07.10.3013: Kae and Silent Poe
Summary: Kaedin and Poe run into each other again on the Ring and Kaedin talks.
Date: 10 July 2013
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Kaedin Odette 

First Quadrant of the Halo — The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.
July 10 3013

Having just returned from the ice Moon, and getting his armor looked at for the Trip to Arborren later this week, Kaedin has a smile on his face as he gives a strech. He look at the time display on the screen over his eye, waiting for Poe to show up so they can see about doing a few things before he has to go off to the forest to kill more hostiles.

The woman rarely comes up to the Halo but when she does it's to see old friends. She's wearing her typical armor. Full leather armor which helps her move around quickly. Her hair is braided to the side and over her shoulder. The woman is small enough to almost miss the man. She can barely see over people walking by. Her arms slowly cross while she stands staring out at the Eye. It will be easier for him to see her so she doesn't move.

Kaedin spots Poe and smiles as he walks over to her. Not in his armor due to it being worked on, a few dents that need to be fixed. He looks down at her. "Heya Poe." he says as he moves to clasp her arm in a warrior's greeting. His hand nearly engulfing her arm as he does so.

Odette hears him before she sees him. Her small hand wraps around his forearm and shakes his arm. She's looking way up to his eyes and as common the woman doesn't need to say anything. Her blue eyes say everything her voice could ever say. The grin that plays over her lips and the warmth in those eyes that she rarely shows to anyone else. Kaedin being one of the few that have seen she's more than an ice queen.

Kaedin smiles back at her, if there is anyone he LOVES having wit hhim on a battle field, it's Poe. "So, the Ice Moon is clear of Hostiles, made it out unscathed, save for a few dents in the armor." He says as he turns and guides her over to where he is waiting for his armor to be finished with repairs, his hand on the back of her shoulders. "So, we can go hunting, or go sparring, up to you." He says with a smile, he is the talkative one in the group, even though he knows that Poe knows him well enough, and that well enough means she notices the slight bit of wearyness from all the extra work he is doing with the training of the soldiers, and the fighting hostiles, and everything else.

Odette is easily guided, showing the trust she has in her friend and sometimes battle partner. The woman lifts her hand and pats his chest lightly in a good-job kind of way. A turn of the shoulders and a lift of the eyes, common scrutiny before her hand slips into her pack and out comes a flask. She slips that into his hand and lifts a brow in question. "My shoulders are not as weak as they once were. Lay your burdens upon me." An angelic voice that's so rare to hear. Her eyes glance around possibly for a place to sit quietly. She lifts up on her tippy toes and bounces, trying to see over the crowd.

Kaedin looks down at her and he offers a smile. "I can't do that, I have to be strong for the soldiers." he says, though he does take a drink. After he hands back the Flask. Finding a spot to sit near where his armor is getting it's repairs, he takes a seat and looks out at the people passing by. "So, my mother has been trying to get me married, as if she doesn;t understand that I make a better soldier then a doting husbund." he says with a frown.

Odette takes the flask while moving after him. She puts it into her bag and sits easily beside him. She still looks so very small. The news his mother is trying to marry him off makes her try to hide a smile while she imagines Kaedin as a husband. Her hand is placed lightly on his leg while her eyes stay looking at his own. It's something that she will never experience being without parents now. Though in her eyes is a sincere worry for him in more ways than mother problems.

Kaedin smiles down at Odette. "I'm thinking of starting a group. Move around from moon to moon, place to place, helping out where we are needed. Of course, I would be the leader, being an Orelle it would be the best choice, but I do need a second." he says looking down at his friend. "That and someone to keep me from getting into too much trouble." he says with a smile as he takes her hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. "Ya know, I could ask my mother about marrying you." he says, though his face looks plain, as if it's hard to tell if he is joking or not.

Odette nods slowly at his idea and starts thinking through knights she trained with that could handle Kaedin. That grin stays over her lips until he mentions marriage to her. Her eyes widen and she stiffens. That's something social and she doesn't really know where to go from here. The woman brings her fist to her lips and clears her throat. He would feel her body shaking slightly through his grip on her hand. This is a woman whose not afraid of anything…accept social things. Parties, courting, marriage, family get togethers. Fighting is simple but people are crazy. She lowers her eyes and picks at the leather seem in her pants.

Kaedin gives a snort, then a small chuckle, and then he lets out a huge laugh. "That's the same look I had when my mother made me go to some formal dinner thing.' he says as he tries to calm down. "Not like anything would change if we DID get married, we would just be killing hostiles as husband and wife… kinda romantic." he says, but he drops the subject for now.

The woman quickly looks to Kaedin when he mentions she'd still be allowed to fight after marriage. Her family was unconventional to say the least. The confusion is written all over her expression at his words. The bowman knight looks out to the crowd and stares into space like she does when she's thinking through her strategies. She wiggles her hand free and then stares at it like it's going to tell her some insight on her friend. It was touching him after all. She's going back into her mind, getting lost in her thoughts which Kaedin would know could sometimes be a scary place.

Kaedin smiles, his own mind is a scary place as well, often when he tells her of his dreams, they are quite the yarn, and their meaning is dark… and the Huge knight isn't even an awakend. He stands up when he hears that his armor is ready, motioning for her to follow as he walks in to have a look over his Aggressor armor, named Apex. "Looks good." he says as he double, and even triple checks it. "I think this will do nicely at Arborren." he says as he has the armor locked int oit's crate, and sent to it's usual holding place, since he wont be needing it for a few days.

Odette stands up when he motions for it and follows after him. She moves much like a robot since she's thinking and everything else is on auto. Though, when he says his armor looks good - she leans over and moves it around a little checking as well. She nods in approval and takes a step back so he can lock it away. When he's working, she slowly tilts to the side and looks him over. She reaches her hand out and brushes it over his backside and down his leg. She nods in approval as if she's looking over a horse. She lightly pats his hip and walks around him to move past him. She's hungry after scoping out the lads.

Kaedin turns and looks at Poe with a smirk. "If we go hunting… maybe I'll forget my bedroll again." he says in a low voice, so only she can hear. he moves to walk with her, this time resting his arm on her shoulder as they walk. "So, where too?" he says, looking down at her with a soft smile, his own strieds half as quick as her's, so that he can keep an even pace with her.

The woman elbows him in the rib and glares up at him in warning. Sharing her bedroll with him was awkward and she wound up being on watch all night letting him sleep. She moves them towards something quick to eat. She finds something healthy and quick. She puts enough money down to even pay for food for him. She gets herself something small, perhaps the reason she's barely a hundred pounds. While she's waiting on her food, she sighs quietly and starts to unstring her front tied leather corset vest. She gets it open, letting her beige tunic flow over her tight leather pants and flat footed leather boots which are laced over her pants.

Kaedin snickers. "Don't give me that look, your the one checking out the goods.' he says as he gets a small meal himself, mostly because wit hhim being on alert he doesnt want a meal that will wight him down, so he has been taking smaller meals more frequently, which is good, and it keeps his metabolism going. "So I went to Marie Maris, to hunt some sharks that were killing the food supply, got four." he says. "I had their skulls laquered, if you want one."

Odette slowly turns to him and lifts her hands as if she's saying 'What?' about her checking him out. Her lips are slightly pursed and one of her brows is raise while the other is drawn down. She pats his hip again and then points to his front where there are jewels and she shakes her head slowly. Again, another shake of her head with the questions of the sharks. She pats his arm lightly in thanks. She takes her meal and bows her head to the one making it. She tips all behind the counter and moves off to go back to look out a window. She got a wrap of some kind. She takes a small bite and one might remember she is infamously slow at eating.

Kaedin takes his food and follows her, taking a seat across the table from her as he has a look out the window. as the star filled void of space. "Out there is the enemy, maybe in time we can take the fight to them, put an end to this war." he says softly as he takes a bite of his own food, a burger. "I'm thinking that we should go hint a Drake." he says out of the blue.

Odette nods slowly and keeps staring out there but the idea of a drake. Her head slowly turns around to face him. She takes another small bite and looks over his face, trying to figure out what he really means. Her head tilts slowly to the side, looking him over truly for the first time. Her eyes looking over his brow then down his nose to his lips and over his jaw. Her eyes scan over his neck to his shoulders and arms. She makes a small huffing noise and takes another small bite.

Kaedin looks back at her with a smile, it's how kaedin is, he always has to have somthing to do, he can just sit still, and when he does sit still, he is usualy fidgity. "Well, I doubt it would be much of a chalenge, with your archrey skill, you could most likely take one doiwn with a single shot." he says with a smirk.

Odette shakes her head and points at him. She karate chops the air in front of him and grins. She seems to believe more in his skill than her own. Another bite. She's eating pretty quickly. Three bites in less than a minute! The woman leans forward and grabs his chin. She starts to move his head around inspecting him for things. She puts a thumb into her mouth and rubs it against some dirt on his cheek. A nod as her work and she pulls his shirt towards herself and looks down his shirt. It's not a sexual thing, it's much more medical.

Kaedin blinks, but know better to gripe when Odette get's like this, so he sighs and lets her have her way. "I'm fine." he does say, but he doesn't fight her off. Taking a bite of his burger, he looks back at her. "And don't sell yourself so short, you are a beast with a bow, you saved my ass more times then I can count." he says with a smile at her.

Odette reaches her hand in his shirt which must look very odd to people looking on. She feels around carefully over his ribs and nods when she feels nothing horrible. She takes another bite and shakes her head again. "Lucky shots." She speaks again. Twice! She pulls back and pats his shoulder as she pulls away from him. She stares at her wrap and groans. She puts it down and slowly leans over, resting her head on the table staring at the wrap. It's barely touched. She audibly huffs.

Kaedin blinks and lowers his head to look at the wrap as well. "Now what?" he says as he looks into it. "And those werent lucky shots." he adds, though eventualy the wrap she was eating has his attemtpion, as well as her. His hand moves to rub her back, just incase somthing she ate doesnt agree wit hher, letting her know that he is there, and will probibly always be there for her, that's what best friends are for right? (re)

Kaedin would know how sensitive her stomach is and how things really don't sit well with her. Three bites and she knows now is not the time to eat. She's already looking rather ill. Finally, she pushes herself up and looks into his eyes. Her expression cold, her eyes guarded. A small smile plays over her lips as if to try to convince him she's peachy-keen. Her eyes slowly trail back out to the window.

Kaedin shakes his head and gets up, he comes back with a clear soda that is used ot help calm someones stomach. "Drink." he says as he moves to repay the 'kindness' she showed him, and he moves ot check her stomuch, running his fingers over her midsection to make sure that it's not knotting up or cramping.

Odette allows the touch while she sips the soda. Her stomach is firm and the muscles are contracting and releasing quickly. She flicks the wrap in annoyance. She cannot even conquer a wrap. He's held her hair back before so she's used to him being as much a worry as she is about him. She stands up slowly and her eyes scan the peoples shoulders. Her eyes narrow in more annoyance. Why can't people be human sized?

Kaedin frowns and stands up. "You're getting annoyed, let's go spar." he says, wanting to work out her aggression, maybe a hand to hand match will ease her up, she is just as skilled, and as fast, as he is, though, in that reguard, he is the odd on, as a guy his size with his speed is almost unheard of. He moves off to find one of the training rooms, and motions for her to put on the skin suit, pointing to a changing room as he moves ot change into one as well.

Odette sips her soda, keeping the wrap to give to someone needy. She moves into the training room and puts her bag down. She takes a skin suit and shakes her head. She moves into one of the change rooms and it doesn't take her long to come out of the room. She rarely wears one of these because of her self consciousness of her hips. She moves towards Kaedin and puffs out her lips, still showing that annoyance.

Kaedin lostens his limbs abit and then looks at her. "This is a spar, so don't kick my head off." he says as he backs up, giving her a one armed salute before he takes a combat stance.

Odette tilts her head and grins slowly. She was never one to hold back on spars. She is dead afterall so there is nothing to hold back. She lifts her smaller fists and moves toward going for him.

Kaedin frowns as he misses his attack, and circles around wit hher as he steps in to attack more.

Odette hit him the first time when she goes again, her fist meets air and her eyes move around looking for a weaker spot.

Kaedin smiles as he sidesteps the attack and jabs her arm. "C'mon poe, you can do better then that." he says with a smile.

Odette feels the jab to her arm, rolling her shoulder she punches out again and her eyes narrow when she misses. She's at least, less annoyed now that she's swinging but it's clear hand to hand is not her forte.

Kaedin smiles as he makes a move to hit her upper chest, but her armor isn't letting him do much. "Hmm, think we should change to the practice weapons?" he says as he goes for another attack.

Odette swings one more time and when he gives the request. Her eyes slowly turn to the knives that are on the table. Her brow lifts up asking if he is sure or if that's a good idea.

Kaedin smiles and back up, taking the two handed greatsword, the weapons are dulled, so no real damage will be done. "I'm sure." He says with a smile.

Odette reaches for a dagger and flips it into her hand. She moves for him and lunges at him with her dagger.

Kaedin comes at her with his greatsword, and they both dodge their attacks, he turns to face her, and changes his stance to a more agressive, and familiar stance.

Odette eyes catch his stance and then she moves. Her dagger in her hand spins as her movements become smaller and quicker. She moves into his space and strikes.

Kaedin goes for a overhand attack, and misjudges her smaller size, used to fighting hostiles, and she catches him with a blow that takes the breath from his lungs, he drops the blade and lands on his back, breathing hard.

Odette stands there in the same form she hit him with. Her head slowly tilts when she realizes she just knocked someone over twice her weight onto his butt. Her feet slide together slowly before walking towards him and going to her knees beside his head. She moves his head into her lap and lightly massages his skull. It's her way of apologizing.

Kaedin looks up at her and gives a frown. "Ow." he says as he closes his eyes at the massageing. "I don't want to hear you complain that you suck at melee anymore." he says, though to both their credits, they are in their usual armor when they spar, instead of weak ass skin suits.

Odette brings her thumb to the bridge of his nose and slowly, softly, drags her thumb up to the center of his forehead and back to the bridge of his nose. It's what her grandmother did to put her to sleep sometimes. Her other hand is giving his shoulder and nice deep massage. She sticks her tongue out at him at his statement.

Kaedin chuckles softly at her. "You little Minx." he says with a warm smile as he sighs, giving his chest a little bit of a rub. "Be glad I'm all muscle, you coulda broken bones with that hit." he says with a wink to her as he relaxes under her massages, and even gives a yawn.

Odette lightly smacks his shoulder and shakes her head. She sees the yawn and then puts him back on the ground, standing up. She's a lot like a cat that way, oh you are getting comfortable? Time to change it up. She grabs his greatsword and drags it towards where he got it. Yeah, she beat him…and she cannot even lift the damn sword.

Kaedin kicks up, and watches her drag the sword off, once she does that, he moves twoards her slowly, and then picks her up, holding her above his head with one hand, her abdomen balanced on his hand.

Odette grips that sword when she's lifted. She looks upside down at him and just releases the greatsword, right over his foot. Her eyes are narrowed. She really is about a hundred pounds but she's all muscle. She's just as fit. However, the hand on her stomach brings up the bites of the wrap and she starts to turn a nice shade of green.

Kaedin moves the fastest he has ever moved whe nhe sees her turning green, the sword clinks ot the ground and he moves her twoards a bucket, taking herh air bakc and out of the line of fire as he bends her over, rubbing her back. "I forgot about that…" he says with a look of apology.

The lunch comes quickly but after that it's just dry heaves. She's not been eating enough if she doesn't have anything else in her. She sits back when it's over and brings her hand to her face then rubs her stomach lightly. Her other hand pats his leg lightly, acceptance. She moves to clean the bucket up.

Kaedin shakes his head. "You need to get that checked out with a doctor." he says with a frown. "or find some foods you can eat that wont cause that, we cant have you blowing chunks in the middle of a battle." he says, though it would be funny to watch her puke all over a hostile.

Odette nods quickly as in yeah yeah yeah. She takes the bucket and starts to clean it. It doesn't take long. There wasn't much in it. She puts the bucket back and lightly kicks his shin. She pulls something out of her pack. Strawberries. She pops one into her mouth and then almost instantly, the tenseness in her body melts away and her lips turn up into a happy grin.

Kaedin shakes his head. "You're an enigma poe… I'ma go hit the showers.' he says as he moves to head twoards the back of the training hall, where a nice hot shower awaits him and his now worked muscles.

Odette moves after him since she has nothing else to do. She stops at the door and leans against the door pane. She continues to eat those strawberries while she watches him getting ready to shower. Again, it's more assessment than anything else.

Kaedin showes up quickly, getting all clean and smelling nice as he walks out, not really careing who sees what, because he is just that comfortable around Poe. Putting one his clothing again, and tossing his skinsuit into a locker, he takes a seat to put on and lace up his boots. He lets out a rather loud yawn while he does that as well. "Stupid yawn…"

Odette follows after him and grins at the yawn, pinching his cheek. She puts the strawberries on his lap and moves to change. She's testing him. She slips back into her leather pants and pulls her top on. She slips on her vest and pulls on her boots. She comes out and puts the suit away.

Kaedin didnt eat the strawberrys, mostly because it's not meat. he finishes lacing his boots and when she comes back over he hands her bag of red fruit to her and stands up. "maybe a good night's rest is needed.' he says with a yawn. "You wanna stay in the guest quarters tonight? Then we can go hunting tomorrow." he asks as he pats her shoulder.

Odette grabs her bag and then her satchel. She curls herself into his side in answer to staying in the guest quarters. Her arm wraps around his hips, resting there. That doesn't last long though. Leaving the training area brings them into crowds and she really doesn't like them so she uses Kaedin to part the sea of people. She slips behind him and curls her finger under his belt following after him. She can be easily lost being so small.

Kaedin smiles and leads Poe out of the training room and twoards the huge lift, taking the lift to the top of the Ring, and onto the Orelle compound, he leads her along the gardens and into his own wuarters, which is like an apartmnent. he lets out another yawn and tosses his key card ont othe coffee table, before plopping down on the couch.

Odette releases his belt when they are in his place. Her eyes widen since she's never been here before. He's never been to her lava moon either but this is a first. She walks around the room inspecting before she gets comfortable. Her boots are removed first, then the vest, then the leather pants leaving her in only her long tunic. She unbraids her hair and lets it flow free. She starts searching for a bed to sleep in.

Kaedin the only bed is actualy his bed, which he never uses. His own shoes are kicked off and he lays on the couch, yawning once more before he waves his hand in the air, setting the alarm for 'ass crack of dawn'.

Odette curls into his bed and as usual barely takes up enough room to truly make use of the bed. She could stretch out but it won't be until she's into REM. She sleep like the dead too. Most people coming across her think she's dead so they walk by. Kaedin would know better than to wake her before she's ready.

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