Josh Holloway
Josh Holloway as Kieran Valta
Full Name: Kieran Valta
Byname: None
Age: 30
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Valta
Title/Profession: Young Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 5'11"
Father: Magnim Valta Weight: 160
Mother: Abellana Valta nee Grantham Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: Yes Eye Color: Blue
Children: No


Being the firstborn of the Main Line of the Valtas, Kieran has some pretty big shoes to fill. In addition to learning how to act like a noble, like the rest of his siblings, he was also taught how to run the Noble House. Family loyalty drilled into him at an early age, Kieran does what he can to have positive relationships with all of the Valtas. His uncle, Torvald, becoming almost like a second father and a mentor to him. It's also where he got his love of ales and beers. At the age of eleven, during his birthday he was squired to one of House Valta's Knight Lieutenant, Sir Lord Siegfried Valta. The Young Lord was a natural with the blade, and enjoyed studying it. What he enjoyed more was the thrill of besting his opponents with it. He enjoyed it so much that after he was knighted he hired some of the best swordsmen in Haven to come to Valta so he could study under them. He was also very much a flirt. During his late teens and twenties it was not uncommon for the Young Lord to be seen with someone new around his arm publicly.

The thrill from besting his opponents soon turned into a love for tournaments. As such, he's signed up for as many as he can, and has had a good showing in many of the tournaments so far. He's attended enough that Kieran has started to become a recognizable name among tournament goers. On the battlefield, he is known to be a rather cautious. While never running away from combat, he is very cautious, gladly letting others throw themselves into danger for honor and glory.

The last few years Kieran has not publicly been seen with anyone romantically. More then likely his family had become frustrated with the image that the Young Lord had created for himself, and have resolved to change it in an attempt to make him more desirable for marriage. It's something the Young Lord has fought every step of the way, even though he knows the time is close at hand. That hasn't stopped him from making discreet visits to the Blue Nirvana every once in a while under the name Koth; the name his Uncle gave the legendary sea serpent that is fabled to live in the bay of the Crescent. One of the things he is an unwavering believer in is fairness. Either in a tournament, or as a business, he believes everyone should know what the rules are, and that everyone should be on equal footing. Only when people start out equal footing can true skill rise to the top.




  • Attention Seeking
    • Kieran was born with all eyes on him. As such, he's grown accustomed to being the center of attention, and does what he can to keep that attention.
  • Competitive
    • Kieran has a very competitive spirit that was born out of his love of tournaments and swordsmanship. He's always looking to prove he's the best and cannot be bested. This can get him in trouble if someone knows how to push the right buttons.
  • Show-Off
    • The combination of both Kieran's attention seeking and Competitive natures. He has no problem displaying what he's good at in order to impress someone.
  • Fair
    • Kieran hates being cheated, be it in cards or someone getting an unfair or illegal advantage in a tournament. He is vigilant in making sure everything is on the up and up.
  • Promiscuous
    • Kieran has a bit of a reputation of being a playboy. While his father does his best to reign in that aspect of his son, Kieran still manages to be quite the flirt.

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Anabethe Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas : Heir to my Paramount House. Strong individual. She'll do quite well for herself, I think. She needs to take me drake hunting at some point. A great leader, I found that out during the rescue mission. She has a better awareness of what's going on in the battlefield, and as such I need to listen to her orders rather then focus on a grudge match between myself and that damned priest…


Erik Lord Sir Erik Ibrahm of Cindravale : The Husband to Young Lady Johana. Helped me take down a Hostile Priest, good warrior. Brave.



Torvald Lord Torvald Valta : My uncle and one of the people I'd say I'm closest to. A voice of stability and reason when things get hectic. Good beer too.
Firia Lady Firia Sauveur : The ward of my uncle. I admit I don't know her too well, but she seems to be quite an intelligent young lady. Good head on her shoulders, she'll go far.
Adelstein Lord Doctor Adelstein Valta : My cousin, the eldest child from my Uncle Torvald. One of the most intellegent people I know. But, damn, sit down and smell the roses. Haven can wait while you enjoy life for a few moments. If you can't do that, then we're truly no better then the hostiles.

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