09.20.3013: Kindling Amongst the Ash
Summary: Grantham Siblings have an unexpected reunion
Date: 09.10.2013
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Ashleigh Beden 

Atrium of the Ouroboros
At the topmost level of the Pit is the entrance hall of the Red House, known as the Atrium of the Ouroboros. It is a sprawling expanse of dark stone with linear veins of soft, luminous orange running through the voids between the hewned blocks. The glowing grout creates geometric designs across the floors that come together to create an enormous ouroborus. The floors radiate with the warmth of the lava that is piped through the Red House and the Pit to lead it to the foundries far below. A shallow dome of transparent composite caps the atrium, allowing the ash clouds and flicker of embers to be seen above. Occasionally, the skies are clear enough for the dull peek of stars to shine through, but otherwise the skies are covered in a thick layer of grey and red.

Toward the back of the atrium from the enormous staircase that leads up from the Hall of Heroes are several banks of lifts that lead down into the rest of the Red House.


Life for the heir of House Grantham has been incredibly busy as of late, more so than what's normal for her on a regular day. First there have been meetings in regards to the joust and then she's been kept busy helping her Mother with the normal day-to-day affairs that need attending to. Thankfully she has had a chance to relax which she is currenly in the process of. A cup of tea in hand, the red-head is in the process of moving somewhere else within the building, her pace unhurried.

Having arrived late the night before, Beden's nack for notifying next to no one of his schedule is showing again. He's got tumbler probably filled with coffee and is dressed in black, athletic clothing, as if he's getting ready to go for a workout. There's a bag slung over his shoulder as he walks through the Atrium, headphones in his ears. He looks up and sees his sister. Pulling the headphones out, he looks to the Young Lady with a smile.

Having arrived late the night before, Beden's nack for notifying next to no one of his schedule is showing again. He's got tumbler probably filled with coffee and is dressed in black, athletic clothing, as if he's getting ready to go for a workout. There's a bag slung over his shoulder as he walks through the Atrium, headphones in his ears. He looks up and sees his sister. Pulling the headphones out, he looks to the Young Lady with a smile. "How goes, Ash?"

The voice is familiar even though they haven't seen each other in a long time, it more than enough to get her to wheel around and just gape. "Beden," she eventually squeals before rushing him, Ashleigh then rushing to hug him. Thankfully all the tea has sloshed out of her cup on the quick dash over, meaning that he won't get burned when she embraces him. "How are you?"

There's a soft freeze and grunt from her younger brother as she squeezes him. He returns the hug, though his movements are a bit rigid, as always. "I think you spilled your tea there, sis." He motions over to the floor, but there's some amusement in his eyes. "I'm fine, was just gonna go for a climb here in a bit. How about you?"

Ashleigh looks at the little puddles that trail behind her and chuckles a bit ruefully. "I'll get that cleaned up." Ahem. The surge of excitement over, Beden is released and she blushes. "Does Mother know you're back," Ash asks although she's pretty certain she knows the answer already. "Climbing? Where are you going?" Not that she'll ask to go. That's a reckless activity she never did get into.

"When has our mother ever missed a thing?" Beden looks at his sister in knowing amusement. He shrugs briefly. "Wasn't quite sure yet, might see what looks inspiring today." Pulling a cloth out of his bag, he'll move and kneel to start wiping up the spill anyways. "How're things here? All balls and weddings and stately affairs?" There's a bit of a tease in his voice. Beden hates all the aforementioned events.

"Her knowing and you letting her know are two different things," gets pointed out quickly. The way he cleans up after her has Ash arching a brow at him but she doesn't comment upon it, Beden instead allowed to do as he will while they talk. "There really hasn't been much in the way of functions for me to go to," she adds after she finds a place to set her now-empty cup, "all parties and such that are not my style and weddings that I have no reason to be at since I don't know those involved."

Making quick work of the spill, the younger brother puts the rag into the mug. For the sensitive nose, it is rather clear that the rag had probably served for absorbing sweat before it had wiped up the spilled tea. "Only to her." Beden smiles, there's always been some enjoyment out of breaking etiquette, though he seems to have thus far kept it harmless. "Well…good. I'd hate to lose ya to that crowd already. How's Uncle Flint?"

Ashleigh shakes her head. "I'll have to become like them eventually," she points out gently. Anything else she might want to say gets forgotten though when Beden brings up Flint. "He's alright. I'm doing what I can to make sure his spirits remain high. But I'm not sure if I'm helping or hurting him." At that she sighs and smiles sadly. "You should
go say hi to him the first chance you can get. I bet he'll be happy to see you again."

There's some compassion that flashes across his face gently, but only briefly before it's gone. "You can play the part without being truly like them." Beden says simply. With a nod about their Uncle, the Anvil will look away. "I s'pose I should." Though he's certain Ashleigh would have far more luck at it than he might.

A hand is lifted and waved, the first subject dismissed. "Don't worry, Beden. Do you really think I could? Be like them, I mean." Her brother's hesitation's caught and Ash frowns, her brow creasing. "There is no 's'pose' about it, Beden. He needs all of us to be there for him. That includes you." The cup is looked at and the rag in it is noticed, finally, the sight of which gets her to groan. "That's gross."

"And we will be, of course." Beden nods again, affirming quietly. A silent smirk crosses his face. "It'll get washed." He shrugs, looking around the atrium. "So what else is new around here?" He probably should or could know if he had tried to.

Ashleigh smirks and gives one of her brother's ears a big tweak, perhaps something she used to do to them when they were children. "You know. Not a lot. What about yourself? Gotten into anything fun, lately?" There's a hint of mischief to her tone. Perhaps she's trying to ask her brother if he's had any ladies in his life recently.

There's a very annoyed face. "Jeez Ash!" He nudges her arm with a soft punch back at her, a playful grin on his face. Eying her questioningly, he keeps all his 'fun' close to the chest, as per the usual. "Me? Fun? Naaaah sis. You know me." It is probably true that she's never seen him hang out with anyone alone or romantically. Just soldiers or

"I'll tell Mother and Uncle Flint to help me find you a good match then," Ash announces, grinning like a fool. She usually just seeks to be a pain in his ass but she's really amused by the idea of instigating a match. The amusement is short lived, however, when she realizes to do that miiiiiiiight get their mother to get it into her head to do the
same for her and Ashleigh's not wanting for that to happen, yet. "Nevermind."

Unable to contain himself, Beden laughs at his sister's awkward realizations. "No no Ash, you first. I insist." He seems to ease up quite a bit though. "No young knight has fought for your hand yet. I hear duels are all the rage these days." But actually he's interested in Ashleigh's aversion to be matched.

Ashleigh frown and pokes at Beden, that being for how he seems all to happy to find humor in her situation. "Are you serious? Why would anyone want to fight for me?" The question is followed up with her looking around, fully expecting Flint to come in and chide her for what he'd undoubtedly would see as a stupid question. "I am twenty-three," she adds then although she sounds about as lame as she feels. "I haven't even lived life fully. Aren't people supposed to live life before getting hitched?"

"My dear Young Lady…" Beden begins, probably mocking their tutor in etiquette from their childhood. "A noble marriage is an arrangement to strengthen Haven." He bows mock gracefully, but his face will turn serious after the tease. Raising an arm to her shoulder, he gives an empathetic look. "Ash, it's wartime. People need to know there's a plan f
or tomorrow. But we won't let mother set you out with anyone terrible. Uncle Flint and I got your back on that front." He smiles gently.

"Flint doesn't even want me to marry, I don't think. Think he'd be happiest if I were to never…" The heir shrugs and sticks her tongue out, not impressed with Beden's impersonation or his reminder of what her duty is. "I know," she adds once her tongue is back in her mouth and she's able to speak again. "Doesn't mean I have to like it, though."

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