing the other night at the meeting, clearly something's up."

Aaaaaaand Johana blushes at the question. "About him? Oh he has the ability to anger me beyond measure and then put me in my place so easily.." Lifting her shoulders. "Hard to explain." After a moment studying him, she smiles. "I know you deserve it. You already deserve it, you have nothing to prove there. You fought hard and we won, what's to prove? Anyway, I've got something coming up so I better get going for now. I'll see you a little later, probably tomorrow so we can run patrol."

Michael chuckles softly, but not at her. "Ah I see." chuckles again, "Remember though, I find out he's hurt you. And I'll take the punishments for beating a noble into the ground with my bare fists to his face." he winks, "If not for my promise to Viannea, I'd hop out of this bed right now and suggest going on patrol today." then smiles again, "I'll see you later, Lady Johana."

Impulsively, Ana bends down and brushes her lips over his forehead before smiling. "Thanks for being there, Michael. You're pretty amazing you know that? Viannea is very lucky." Straightening, she nods, accompanied by a smile. "I'll see you later also, we can go on patrol tomorrow."

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