10.06.3013: Khourni-Volen Bachelorette
Summary: A spa day is the bachelorette party for Devon and Reena's upcoming weddings.
Date: 18 September 2012
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The Ways of Terran — Cove of Wonders, Terran
RoThe Cove of Wonders Resort is nestled on one of the largest of the Islands of Terran. Tropical forests grow up all around it, ensuring that every suite has either a view of greenery or beach. The Grand Lobby of the resort is a cavernous antechamber that embrace the natural wonders of the Terrans. There are a series of staggered interior balconies that add a sense of definition to the enormous space. Its floors are crafted of blue marble that gives the illusions of an ocean, and the lobby's furniture is the same soft, white shade of capped waves. The main desk is crafted from warm, golden-colored wood with a smooth coral countertop. Behind the front desk is a beautiful mosaic of ocean glass. There are a series of entrances along the outer wall of the lobby which lead out to the gardens, beaches, and shopping centers.

A section of the lobby has been designated as the Ways hub, where a ring of humped arches of varying sizes have been arranged. Most are standard for people moving, though there are a few that are tall enough for other purposes. At any given time, about half of them glow with the light of an opened Way as visitors arrive and depart the Resort.

06 October 3013

Reena's idea of a bachelorette is a bit more sedate than most, sedate in the sense of being utterly relaxed and pampered. The Cove of Wonders resort is the host, and their spa is the location. The guest of honor is lying face down on a massage table with a small towel draped over her posterior, and a muscled gentleman masseuse working at her shoulders diligently. There are tables set out for others to have the same service, as well as mani-pedi chairs, hair stylists and makeup artists, and lots of champagne and coffee to go around. <re>

Devon has politely refused any attempt to redo her hair, particularly when one of the birdie ladies wrinkles her nose at the flaming red she has chosen for her white-gold hair. She has instead decided to indulge in getting a massage in a table no more than a stone's throw from Reena's. The Grantham has been quiet so far, looking a touch thoughtful as the massage therapist works at her left calf.

Anabethe partook of a nice massage before settling into a lounge chair wearing nothing but her robe, stretched out languidly with a flute of champagne in her hand. "This was an excellent idea, Reena," she sighs contentedly, letting her head fall back and closing her eyes. "I can't remember the last time I just relaxed for a day. Without an injury."

Ariana Larent is no stranger to expensively lavish spas or to being pampered, so she feels and looks right at home here. Dressed in the fancy plush robes provided by the resort, she is seated in one of the chairs, allowing one of her long legs to stretch out slightly to do away with the tension in her calf before allowing her leg to relax completely, preparing herself for a foot massage and the pedicure that is to follow. She hold her own glass of champagne within both hands, her cool gaze looking towards Reena when she speaks, "I do agree. This is a wonderful idea and after all of the work I have put in at the lab, this is certainly a necessary getaway."

Talayla is - uncertain about this spa business. She showers and is hygenic. This is lots, yes? But she knows a few people here and generally tries to be polite in responding to invitations. Still, she lets herself get led in and find her way along. "Huh, wow. Less cucumbers on people's faces than I thought." She seems a little wide-eyed about it.

Reena murmurs, her face covered in a mask of some sort of clay cleansing mixture, "I wanted something a little different than bars or strippers or crazy wildness. We had that for Ellinor and Niko's nights. Plus, after all the work I've been doing, this sounded a bit like heaven." She groans as the masseuse works at some knots around her shoulder blades. "Taly, sit in one of the chairs with the foot bath, I promise it'll relax you."

Devon glances over toward Taly at her comment, and she flashes her a smile. "I kept eating mine," she comments idly as she rests her chin on her arms, eyes fluttering shut as the therapist starts in on her feet. Calloused and achy from a recent climb, she appreciates the attention. She breathes out a slow sigh as the woman puts pressure at the center of her foot, and her toes relax.

"Good decision," Anabethe repeats with a flicker of a smile. "And you deserve a bit of a break. Before you head away and abandon us all for Mare Maris," she sighs dramatically. "For water, and waves, and pleasure yachts. You know, it's kind of sounding like a good deal when I lay it all out like that…" she trails off, teasing.

Wrinkling her nose gently at the very mention of bars and strippers, Ariana breathes out a sigh of relief that they are not experiencing any of that at this very moment. She does favor Talayla with a smile upon the woman's entrance, "Lady Talayla, yes, please have a seat. All of your cares and worries will be taken care of." Slowly, she leans back in her chair when she feels the delightful comfort of pressure being placed upon several points on her bared foot. "For the moment anyway." She then turns towards Reena with curiosity at something just said, "Lady Reena, I was wondering. Are you excited to be moving to such a beautiful place such as Mare Maris?"

Mmm, cucumbers. Tal likes cucumbers. They're tasty. She smiles to Devon. "Hello there," She greets them politely. "And yeah, the other parties so far are - kinda overwhelming," She admits quietly. She smiles to Ariana. "Hello there, and surely. The foot baths do look nice. I've been trying to catch up with who is moving where," She admits. "I am bad at this." Talayla frowns. Still, she'll go where directed. "Thank you for having me," A nodnod at Reena. There. Bases mostly covered, she thinks. She seems a little awkward, but that's probably perpetual. Time for toesies!

When her masseuse finishes, he drapes Reena's robe over her back so she can slide into it before sitting up and fastening it at the waist. She is led over to one of the mani-pedi chairs, where her feet are settled into the footbath and an employee gently cleanses the mask from her face with wipes. "Water and more water, and more water, really," she points out to her sister. Ariana's question has her smile fading a touch. "Living in a bubble on the ocean floor unable to see the sun unless you travel to the surface is a little unsettling, admitedly. But it's very pretty. And Volkan is always just a Waygate away. What about you, Ari? Looking forward to living in a treehouse?" she asks with a faint grin. Coffee, water, or champagne are offered to Taly and Reena, who takes a glass of the bubbly. "How is married life treating you, Talayla?" she asks.

"To be fair, it isn't as though we see a lot of sun through the smog in Volkan," Anabethe points out. "And gods only know what they call the sun on the Ring. Also, pleasure barges!" she repeats. She tries, at least. But she's soon back to sipping champagne, letting more capable people take over the polite conversation.

"Hello," Devon smiles toward Talayla. Then she breathes out a sigh as the therapist finishes up her feet and taps her ankles gently to let her know she's done. She nods her head toward the woman before she starts to sit up herself, sliding the towel around her as she gives her red hair an idle toss. Then she breathes out a sigh. Her gaze glances between Anabethe and Reena as they talk about Mare Maris, and she offers a bit of a sheepish smile. "My memories of living in New Atlantis are not unhappy ones," she offers.

Ariana idly looks down at her feet, feeling the soothing sensations of her massage, as she continues with the conversation, "Yes, the first time that I ever stepped foot in New Atlantis, it was a little disconcerting, but the colors of the fish and the structure of the buildings all made up for it in some vibrant underwater fantasy." She pauses to take a sip of her champagne. "As for myself, the Arborenin woods will take some getting used to. It is far darker than I would like, but then again I am greeted by the sight of the sky every morning when I wake up on Nubilus. Still, there is beauty to be found everywhere." Turning her attention to Talayla, she smiles politely, "Congratulations on your marriage, Lady Talayla. I wish both you and Lord Barton well."

Talayla smiles a little. She listens, for her part. Pause. "Um. Sun ? We use artificial lights that mimic it, mostly,

Reena smiles at Devon. "Yes, but you had family there. I am a complete stranger. I haven't even met Lord Nathaniel or Lady Arianrhod yet. I'm mildly terrified of that, admittedly. But this is a political marriage so I assume they approve of me, at least on paper," she says quietly. "I'll do fine, I think, once I'm settled in and have my bearings. Father wouldn't have made this match if he didn't think I could handle the stress of relocation and the burden of being wife to an heir." One hand is taken up by an attendant to begin work on her nails, as another works on her feet.

Talayla smiles a little. She listens, for her part. Pause. "Um. Sun ? We use artificial lights that mimic it, mostly," She answers. She looks thoughtful. She pauses. A beam at Ariana. "Thanks. I'm glad. I did save you some cake," She remarks. "Married life is nice, though I share my lab now. I am sure you will be okay. I still have to really go meet Lord Barton's mom," She admits. She sounds epic somehow, though. "The fish are AWESOME." Yes. Pause. Wait. "… getting used to the woods?" Talayla looks confused.

"Mother will love you," Devon says with a touch of reassurance. "As for Father…" She hesitates and then repeats with a false smile. "Mother will love you." Then she shakes her head a bit before she starts sliding her hands through her red hair. She tugs a bit at the small knots in the long locks.

"Stress and burden?" Anabethe's brows furrow as she looks to her sister. "Reena…" But she stops herself, standing up from the chaise and moving toward the snack bar. Or what passes for a snack bar in a spa, which means she's going to be poking around for snacks for a few minutes trying to make a decision.

"That is sweet of you, Lady Talayla. My apologies for being unable to make it to your wedding. I was preoccupied at the time, unfortunately." Ariana says with a weak smile, before turning her attention towards the others, mainly Reena when the discussion is focused on her. She then stretches out her left foot, just as the technician focuses on kneeding gently at her calf muscle there.

"Is the Admiral a bit hard to deal with, Devon?" Reena asks over her champagne glass, with a concerned expression. "Or is he just distant?" That would explain a lot regarding Kadmus' current disposition towards her at least. She downs a hefty gulp of her bubbly, idly wishing she had one of Cousin Victor's cigars to puff on at the moment. "Beth, are you participating in that tournament in a few days?" she asks curiously.

… pre-occupied? Talayla tilts her head. "Um. What's up with hanging out in the forests so much?" Talayla seems lost, curious. "And it's okay. People are pretty busy," She remarks. "I am still trying to keep up with all the upcoming weddings and make sure I remember gifts," She admits. Being social takes its toll on the nerdy Orelle, but she's trying. She looks to Reena and Devon. She mostly knows there's Dad's vassals and sometimes some of them are hard to get along. "Young Lord Kadmus always seemed kinda polite and distant. Maybe he's just shy or takes time to warm up. He is friendly, but I don't see him much." Of course she wouldn't. She was a hermit. A pause. "I wish I had more to say." Sadface.

"I was thinking about it," Bethe calls back to Reena, picking up a banana in one hand and an apple in the other to consider the pair. "I mean, it'll be melee if it's anything. Which I always thought was kind of unfair. A good hand to hand fight is just as impressive to watch as a joust is. Damned Valen get all the cheers because people can actually see what they're doing. Nevermind how much more difficult the things we do are."

"The Admiral cares deeply for the health of House Volen," Devon says in a graceful, diplomatic tone. "He maintains that as his first priority, believing that if he succeeds in maintaining his House, everything else will fall into place." She smiles a bit. "Mother usually makes sure that happens." Then she starts to slide off the massage table, tucking the towel carefully around her as she steps up toward Bethe and the snack bar. She quirks up a brow. "Half considered entering in the Awakened competition… are they having one of those?"

Ariana's brow arches a little at Talayla before she shakes her head slowly, "Oh no, nothing of that sort. I was busy at the lab to come up with an antidote for the poison that killed Young Lady Yolanda Peake. It took me a couple of weeks to sort through everything, but I am pleased to say that it was a success." This spoken, she looks at both Reena and Devon, the medical sorts, "We are currently trying to get the antidote mass produced. I was hoping to speak to the both of you about that later when or if we are given the green light on that particular project." When Devon speaks of her parents, Ariana grows even more attentive by the conversation.

Reena leans over to Taly to whisper, "She's marrying Lord Declan," to her, as a reminder. "I am sure they think the same in reverse, Beth," she quips as she straightens again. "They think it's easy to bash in a head, but hard as hell to control a horse galloping head on at another horse and trying to knock someone off it with a really long, pointy, stick." She shrugs as she has her feet prettied up in a lovely manner and sets her champagne aside so her other hand can be massaged. She quirks a brow at Devon. "So I suppose I should get to know your mother soon, if I'm to take on her role in this relationship with your brother." She looks curiously at Ariana's words. "Really? That's good news at least. What do you need me to help with?"

"Oh!" Then she remembers. A pained look across her face. "Oh, I'm sorry. That must be tough work. If you need to come by and use my lab, that's totally okay," Talayla offers. She turns red at the whisper. "Ohright! I meant to ask if you had space for equipment." She beams at Ariana. "I didn't forget your perfumery lessons, either. I set them up so you can do them with or without me. I think I'll probably just watch this tournament. Someone wanted a shipment of dried fish for their ship. And regular fish," She wrinkles her nose. "My fish are gonna have to doubletime it," She nods. She goes quiet, as Ariana goes attentive.

"Bah," Anabethe declares, setting the apple down. "I've seen those horses. And am familiar with long, pointy sticks myself. I'm not saying the joust shouldn't get coverage, just that it would be nice if other competitions could get the same, instead of everyone who doesn't fight on a pretty pony do your thing at once so we don't have to watch you for too long. I haven't heard about any Awakened duels, though," she muses to Devon. "Can't imagine they wouldn't, they're also pretty to watch."

"The Valen do love their sorcerers," Devon says idly as she smiles toward Bethe. Then she smirks. "I imagine Victor won't be seen within a hundred miles of that tournament though… he tends to wrinkle his nose and blow cigar smoke in the face of anything the Valen take enjoyment in." There is a dry humor in her voice, though her expression maintains its half-hearted smirk. Then she glances over toward Reena. "Mother will love you. She loves everyone. She would even love Bethe."

"Thank you, Lady Talayla, but I am good on laboratory space for the time being." Ariana says in a light tone, her attention returning to Reena now when she speaks, "I am hoping to get the antidote into the hands of medics, especially field medics and soldiers who may have some medical experience. This is all a mere precaution for now in case there are more than one Hostile who uses poison as a weapon. I can explain further at a later point." Adding to the discussion on tournaments, she does have to say, "This particular tournament is not as large as the one several months back. A lot of the events seem to have been cut, which is surprising, I think. But it is all for a good cause nevertheless."

Reena looks mildly relieved at Devon's words, and she relaxes back into the chair. The attendants get to work trying out various polish colors on her toes and nails for her to choose for her big day. "I'll likely attend, just to show my support for Senator Hartcliffe's work. He's been working tirelessly on my project as well as all of his own." She nods to Ariana. "Devon and I both venture into the field as medics when needed, her more than I. Also you should check with Lady Elodie, and Young Lord Jarek's brother, Pyotr. I believe they triage in the field."

"Hey now, even Bethe? Bethe is entirely lovable," Anabethe protests with a sad look in Devon's direction. "I'm Bethe, and I approve this message."

"I am sorry for being so thoughtless, too," Talayla adds. She does look apologetic. "I should return to wading into battle or something," She remarks. "But still, if I can help, just let me know," She offers. She does seem fond of Ariana and is kicking herself for forgetting these details. Maybe she needs to get out of the lab every so often.

Ariana nods quickly to Reena, "Thank you for the information. I did have the pleasure of speaking to Lady Elodie a couple of days ago regarding this and she seemed quite relieved to have one less thing to concern herself about." She then blinks at Talayla and tries to offer a reassuring smile, "You are an asset in many ways, My Lady. Do not worry yourself overly much about things, but I do agree that having some time out of the lab can be quite the boon."

Devon glances over toward Ariana at the news of an antedote, and she frowns. "You mean in regards to the poison that killed…" She hesitates, carefully taking stock of the room around her, and then she returns her attention to Ariana. "Yolanda Peake?" She brushes her hands nervously down her legs. "My mother was a cousin of hers." Or some sort. "But I never were close to the Peakes."

Reena gestures to a color on one of her nails with an approving look, and the attendant jots it down, before the other nails are wiped and all painted with that color to see it on all of her digits at once. "Yes, she was Peake's heir. Now Lord Aidan is, I believe. I'm grateful that we have a solution to that cowardly form of killing."

Anabethe takes her banana back to her chaise, dropping down with another guilt-inducing look at Devon. And then she focuses on eating her banana.

Talayla just smiles a little. "I appreciate it. Thank you. But still." She does feel a touch bad. Then a giggle. Her feet are ticklish. "I feel awkward trying to keep up with everything." She furrows her brows. "And what's been going on with that squire and everything."

Ariana nods along with Reena when she confirms what Devon says. "Yes. The young Peake heir was killed by a concentrated form of the poison found within the Yellowhare plant. A plant which is native to Imperius. I am hoping that this antidote will prevent further deaths of this sort. From what I have read, poisons are rarely used by the Hostile, but it has been noted as a cause of death a few times in past system wars. So like I have said, this is merely a precaution. The Hostile that killed Young Lady Yolanda Peake, it is believed, is still lurking out there in the Spine. That said, I have no idea where other poison bearing Hostiles have been situated at." When Talayla asks about this squire business, Ariana has little idea on this particular bit of news, so she does look towards the others.

Devon frowns. "Poison does not sound like their style… not that I am all that familiar with their style." She purses her lips a bit. "Victor knows quite a bit about the Hostiles… perhaps he might have an idea why some would select such a weapon… besides perhaps surprising us with a new tactic." She grimaces, and then glances toward Reena. "Sorry, Ree… shop talk." She offers her a bit of a smile.

Reena is assisted up from her chair looking relaxed and happy and all smiles. "Not to worry, carry on. Ladies, enjoy all that the spa has to offer. I have a seaweed wrap and bath in a private room. Thank you all for coming to spend time with Devon and I on this very happy occasion."

Talayla is mostly listening. She smiles to Reena. "Congratulations and - that sounds like sushi actually." Mental image. Hmmm. Noooooooo. Talayla just kinda locks up as she listens.

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