Eva Larue
Eva Larue as Mrs. Kira Graves
Full Name: Mrs. Kira Graves
Byname: Sun Deer
Age: 33
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Fashion Designer
Spouse: Divorced Height: 6'0
Father: Missun Graves Weight: 145lbs
Mother: Pelle Graves Hair Color: Red
Siblings: One Older sister, two younger brothers (Open for app) Eye Color: Brown
Children: Brianna Graves (Squire 13)


Born in 2981 to a bartending married couple, Kira was the older middle child, yet she was the one who was the most pretty. Her childhood was filled with running in the forest, as well as abit of higher learning. Her older sister and younger brothers got on well with her, though there was certain pranks that were played. By the age of Seven, Kira was athletic and easily found herself enjoying Dance, sports, and even unarmed martial arts. This helped give her a self discipline that has helped her achieve her goals in life. At the age of ten, she became a seamstress in training, and learned embroidery, many different styles and cuts to clothing, and how to put them together, both by hand, and with the use of a machine. Alongside this training, she also learned about cosmetics, and how to design outfits that were both tasteful, but had a special flare to them that added a touch of individuality. By the time she was eighteen, she was working alongside her mentor as an equal, and continued to advance, and had quite afew personal clients as well.

She was soon married to an older man named Sief, who was a knight in training and had a Squire a few years younger then she was. Sief and Kira were married by a chantry priest, though in the forest of Arboren. Kira became pregnant with child when she was twenty years old, giving birth to her only daughter, Brianna. Soon after the birth of Brianna, Sief suffered a heart attack, having died and been found a few days later. His squire had been knighted a few months prior, and she dedicated that time of mourning in making sure that Kira was taken care of.

Kira by this time had saved up enough money to purchase a small shop and office, with enough materials to actually start her own clothing label: Impressions by Kira. She threw herself into her work and the raising of her Daughter with a gusto. Eventually, she has a handful of noble clients, not the least of which was the entire Iah Household, and currently, aside from the royal family, which she will actually pay a house visit too, instead of insisting they come to her shop. As well as doing custom pieces for special orders, she does sell at wholesale 'on the rack' high quality designs to stores across the haven district, having expanded her business to include two other tailors, each with an apprentice. She herself is looking for an apprentice, since her Daughter decided to become a Knight, and was squired with a Noble knight.

Kira eventually married her spouse, the former squire of her late Husband, and the two have been happy since. Now that Kira's name, and work, has been integrated into the high fashion of the system, she feels that her work will take on a new phase, and that even though she was a citizen born, she could become one of the most influential people in the system, the Six be willing.



A woman standing at six foot even with her beautiful long Red hair done into an intricate stylish bun, leaving two tendrils of her bangs to frame her face. Brown eyes are the centerpiece of a very beautiful face with a slight use of makeup used to accent her facial structure, giving her a very regal and striking look. Her full lips are painted a natural darker red, and her ears are adorned with golden earrings that sport ruby and diamond studs in them.

A long lithe neck covered by the long neck covering collar of a white silk dress sports a brooch necklace, the brooch made of gold with a diamond in the center and rubies arranged in a circle around the diamond. The sleeves of the dress flow down her shoulders to her lower arms, where they vanish into a pair of black leather armbands. Her fingers sport inch long nails that are painted red, a deer signet ring is worn on her right hand. Over her torso, a black leather vest is worn over the white silk fabric of her dress, the Vest hugs her figure, accenting her athletic body, and giving her a curvaceous hourglass figure, which is generous at the bust and hips.

Around her waist is a black leather belt with a gold belt buckle that has a ruby adornment. From that belt, her white dress flares out from her waist, moving down her long legs and ending in black leather heels that raise her two inches taller, to a total height of six foot two. At the hem of the dress, there is golden silk scrollwork embroidery.


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