07.15.3013: Knife in The Vale
Summary: Lady Eiristra sent out a summons for a medic, to which Lady Elodie was available to respond. With the help of Eiris, Elodie was able to patch up Lord Garus's insides and dress his wound.
Date: 14? July, 2013
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Grand Rotunda The Grand Caravan, The Vale
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15 July, 3013

The caravan in the evening is filled with the sound of music, laughter and distant whicker of the horses. The smell of campfires and food rises to accent the mixture and Eiris is leading the newly arrived Lady of Iah towards the Grand Rotunda. "Thank you for coming, my Lady. The Lord Garus took a dire wound to his stomach." She holds back the flap for her and motions her inside and waits to follow. Once in, the Lord is set upon his own pallet with pillows and food waiting, the Rovehn tilting her head to study him as she lifts her voice, "Lord Garus, the Lady Elodie Iah has come to see to you."

Introductions are simple and quick before the noblewoman smiles, "If there is anything I can get for you, do not hesitate to ask, my Lady."

Elodie and Morrigan follow their guide to the Grand Rotunda, her eyes glancing curiously around her as she goes, but not letting it slow her on her way to Lord Garus and what she came for. Morrigan is the one who is actually tasked with looking after his lady's person, and so most details will be noted by him. After only a moment's consideration, he is asked by the Iah to remain outside with the other guards. Once inside, she nods, pulling the strap of her med kit off over her head so that she can set it down next to Lord Garus. "Thank you, Lady Eiristra. If you don't mind staying around, I may need another pair of hands. You don't mind if I take a look, Lord Garus?" she asks, although that is more of a formality than an actual question as she is already lifting any blankets or coverings that the man has over his wound.

Already awake as they enter, the piercing, blue eyes of Lord Garus Leonnida searches the two of them, casting a veiled, questioning look to Eiris as Elodie enters that only lasts a brief second. More of the stoic, soldier sort, he motions them over with a wave of his head. "By all means, please do, Lady Elodie. It's for a cause I believe in." He motions to the stabilizing bandages, some seeping blood, that are wrapped around his torso. "The Lady Eiristra and I were on the plains when two Hostile ambushed us. I gather its blade got an inch, maybe two and a half, through my armor. It's a rather deep wound." Garus replies, pulling down his blanket to reveal his bared torso as he settles in to let her get to her work.

A brow arches at the questioning look and her hand motions to the other Lady at Elodie's explanation. A faint smirk plays on Eiris' lips at the mention of a cause he believes in. "Of course, I would be glad to remain should I need to help you." Staying out Elodie's way, she remains upon her feet, off to the side as her arms fold across her chest. Her eyes narrow, chin lifting as she tries to watch what the other woman is doing, perhaps to learn, her lips parting. She murmurs something to herself at the sight of the wound but she does not look bothered by the sight of blood.

Elodie gives a nod as Eiris agrees to stay, though the blue in her eyes takes on more of a storm cloud hue when Hostiles are mentioned. The talk of causes goes over her head, and is dismissed as such, figuring it to be a message to the other woman. Once the wound is revealed, Elodie drops her hand to Garus's wrist, starting to monitor his pulse the old fashioned way while her other hand reaches down to open her medical kit and pull out a small scanner. Her eyes go to the lord's, not seeming to be moved by their piercing gaze, and seems to be assessing the eyes themselves as opposed to their expression.

Seeing that no polearms are being rushed into the tent for stabbing, Garus closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath after scanning the two ladies in the room. A good patient, though slightly nervous by the way his brow remains lowered and hard, he lets his wrist and body be manipulated by Lady Elodie's skillful observations. As the scanner comes out, he opens his eyes and finds Elodie, eyelids opening just a bit wider so that she can get a good look at them. "So Lady Eiris, Lady Elodie, what am I supposed to be doing while you're doing this? Just remain still?"

"I am not certain what you are to do, my Lord, but I am attempting to learn," Eiris says as she steps closer to get a better look. "I am certain you do not ask questions of a healer." The Rovehn Lady smiles, though the humor is meant to cover up the slight worry that knits her brow. A few steps closer and she kneels down close to his feet to get a look at what Elodie is doing. Her head tilts and she then glances towards Garus, offering him a light smile.

Elodie almost smiles at the question, and her glance drops from his eyes to her scanner. "Typically, Lord Garus, that is the prescribed action for a patient as movement of any kind can make a wound worse. However," she gives a friendly glance to Eiris so the woman understands the next words are not a rebuke, "I am one of those medics that doesn't mind questions. Sometimes the unknown can make a person more ill at ease, so anything that you wish to know outside of what I tell you, I will do my best to answer." Her attention now back to the readings, she gives a little nod. "You're running a fever which indicates infection, and there's also indication of some internal bleeding, both of which are common with wounds to the abdomen. There are organs that if they're hurt, they can leak some chemicals into the blood stream that aren't meant to be there." She settles the man's wrist gently to the pallet once more, then reaches down into her medical kit. "I will need to give you some aneasthesia, because I will need to work inside the wound. I am sure you are able to handle pain, but any twitches can complicate things."

"Lovely." Garus replies at the news. Internal bleeding? Infection? It's not that the man is worried, but that he knows he's in for a long night. He takes in a deep breath and removes his eyes from the two of them as he settles in comfortably against the pillows. Eyes to the ceiling, he remains still. "Very well then, this wouldn't be my first surgery. If I have to be entirely under sleep through the process, that is fine. I am safe here, but I would prefer my men keeping watch outside are informed."

Something crosses Eiris' face and a blade is drawn from her hip, one he might recognize. She settles down across from Elodie at his other side and sets the blade down near his hand, keeping her own on the hilt. She looks from the Iah to Garus and says in a rather solemn tone. "I will be your knife, Lord Garus." She intones, offering that to him so that he might rest easier.

There's a shake of the young medic's head. "I won't need to put you completely under, unless we find something unexpected," Elodie assures Garus smoothly as she measures out the dose on the hypo, letting the two share whatever meaning there is to her offer without interruption. "You may feel sleepy, or the urge to sleep," she pauses and glances towards him, "although I have the idea you will fight that urge so, if we need to engage in a more serious procedure, I will let you and your men know before I continue." Her voice continues in a low, clinical manner, intended to be soothing in its confidence before she leans forward to set the hypo to the side of his neck and inject the anasthesia.

With a turn of his neck, revealing the thin scar that runs the side of it, Garus looks up to Elodie with a quiet, reassured smile. Confident in her abilities, he quiets and nods his head, understanding what she's asking of him. "I will do what I can to sleep through it, if only to speed the process along. Should something go awry, though, please send work back to my brother, Lord Godric, and deliver him my signet." He says to Elodie, boldly, before turning to look to Eiris. The knife is placed down and he gives her a sharp nod of his head. Glossing over any discomfort, his eyes tilt to where he can see the position of his knife, and then he sighs and lays back…ready for the worst.

Eiris watches with undivided attention, sitting at ready beside Garus in her own way of reassurance. Hazel eyes settle on what is injected into his system and then follows the woman's movements. Her nostrils flare a moment, her chin lifting again as she leans forward to get a better view of what is going on, looking expectantly up at Elodie as if waiting to be asked to help her.

With a little smile for his offer to sleep, and the trust placed in her, Elodie solemnly vows to carry out his wishes should it be necessary. although she at the same time manages to convey the certainty that it won't be. She does check his pupils to guage when the anasthesia has taken hold enough, then she looks up to Eiris and nods at the expectant look. Reaching into her medical kit, she takes out another scanner with a monitor and hands it to the woman. "I need you to hold this in front of me where I can see it and the wound as I work," she tells the woman, and as soon as it is being held for her, she pulls the thin wand out from its holder on the side of the of the scanner.
With one hand covering the wound and stomach as she guides the slender metal piece just inside the wound, she then lifts the covering hand to the touch screen, and guides the fiber optic wire that comes from the instrument and can only be seen by her on the monitor. She works for awhile, concentration evident in the seriousness of her eyes, but there appears to be little tension in her gaze. Finally she gives a soft 'ah ha' and a nod. She touches another button on the screen, and then continues to guide the optic as it seals the perforation she found, and cuts off the egress of pollutants to the Lord's bloodstream. She then retracts everything from his stomach, with another couple of pauses when she guides the tool to bring together and seal torn muscles and layers of tissue.
At last the wound is sealed, and she gives a nod and a soft spoken 'thank you' to Eiris.
"Lord Garus," she prods gently, but in firm tones. "You may wake up, now."

Being a soldier, there are certain key words that wake a man up instantly in the field. Apparently for Garus, Lord Garus is one of them. Though through a haze of anesthetic and the evident lack of strength in his body from the day's fighting, he wakes up slowly. Head lulling from side to side, his eyes slowly flutter and he blinks up at the unfamiliar faces. Still sleepy, he instinctively reaches weakly to the knife on the side of his bed, lightly batting Eiris' wrist as he does so. His eyes focus, and he starts to remember where he's been. Blinking hard one last, waking time, he lifts his head and looks down to the work at his chest. "And yet I live." He murmurs, head dropping back to the pillows. "I am in your debt, Lady Elodie and Lady Eiris." He smiles wan, refusing to break stoicism and appear too elated. "Thank you, the both of you, truly."

Setting the knife to her side, Eiris does her best to help Elodie, doing exactly as she is told and rather tense over it as well. Focus. She is all focus in this matter and her brows knit, lifting her chin again and looking even more curious when the other woman 'ah has!'. When the work is done, she easily hands everything back, seemingly glad to be left with less pressure. Though in waiting now for Garus to wake, she is holding the knife. The searching of his hand is met and she slides the hilt into his hand, closing his fingers around it. "I suggest you wait a little before wielding it…"

Elodie can't help shaking her head at the gratitude. "It is what I do, and it was needed, no thanks are necessary Lord Garus. You will need a course of antibiotics over the next few days, and I will leave those instructions with Lady Eiristra. For now, rest. That's the best thing you can do." With a comforting squeeze to his forearm just above his wrist, she stands to gather her things and measure out the doses as promised. "His fever should go down by morning. If it doesn't, or if it should happen to go higher, please don't hesitate to contact me. Same over the next few days. If the fever should return, let me know, I can be here at any time." Her blue gaze looks for the hazel one as she hands over the medicines with the instructions. "You did well, thank you. And remember, any time." With that, she lets herself out of the tent, collects Morrigan and heads back to the waygate that brought her here.

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