Lord Sir Kazimir Saimhann
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey as Kazimir Dusan Saimhann
Full Name: Kazimir Dusan Saimhann
Byname: -
Age: 35
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Saimhann
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: Lady Brianny Saimhann (née Leonnida) Height: 6'1"
Father: - Weight: Muscular
Mother: - Hair Color: Blonde, shaved bald.
Siblings: Lord Erek Saimhann Eye Color: Blue
Children: -


Born as a younger brother to then heir and now Head of House Lord Erek Saimhann, Kazimir never entertained ambitions toward leadership himself. He looked up to, indeed was genuinely fond of his eldest brother, and conversely was quite -un-fond of the sorts of long lessons necessary for leading a house. Although the tutors pushed him at first, he was rebellious and often ill-behaved as a child, frequently scolded and showing little aptitude and less interest for his academic lessons. The family priest had similar troubles with the lad, as his attention seemed to wander during sermons and religious lessons, his interest piqued only on those tales of the Knight's strength and prowess. Still, Kazimir was not a layabout or incompetent, he just had little patience for such matters, his attention naturally drifting elsewhere. While he avoided his academic and religious lessons, he was never absent from the practice yard, where he sparred daily among his siblings and cousins and subsequently among the young pages and squires that practiced there. He was always deeply impressed by the older lads, his brother and his friends, by a Knight Captain who had run of the practice yard, a grizzled veteran of a score of House skrimishes who wore a tattoo for every battle, for every victory. Every time they had a lesson, he would ask about a different one of the marks, thrilling at the bloody stories the man told. This sense of tradition, physically displayed, resonated deeply with the lad. So too did the tradition of the family's hunts. Kazimir was never absent from the forays their father would lead - first for common game and when he was older, for the fearsome drakes of their mountain home. To this day, he wears the claw of his first slain drake as a talisman, and that triumph is recalled on his flesh as well, with the first of many tattoos.

At the earliest opportunity, Kazimir began squiring for one of his father's officers, an honorable and highly religious man. As he grew out of boyhood and into adolescence, he displayed an increasing aptitude in his martial lessons. Kazimir was large, fierce, and aggressive in a way that would sometimes unsettle the other young squires. However, just as in his boyhood, there was much in his knightly training that bored him - sermons on the virtues of chivalry and the more esoteric fundamentals of the six. His mentor was far stricter than his childhood tutors, however, and after the first few times he was cuffed in the head or made to muck stalls, he learned to at least pretend interest, to play lip service to his teacher's rigid code. It was also during his time as a squire that he had his first taste of human foes, following his master into several skirmishes with rival houses. The experience taught him one thing; beneath the majesty of their technology, and compared to the drakes of their mountains, humans were fragile prey indeed. Kazimir served well, and was knighted shortly after his majority. Although he took the traditional pilgrimage to Primus, much of the ceremony felt hollow. There was one thing he prayed for, not wisdom, charity or benevolence, but simple strength alone.

As a knight in his father's - and then brother's - service, Kazimir served dutifully, if bluntly. His brother often remarked that his youngest sibling was like a domesticated drake, eager to be free of his leash and sink his axe into a foe, as a drake would with its claws and fangs. And if anything, Kazimir took such remarks as the highest form of compliment. Though not much of a tactician, he had grown into a practiced hunter, and his tendency was to take those skills and techniques onto the battlefield wherever possible, not hesitant to lay ambushes or seek to fight foes from advantageous terrain. He took tremendous pride in his efforts - in what he claimed for himself and for his house - believing strongly that the Knight disdained prizes taken through means other than arms. Like the old Knight Captain, he marked every victory upon his skin, and encouraged the men who served with him to do likewise, that their accomplishments would be plain for all the world to see. All in all, this life proved to be one that suited Kazimir; he was happy to fight when his house needed, and indulge in wine, hunts and whores otherwise (and not always in that order!). Thus in times of peace he was often gregarious, if sometimes a little over eager for the next bit of excitement.

He was able to satisfy this impulse when his family came into conflict with House Leonnida, fighting a number of small skirmishes over an ongoing feud between their Houses. While his brother led their forces, Kazimir made a fearsome name for himself on the field itself - and at times his viciousness pushed right up to the limits of the semi-ceremonial norms of Havenite warfare. With several victories in their favor, Leonnida was forced to accept peace terms, including providing a hostage in the form of young Lady Brianny Leonnida. Yet as the return of the hostiles loomed nearer, it seemed prudent to try and solidify the peace. Lord Erek had other (and better) plans for his own children, so the duty fell to his young brother.



Kazimir stands a little over six feet in height with a muscular frame that is just short of bulky. Wearing a rough beard with sideburns from just below his ears, its coarse hairs are blonde but the rest of his head is shaved bald. Clearly a man who takes pride in his own identity, in who and what he is, he wears the crests and symbols of his house and the tales of past victories as tapestries carved into his own skin - with tattoos visible on his arms and chest when those are exposed, many taking the form of claws or spreading drake wings.

The man wears a simple and utilitarian leather vest with a fur collar and a few loops and pouches for gear. His pants are rugged with a dull brown camouflage pattern and his belt and boots are of simple, functional, military style like the vest. Around his neck hangs a drake's claw with a short chain necklace looped through it, clearly a trophy of some past hunt.


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