08.07.3013: King of the Ring
Summary: Erik, Johana and Thalo have a sparring match while Jor looks on.
Date: 07, August 2013
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There are plenty of advanced weight lifting machines in Haven. This gym doesn't have a single one. Instead there are racks and racks of dumbells and barbells, punching bags hanging from the ceiling, and two roped-in sparring rings. Small racks near the sparring rings hold protective gear so that sparring doesn't result in broken bones or concussions. One wall is formed entirely of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, one has the entrance from the commercial district, the third has entrances to changing rooms for men and women, and the fourth is a window overlooking the gray and red expanse of Volkan.
Wednesday, August 07, 3013

The soon to be Ibrahm who is still currently a Valen is actually in Volkan right now, venturing deep into Khourni lands. He is probably more at ease with the presence of his betrothed at his side and it was his idea to come check out the gym that he has heard about, where many sparring sessions has taken place. Erik may also purposefully chose this location to perhaps see what bits of trouble he could stir up as well, a brazen peacock in the den of wolves.

Dressed in black pants that tie at the waist and a white cut off shirt, white athletic shoes and her hair bound in a loose ponytail, Johana walks in beside him, a bag over her arm. Stepping into the gym with him, she flashes him a grin. "Are you looking for a spar?" The confidence is in her smile and her walk as she heads into the familiar territory.

"We could do that, practice blades and such." Erik says after stepping into the gym and taking a look around, seeing the archaic style of the gym. He's definitely use to more modern equipment and at the moment, he is wearing a black workout outfit that has blood red decor on it. With his own duffel bag, the Valen begins heading to one of the sparring rings.

Blue eyes flicker over his choice of clothing, a brow arching. "Nice colors. Familiar," Johana teases, placing her bag down near a locker. "Blades? I just meant unarmed." Walking to the mat, she refrains from donning the gloves or other protective gear. "Best of five?" Not making it a huge match, but enough to work out some.

The only thing that may mar the outfit of House Ibrahm colors is the Cindravale sigil that is sewn on, still remembering his origin. Erik places his own bag next to Johana and arches a brow when she suggests an unarmed sparring match, "Unarmed? Well, if you wish, Ana. I usually don't work too much on unarmed since we're not going to be punching Hostiles to death. But I'll give it a go." He's had some training when he was a page and squire in hand to hand combat, but it was more to develop his martial skills than anything else.

Off towards the back, at one of the weight machines, Thalo pushes out one more set and then sets the bar down in the saddle and sits up on the bench, grabbing his towel to wipe off his brow. He stands up, towering over the machines now at the sound of others here, "Thought I had this place to myself." He offers up in a booming voice. He's wearing black workout shorts, and a tank top style shirt. Apparently he's too ripped for regular shirts at the gym. He starts towards them, glancing to the sparring ring, then back towards the pair, "Thinking of a spar?"

Wrinkling her nose a the Cindravale sigil, Johana steps into the ring on the mat. "Unarmed is all I usually do in here. If I use weapons, I like doing it outside." Stepping towards the middle, she is just about to reply when she hears the booming voice. Looking over, she smiles. "Hey Thalo. A spar it is. Interested in joining too?"

"Makes sense, I usually train with the men in the training grounds. Not that much time spent at the gym really." Though Erik is no stranger to places like this, just that practical training usually gives him what he needs. Joining her in the sparring ring, the Valen moves to one corner before turning when he hears Thalo's voice, "About to go a couple of rounds with Johana."

The Wall moves off towards the ring, hrming just a bit. "Thinkin' a little King of the Hill there, Ana?" He doesn't get into the ring just yet, leaning against the ropes for now. "Last time you and your Squire tried taking me one, it didn't go to well for you two." He smirks just a bit at that. And then a glance to Erik, nodding to him once.

"I hang out at this gym a lot. It's a good, sound place and a lot of the Khourni spend time here. You should see Beth spar, she's incredible," Johana relays to Erik. When Thalo walks over, she looks in his direction, lifting a shoulder. "Sure, I'm game if Erik is." Her lips tilt into a smirk, mirroring his. "Yeah, well.. I've got to get better somehow. Practice seems to do it best."

When Thalo offers a suggestion on sparring, the term 'King of the Hill' doesn't seem to register with the Valen though he does have a general idea, "Is that the same as last man standing?" With only three people, it certainly would mean that someone is the odd man out, "Could give it a go."

"Sort of." Thalo offers as he starts to climb into the ring, "Except it doesn't matter if there are 3 or 5 in the ring, King of Hill is whoever won the last King of the Hill. Sometimes it's called King of the Mountain too. Anyway, it's everyone against that person. If they win again, they are still King of the Mountain. Otherwise it turns into last man standing, and then that person is King." He starts to stretch out his arms and glances to Ana, "I'm guessin' you lot will want to use gloves?"

"Good point.." Walking over, Johana collects two sets of gloves and gear and walks back, offering Erik a set. "Here we go. So us against Thalo.. I've never landed a hit on him so.. don't expect much from me." Her grin is easy going though. "And don't you dare give me a black eye Thalo.. wouldn't that look good sporting it around," she teases.

At the mention of gloves, Erik nods his head, "No reason to risk a broken hand or jaw when we don't know when the next major engagement with the Hostiles can take place." Taking a pair from Johana when it is offered, the Valen begins to slip them on, smirking at his betroth's warning, "There's always a first, I'm sure they don't call him the Wall for nothing."

With a change of clothes in a gym bag, tightly held in his left hand, in comes old man Jor… relatively speaking on the age front. The goal for tonight was to not spend half of it awake scouring the InfoSphere for disturbing articles, but rather exhaust himself so utterly, that even his sweat glands are too tired to work.
And he'll promptly catch sight of at least two faces, both of whom he spoke to directly about completely different matters. It's that, plus the sudden acquisition of gloves, for why the three of you now have an audience.
A broadly smirking audience folding his arms and silently broadcasting the fact that he just cannot wait to see how /this/ will go. Jor will stand a reasonable distance apart, but the right side of his mouth is decidedly lopsided, as if gravity had shifted upwards for just that portion of his face.

A hand is raised up by Thalo, "I'll do my best to avoid the face. Wouldn't want to break your nose for the wedding." Hard to tell if that was said to Erik as well, or just Ana. He goes and grabs a set of gloves from a corner of the ring and slips them on. He straps the gloves on and moves into the middle of the ring, stretching his arms out to prepare. "Whenever you two are ready."

Ana slips her gloves on and glances at Erik. "True, with the second wave, I'm thinking it should be soon." Prepared now, she spreads her feet shoulder width apart and squares her shoulders, bends her knees. "Alright, I'm ready. Good to go." At the moment, she hasn't noticed the arrival of Jor yet.. or if she has, she definitely didn't acknowledge him, having not parted on the best of terms the last time they had… words. "Let's do it."

With his gloves strapped on tightly, Erik shakes out his wrists and legs, glancing over to Johana and nods his head at her, "Good to go here." The Valen does not know that they had picked up a spectator, most likely just of the first as those who know these parts would certainly enjoy seeing a Valen getting beaten down. With the Ibrahm Heir giving her signal to begin, Erik moves forward rather confidently, his hands up in a natural protective manner. He isn't only paying attention to Thalo though, knowing that two-on-one matchups isn't that simple, it also requires some coordination. Moving to one side of the Wall, the Valen appears to be trying to split his opponent's attention, making it harder for him to focus on them both.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Johana: Good Success Thalo: Success
< Net Result: Johana wins - Marginal Victory

Gloves, check. Stance, check. Confidence… not so much. Having been thrown across the mat by Thalo before, Ana waits until Erik moves to one side and she moves to the other, trying to strike fast with a feinted punch to the side of his head but using an elbow to his abdomen instead. Words are beyond her at the moment as she concentrates on landing her hit.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Erik=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Erik: Success Thalo: Great Success
< Net Result: Thalo wins - Solid Victory

When Eriks sees Johana move in to strike, the Valen also launches his own, focused on throughing out a simple jab to test the range and Thalo's reaction before following with a straight punch with his other hand. Nothing too complicated to start off with.

Quite honestly, Jor couldn't give a fart for how Johana's feathers may or may not be ruffled over their last interaction. He's got no obvious regrets about what he had to say, especially if he's smirking over the sparring session that's here right in front of his face.
And as the exchange of bruises starts to kick off, a certain critical eye appears in his gaze, a sharpness perhaps, expression reverting back to his more typical harshness as blows begin to be exchanged. Still no direct commentary just yet, only a glance at Johana. He does wince slightly, though, when the Valen begins his assault.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thalo=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Thalo: Great Success Johana: Success
< Net Result: Thalo wins - Solid Victory

And so things begin, Thalo moves to try and keep track of both opponents as he come in at him from both sides. Flanking manuevers are old hat for the Knight and his focus may have veered a bit too much towards Erik, as Ana's feint, followed by an elbow to the gut catches him off guard a bit. But he doesn't work day and night on having a ridiculously ripped set of abs just for the way it looks! The elbow connects, but doesn't seem to phase him much. The punches thrown by Erik are dodged and then blocked, one after the other with relative ease. Thalo uses that momentum to rush in towards Ana, throwing out his fist in a right hook to the ribs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Johana: Good Success Thalo: Good Success
< Net Result: Johana wins - Marginal Victory

Once the fists begin to fly, the almost forgotten Jor is swept from her thoughts all together. Ana watches as Erik attempts a hit, going for a dodge herself as Thalo rushes her. Unable to avoid his bulk as he throws the solid punch to her ribs, the game begins again. The air is forced out of her as she stumbles from the solid hit and it knocks her down like a rag doll, but she doesn't remain down. Throwing out a kick, she attempts to catch the side of his knee while rolling over after the kick to try and stand.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Erik=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Erik: Good Success Thalo: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Seeing Thalo focusing on Johana, Erik doesn't hesitate but instead presses his attack, attempting to catch the Wall while his focus is elsewhere to perhaps relieve the press that is on his partner. A focused hook is thrown toward Thalo's midsection, towards the kidney area.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thalo=Unarmed Vs Erik=Unarmed
< Thalo: Success Erik: Good Success
< Net Result: Erik wins - Solid Victory

The kick to the knee is a glancing blow, he manages to stabilize enough to keep from having it totally buckle. As a result, when Erik's hook comes, it's all Thalo can do to twist away from it before it makes contact. He rolls away from the pair, grinning just a bit at them. He tests his knee for an instant and makes a quick jab and cross combo at Erik, likely testing the man as he was just tested a few moments ago.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Johana: Success Thalo: Failure
< Net Result: Johana wins - Marginal Victory

Even as her kick lands, she's rolling aside and jumping to her feet, and just as soon as Ana sees Thalo turning towards Erik, she presses her advantage and goes in for another attack intending on a gloved fist slamming into his midsection.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Erik=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Erik: Good Success Thalo: Success
< Net Result: Erik wins - Marginal Victory

The Valen seems up to the test that is thrown at him and instead of falling back, he stands his brushing the jab away before focusing on blocking the cross strike. What Erik chooses to do next is a quick counter punch, using the hand that wasn't blocked to throw a quick straight punch aimed at Thalo's jaw. It appears that the pair that is sparring against the Wall is slowly chipping away at the larger man's defenses.

"Have a little too much to drink before this? They keep hitting you"
The suspicious question is apparently directed to the Wall, from the way Jor is eyeing him in undisguised amusement. His arms are still folded, but there've been more than a few not-so-furtive glances directed at the bag to his side. Not for his own sparring gloves, mind, but something similar that amounts to partial protection in the forceful use of his person.
"Let me know if you want to tag out," Jor adds, in such a droll manner one might wonder why he's not grinning openly by now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thalo=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Thalo: Great Success Johana: Good Success
< Net Result: Thalo wins - Solid Victory

Could be that Ana is getting better, or that Thalo is just having an off day. Eitherway, he manages to get enough distances from Ana's punch so it's little more than a glancing blow, but these glancing blows are starting to add up as the second comes from Erik, catching him on the jaw. Once more it was only a glancing blow, he was already off balance from Ana's hit and it resulted in him stumbling to the ground, but he's quickly on his feet. He snaps his leg out in a kick for Ana's stomach. Apparently Jor's comments aren't being responded to, though it's likely just because the man is actually focusing on the fight at hand.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Johana=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Johana: Good Success Thalo: Great Success
< Net Result: Thalo wins - Solid Victory

When her own punch lands, followed by Erik's hit, Johana doesn't stop, nor does she have mercy. She'd learned from the best, the man she was sparring against right now. Stepping closer to throw a fist at Thalo, she looks stunned when he stumbles, but that foot connecting to her stomach throws her back a short distance, knocking her to the mat so she has to throw a leg out for his knee once again. Jor's comments are certainly heard, but she also doesn't comment right away.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Erik=Unarmed Vs Thalo=Unarmed
< Erik: Good Success Thalo: Good Success
< Net Result: Thalo wins - Marginal Victory

Erik doesn't go after Thalo when he stumbles mainly because he sees Johana already on the move, not wanting to get tangled up with her. Instead, takes a couple of steps to the side, continuing to circle his opponent. This time, his attack comes too late as the Wall has already recovered enough to throw a kick at the Ibrham's midsection. Moving forward, the Valen launches his own attack, this time a hook shot aimed at Thalo's right side.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thalo=Unarmed Vs Johana=Unarmed
< Thalo: Great Success Johana: Failure
< Net Result: Thalo wins - Crushing Victory

With little effort, Thalo lifts a leg over the kick to his knee, and plants his foot to stabilize himself against the incoming attack from the Valen. He manages to thrust his arm down against Erik's just in time to block it and shoves off away from the man. He uses the momentum to launch himself at Ana, slamming into her with the crushing weight of the Wall, his elbow coming down hard. The shot likely wasn't intended for her face, but it lands there. That's gonna leave a mark. Thalo of course doesn't realize that, rolling up to his feet and immediately squaring off against Erik

When Thalo manages to avoid her kick to that same knee, Ana wears a grin but doesn't immediately go for another attack, since she's trying to avoid the one she knows is coming for her from him. Too late she sees the elbow coming for her face, much, much too late to avoid it giving a crushing blow to her and she falls back on the mat, out cold.

Thalo's defense is strong and Erik stumbles a step or two backwards when he his attack is pushed away. Returning to the ready immediately, the Valen was about to strike out at the Wall again but he sees the tail end of the heavy blow that is landed on Johana. Once he sees her going down cold though, that is when the sparring match is over for him, "Hold!" He calls out immediately and begins moving to the downed Ibrahm, to check on her since she is now on the mat unmoving.

No comments are given by the spectator for this round, but he does raise a hand to his face, well aware that Johana's gonna be putting on some makeup, or seeing her medic on dealing with the aftermath of what just happened there. There's a bit of professional curiosity in the face of the dude standing outside the ring, but it's pretty clear in his mind that Jor knows how this fight is going to end. That's why he's turning to go rummage through that bag of his, and soon enough he'll be procuring what will eventually be a change of clothes, for when he gets serious about why he's really here (not getting flabby). His eyes remain on the Wall, and there is a… popping sound coming from the knuckles of the man standing nearby.
Yet when Johana Ibrahm goes down, he'll take that as a sign that watching is over, already moving to join in and see just how badly her state of being is.

Thalo blinks as the hold is called and looks over his shoulder at Ana, sighing just a bit, "For fuck's sake Ana, how many times have I told you, arms up!" As if it's her fault she couldn't block that. He also moves over though, pulling his gloves off as he does and kneels down by her.

The hot was solid, the weight of the Wall easily taking out Ana's slighter build. The eye is beginning to swell already, or is it her nose? Her nose isn't bleeding though and the skin is only split in a very small area beneath her eye. No stitches required. Toss a butterfly on and go. She's not out long before her gloves lift to her face and a low groan escapes her.

Seeing her condition, Erik can't help but mutter out a curse as he says her name, quietly at first, "Ana. Ana, wake up." Seeing just how bad she was knocked out, it could range from being stunned to perhaps a concussion. When she finally responds, he asks, "How do you feel?" Not wanting to move her just yet, trying to determine if she is able to get up on her own or not.

"Here". That word is delivered in the form of a tossed package. Having ducked out when the two other men swarmed over the fallen Sir Ibrahm, Jor took a glance at the woman's face and decided that maybe he didn't need the cold pack he'd brought along just in case he did some damage to himself when literally kicking the crap out of one of the bags hanging elsewhere.
Activating the chemical mixture inside and throwing it towards the ring, Jor's person will be following suit right after. That's about the extent of his medical prowess for now, it seems, with his arms folding in otherwise silence.

Well…she said no bruises…but with the angle he came down at, it was either eye or nose…Black eye has to be better than broken nose or missing teeth, right? Thalo catches the cold pack that is tossed into the ring and places it against Ana's eye, "Should take the swelling down. I'll go out and find a medic to take a look at it, see about treating that cut."

Another groan, but Ana doesn't fight the ice pack. In fact, she attempts to sit up, a fierce epithet escapes her. "I'm fine, Erik." The one eye not covered looks at Jor and she gives a grudging nod of thanks. "Appreciate it." Finally, she looks at Thalo. "I'm fine to walk and find a medic." With Erik's assistance, she stands and smirks. "Just take me home, please." Gods, what was she going to do about her eye before her wedding. In ten days.

No hard feelings from this end… as far as this sparring match is concerned. The bit about the squire of yours may have flashed through his mind again, but Jor offers nothing other than a short, almost curt nod in response to the gratitude. For himself, he'll just observe for a moment longer while the bruise grows, but in the end, it'll be brawling business for him, here, with a non-live opponent.


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