Ivan Lapikov
Ivan Lapikov as Karlus Albist
Full Name: Karlus Albist
Byname: none
Age: 47
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Peake
Title/Profession: Soldier
Position: Sergeant
Spouse: none Height: 6'5"
Father: Tristan Albist Weight: 185 lbs.
Mother: Marta Albist Hair Color: graying light brown
Siblings: two brothers Eye Color: blue
Children: none


Karlus is the second son of jeweler of Khar-Mordune. Though he and his older and younger brothers all trained in their father's trade, Karlus was far too physically active a boy for it to suit him well. As he grew, he excelled in the young men's "scouting" club as a climber and an archer. His family had contributed sons and daughters to the Peake's militia over the centuries, and Karlus in turn entered that service when his formal childhood education ended.

Karlus has served the Peakes for nearly thirty years as a soldier and as a squad leader. His childhood love of climbing developed earlier into true technical skill, and many of the squads he has lead have trained and served in the highest reaches of the Spine. He has developed into a leader not only commands but also teaches, displaying a one-on-one patience with greener soldiers that in other circumstances is hard to spot behind his chronically dour, even acid exterior.

While he serves his tours of duty in the city and elsewhere in the inhabited Peake lands, many of the squads Karlus leads serve for months out in the wilds, living off the land in a discipline that is not only military but also (in his view) religious. Most of those who serve under him discover quickly that he is notably devout and not very tolerant of distractions when on duty. They learn even quickly that although their commander will gladly take his turn at mess duty with everyone else, he should be stopped or distracted at any cost to avoid culinary disaster, for the sergeant has both a stomach of iron and a tongue of wood.

Karlus has had a few relationships of short duration with both men and women over the years, but his dedication to his service, his frequent survival camp postings, and his lack of interest have prevented him from seeking out anything more permanent. He is happiest drilling, teaching others (though he is unlikely to admit to that), hunting, and, above all, climbing. Even his hobby of embroidery is something that he picked up, so he says, to exercise his close eyesight and attention to detail. He fails to see why anyone finds it funny that he has given his mother and his brothers' wives embroidered cushions for the past several Midwinters.


A career soldier, a climber, and an outdoorsman.


This tall and lean man has a face like falcon's: deep-lined, narrow-jawed and sharp-nosed, with hard blue eyes under heavy lids. His hair is cropped closer than his mustache and goatee and is as much gray as light brown. His hands are large and his fingers long, with veins and tendons prominent under hard-weathered skin.

His clothing is close-fitting but not tight and cut from plain but clearly hard-wearing material. The shirt is a green so dark as to be nearly black, and the trousers are brown and only a few shades lighter. His ankle-high boots and hip-length jerkin are black, as is the belt that fastens the jerkin at his waist and from which hangs the sheathed dirk as his left hip.


Eats anything

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