BooBoo Stewart
BooBoo Stewart as Keanen Arboren
Full Name: Keanen Arboren
Byname: None
Age: 19
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: House Arboren
House: House Arboren
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Black Sheep
Spouse: None Height: 5'11"
Father: Lord Sir Conall Arboren of Peake Weight: 155 lbs.
Mother: High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Young Lord Declan Arboren
Lady Sir Brienne Arboren
Lord Sir Brennart Arboren
Lady Eilara Arboren
Lord Sir Tristan Arboren
Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Keanen was the sixth child of the High Lady of Arboren. Being last in line for everything left him a bit removed from the royal trappings of being part of the high family, and he grew up as something of the black sheep. When all of his brothers and sisters followed his family’s lead and took interest in the forest, nature and archery, Keanen found his solace in movies, technology and photography.

Nearly as soon as he was old enough to walk, Keanen was experimenting with anything electronic he could get his little hands on. He would take things apart, reassemble them into other things or use parts to make new pieces of simple tech. When he was outside in the forest, Keanen focused his efforts on the exciting things. While he was good at hunting and tracking, he was more interested in mountain climbing or placing himself in dangerous situations he seemed to love the perils of.

When he was nine, Keanen got his first camera. Much to his parent’s satisfaction, it got him out of the house and into the woods more. He began to focus his hunting and tracking on finding dangerous beasts to photograph or video and his mountain climbing on finding incredible views to document. It was suddenly nearly impossible to keep him indoors, and by the time he was a teenager, he would often spend days camping in the wilderness on adventures, always taking electronic devices with him to fool around with.

During the summer of Keanen's fourteenth year, he became fully awakened while he was out in the forest on one of his adventures. An uncontrolled force of electricity coursed over his body. When he returned home, he was immediately placed in training to control his abilities. Keanen found the druidic practices tedious and boring, and only put enough effort into it to maintain control. Often, his teachers would have to track him down and nearly force him to attend his training. It was an unfortunate situation, as all of his mentors agreed that Keanen had a great deal of potential to become a very powerful user of awakened abilities. He never developed them, however, favoring instead childish adventures and tinkering with technology.

Keanen first discovered the gliders of Nubilus when he was sixteen. He convinced his parents to allow him to attend a private academy on Nubilus, where he could explore his love of technology and get his hands on a glider. His grades fell to new lows as he spent all of his free time studying the technology around him and learning to fly a cloud glider. This was also where he discovered AMP, and started using the drug to amplify his adventuresome spirit.

Keanen’s life became a roller coaster of excitement until just before his eighteenth birthday, when his thrill-seeking finally caught up with him. While trying to perform a series of tricks with a cloud glider, Keanen clipped another glider, damaging his machine and tumbling to the ground in a violent crash. He broke his left leg and his right arm was mangled and shredded in the wreck. While his leg could be healed, his arm could only be replaced with cybernetics. Having finally fully healed after the accident, Keanen is returning home to the forests of his youth.




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