Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus Volen
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling as Kadmus Volen
Full Name: Kadmus Volen
Byname: -
Age: 27
Planet: Mare Maris
Paramount: Orelle
House: Volen
Title/Profession: Young Lord
Position: Navy Lieutenant, Heir
Spouse: None Height: 5'11"
Father: Lord Nathaniel Volen Weight: Fit
Mother: Lady Arianrhod Peake Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Lady Devon Grantham, Lady Eirene Volen Eye Color: Brilliant Blue
Children: None


The City of New Atlantis, hidden in the crushing depths of Mare Maris' oceans, and the seat of power for the Orrele Vassal, House Volen. I am Kadmus Volen, heir to the house, and future Lord of the Deep. However, that likely won't be for some time yet, as I am still young, but with the Hostiles coming many things could change.

Conflict is not a new thing for our house, some years back, when I was still a young child our family threw in with house Iblis of Ignis when they were in conflict with the Touts, however we did not fully anticipate the support Grantham would put behind House Tout, and we lost, costing us my sister in the conflict who now lives with the Grantham of Ignis, having forsaken the seas. And there is House Hollolas, our chief rivals when it comes to the trade of seafood, but they can hardly compete in the long run, especially once the system war begins.

I was groomed for leadership from a young age, taught a variety of skills growing up that would help me lead my house once it was time, and perfection was a thing stressed often, and flexibility of mind, strange concepts to grasp together, perhaps, but quite complimentary as well. I was taught to manage myself in court, the necessary skills required to run our family holdings, including the basics of the sciences we depend on. I was a very athletic child as well, I would climb, I would run, and more then anything else I would swim. Most of all, I was incensed at the loss to the Grantham from my childhood, which drove me to more martial pursuits, something I would dedicate myself to, so if it ever happened again I would be able to do something about it. I focused near exclusively on polearms, as well as archery.

As a Teenager I grew quite adventurous, I would often take out submersibles to the Reefs, and spend hours diving and exploring, often bringing young ladies, or pretty citizens that caught my eye out with me, I was becoming quite fit and athletic by my late teens, something the women quite fancied, I learned, and it is far more difficult for the scandal rags to get pictures of you on Mare Maris. My Regimen of workouts, both martial, and athletic were what occupied much of my time as a teenager and young adult, part of leading is appearance, afterall, and being able to put foreward a strong image is a good start. Knowledge is another, so in addition to the science lessons I would intermittently have, I began to read about the myths and legends of our people, particularly the ones relating to our Heraldry, and the name of our home, New Atlantis, these often caught my imagination, and I fancied myself a bit after some of the heroes, and entertained thoughts of the Hostiles as the Titans, coming from their prison ever 500 years to retake the home they were cast out of. Of course, it's largely nonsense, but there's always some glimmer of reality in these stories.

It was decided that I would not sit out of the System war, it was important we put a strong presence foreward, and as such it was decided I would be entered into Navy service. There are a lot of similarities in living underwater, as there are in space. The exterior is hostile to the human condition, we live in a three-dimensional environment and have to think of it that way, where most land-dwellers don't, and our strong contingent of Marines would give them someone to connect to, and see joining them in valiant boarding actions. My primary training at the academy was related to Astrophysics, navigation, things of that nature, of course I have always been taught how to lead as well, but the art of war was never a focus of my studies. Perhaps that's why I have no command yet, though I am still young, and I have been assigned to serve aboard one of the Imperial Ram ships out of the Ring.



This is not a giant of a man, he stands at 5'11" with fair skin and a lean, athletic build. His hair is platinum blonde, and cropped short to his head, his eyes are a brilliant blue and he can often be found with a warm smile upon his lips. He has several piercings in each of his ears, both the lobe, and into the cartilige.

He is clad currently in the uniform of a Royal Navy Officer, a double breasted jacket makes up the top, and he wears the rank tabs of a 'Lieutenant' upon the jacket's high mandarin collars. His pants are black, and pressed to the naval standard. A black leather belt is worn about his waist, and black knee-high jackboots are worn on his feet, completing the look of the uniform.


  • Avid Diver
  • Foe of Grantham
  • Child of Myth
  • Capricious
  • Lord of the Deep

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Volen Parents : Lord and Lady Volen.
Devon Lady Devon Molliela Grantham nee Volen : Younger sister who was taken by House Grantham
Eirene Lady Eirene Everly Volen : Younger sister and the Siren of Mare Maris.

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