02.20.3014: Killer Bunnies
Summary: Klaudea visits Morrigan in his Hospital Room
Date: No idea, I just found it
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Klaudea Morrigan 

Hospital Room
Just your generic, every day, hospital room
20 February, 2014

Having been moved off the critical list, Morrigan is in a quiet Hospital room now. Laying reclined on the stark white bed, Bandages wrapped around his torso from the shoulders to his hips, he doesn't do much of anything. Just stares at the cieling, apparently counting something.

Having received Morrigan's message, Klaudea wanted to come visit right away. However, some things are not allowed to be done exactly when one wants to. So, she'd sent a couple humorous electronic cards to him, and now she arrives with two boxes in her hands. One looks like a take out food box, the other one is wrapped up with a bow. Pausing just before the door, the squire looks down at her casual clothes, an actual outfit rather than her loose, informal workout clothes. Brunette waves are pulled over one shoulder, and then she knocks on the open doorway and steps in with a smile.

Looking over from the door, Morrigan blinks a couple of times, gettign his eyes to focus after what might, presumably, b hours staring at the cieling tiles before a smile spreads across his features. "Hi!" voice gravelly from misuse, he is still obiously awake, though he sureptitiously pulls the blanket up to cover his bandages. He did tell her it was minor iunjuries afterall.

Raising an eyebrow as he moves to cover his injuries, Klaudea walks towards his bed, finding a chair to drag with her so she can sit closer. "Hey," she replies cheerfully. "I brought you some real food. And.. a present." she sets both boxes down on the little hospital table that extends over the bed in front of him, wheeling it closer to him. Her hands clasp in her lap, and she chews a little at her lower lip.

Ees dancing as he watches her, Morrigan smiles brighter as he sits up a little more in the bed. "You..are a life saver. Thank you. But I didn't expect you to come all this way."

Klaudea chuckles as she looks to him. "Waygates are amazing things," she tells him impishly. "They make distances shorter. I hope you like it. The present, that is. Any food is better than what they have here, so I'm sure you'll like that."

Looking at the gift, Morrigan nods. reaching up carefully so as not to snag Iv's on the table, he begin to open it slowly, carefully unfolding the paper rather than tearing into it, he chews on his bottom lips quietly as he works.

Even in stainless steel, with clean, modern and simple lines, the gift is still easily discernible as a tea set. http://www.artvalue.com/photos/auction/0/39/39228/jacobsen-arne-1902-1971-denmar-cylinda-line-tableware-8-1412287.jpg (minus the tray)
Klaudea watches Morrigan nervously as he opens it, her eyes gleaming with a mixture of humor and apprehension.

Looking at the Tea set, Morrigan Grins, tilting his head slightly as he looks at her. "How'd you know I prefer tea Klaudea?" Leaning forward carefully, he touches his lips to her cheek and lets them linger for a moment quietly.

The relieved smile comes first, then a held breath as she lets her cheek lean against the prolonged contact of his lips. "Well, I wasn't sure. You never know when a free prize can end up being a dud, butI thought I'd take a chance." Klaudea's eyes sparkle at Morrigan as she helps him set it on the table next to him.

Considering that for a moment, Morrigan finally grins as realization dawned. "My Free Tea Set!" Laughing for a moment before he gets himself under control, he shakes his head. "You have an awesome memory. and thank you. I will cherish it always."

Klaudea chuckles along with Morrigan as she leans forward a little in her chair, looking to find his hand, hopefully not all poked with IVs so she can hold it. "Well, you have a memorable way of saying things," she compliments in return. "You're welcome."

Smiling, Morrigan squeezes her hand gently. Looking around, he clears his throat. "Want to go for a bit of a walk with me? I need to move around for a few minutes."

Her dimples appear as Klaudea gives a nod, pulling away from the bed, and also pulling the little table off to the side. "I always like walking with you," she admits, but she gives a concerned look to the sheet that he tried to cover his wrappings with. "What were you counting when I came in?" the question comes suddenly as that glance also looks over to the IV's, wondering how mobile those will be.

Looking up at the cieling, Morrigan chuckles. "Holes in the cieling tiles. I was at 1,485" Sitting up slowly, he grunts. the IV's were both hanging from the same pole, apparently set up so he could be somewhat mobile. Letting the sheet drop away shows the bandages fully and a pair of Black Cotton pants. Standing slowly, he takes a mometn to catch his breath. "Little Woozy."

Coming forward, Klaudea offers her shoulder to the Wolf, and rests a hand lightly around his lower waist where there are no bandages. It seems to be offered a bit more as an excuse to be closer to him, than because he really needs to lean on her. "I would have stopped by one hundred, probably," she tells him. "I would have been too bored with counting to keep going. Do you like to play cards?"

Nodding slightly, Morrigan chuckles. "We used to play Killer bunnies when I was a kid. that was a fun game. and i did stop at the first few hundred for the first day or 2." Leaning on her slihgtly, He smiles. At least he'd showered recently, so he didn't smell like unwashed hospital bed.

"Killer Bunnies?" Klaudea asks, glancing up to him. "I haven't heard of that game."

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