Lady Sir Kassandra Cindravale
Adelaide Kane
Adelaide Kane as Kassandra "Kassie" Herodias Cindravale
Full Name: Kassandra "Kassie" Herodias Cindravale
Byname: N/A
Age: 24
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Lady Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'11
Father: Lord Sir Alexandros Cindravale Weight: 160
Mother: Lady Agirra Cindravale nee Leonnida Hair Color: Brunette
Siblings: Nikomachos, Erik, Sammel Eye Color: Brown
Children: N/A


Born into a family of knights, it was inevitable that Kassandra would grow up just as her brothers did and learn to become her own deadly weapon. Or something like that. She squired at age nine to Sir Garrus Rovehn, and was raised in the Caravan and taught alongside the other squires to master mounted combat. Kassie, like any good Valen girl, is interested in jousting, hates the bow, can drink with the best of them, and considers herself to be "one of the boys". She is currently living in Phylon with her family, and serves as a patrol Knight for the Paramount; she has been on duty here for five years.



Long, brunette hair is left to hang free, straight as a pin with nary a curl to give it true texture. The soft, silken strands are tossed easily by breeze or movement, unfurling about her slender oval face with its defined cheekbones often highlighted by her smile. Her nose and mouth are proportional, her eyebrows slender, and her eyes a deep chocolate brown. A smattering of freckles have been sprinkled over her nose and cheeks.

She stands at a tall height for her gender, and her fairly muscular physique is often (and inadvertently) on display by the plains-garments she chooses to wear.


Blunt: Sometimes considered sharp of tongue, Kassandra often lacks the filter that is necessary for getting along well with others. She is not afraid to voice her opinion, and has seen no purpose in sugar-coating anything or using the backhanded language of the nobility. Most people will know where they stand with Kassie, will know how she feels about anything (if she is asked), and will know that she offers them unflinching honesty unto the point of pain.

One of the Boys: A childhood spent with her brothers combined with squiring beside a large number of males under the watchful eyes of Sir Garrus Rovehn, Kassie has always found herself surrounded by male company. At this point, she no longer considers herself much of a girl, but rather just "one of the guys" who enjoys sparring, rough-and-tumble play, racing, betting, gambling, playing cards, drinking, and occasionally smoking. She does not possess particularly delicate, ladylike sensibilities, but she can still rock a dress if the occasion requires she be forced into the ridiculously stifling contraptions.

Left Handed: To be considered uncommon even still, being left-handed has often given Kassie an unexpected advantage sparring against her other squires. She has learned to use her right when necessary, but still considers her left to be the most dominant. She is, in fact, one of the few left-handed people she knows.

Very Proud: Like a true Valen, Kassie is afflicted with a certain heady sense of pride that can often lead her astray and into conflict. Her view of the world from atop her lofty pedestal is still somewhat black and white, as she is young enough to believe that her way of living is the best and most right.

Identifying Marks

A scar along her right jawline and up her cheek from a bludgeon to the face (Serious Wound), June 29, 3013.
A thin pucker of scar tissue on the left side of her torso from a compound rib fracture (Moderate Wound), June 29, 3013. Aches during cold or damp weather or with overexertion.
A thin scar on her scalp from a bludgeon to her head (Moderate Wound), August 30, 3013.
A scar along her right forearm down to wrist from a sword (Moderate Wound), August 30, 3013.
A thin scar along the back of her left hand from a sword (Moderate Wound), August 30, 3013.
A puckered scar on her right shoulder from a crossbow bolt (Moderate Wound), February 17, 3014.
A network of scars on her left knee from a bludgeon (Serious Wound), February 17, 3014. Long-term effects listed below.

Other Wounds/Damage

High-frequency sounds (beeps, whines, etc.) cause psychosomatic pain in Kassandra's stomach, usually cramping; this is a reminder of the first time she encountered the HFP weapons used by Hostile Priests (February 17, 3014).

A cybernetic replacement of her left knee means Kassie is going through extensive physical therapy to strengthen the healing and integration of tissues with the new knee. After attempting to go to battle with a fresh implant, Kassie has delayed her healing and been forced to use a cane while walking. This is currently ongoing.

Her risk for PTSD is very high, although at the moment it may be difficult for some to tell if her actions are due to her less-than-friendly personality or otherwise.

Musical Inspiration

Music is stupid.

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Known Associates

Brienne Lady Sir Brienne : I have met her once, and she was a most genial sort. Much more Valen than I would have imagined, making her Arboren heritage palatable. She's very cute, too.

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