12.13.3013: Just Some Explosions
Summary: Catching up - again, working and talking with Demos and Balius - maybe that's not a good idea
Date: 22nd October 2013
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Balius Demos 

Demos' Lab

Morning, Balius is hurriedly wandering around the lab, magnifying glass giving some sort of readouts in one hand, small grasping tool in another. From the looks of this, he's been at it a while. There's an odd lack of glassware compared to when Demos left…and that Ignis rock that'd been left in a chamber, suspended magnetically midair, is also not there. The youngest Quellton is singing nervously.

Demos had been out a few days, following a random message to personal with access to his lab, few as they are, namely Balius being the user. Then he returns one morning, smile on his face. Looking about the lab as he walks in, "I go away and things get busy in here, did I miss the start of a fire." Suggesting Balius found some inspiration perhaps to really get things moving, but curiousity on his face over the changes, the lack of glassware, the Ignis rock seeming to be missing for the moment. Raising a brow, he looks curiously at the young Quellton, setting down a pack he had on his back and a jacket, to a random counter top with no present experiments, just the space to set it down.

Balius tries to prep himself and look innocent…to utterly no avail. "Mr. Osteros!" Great…now Bey is being formal. "Well - you see, I was altering with the magnetic properties in the Ignis sediment…I took lots of notes and recorded every detail!" That's important, right? As long as explosions are well-documented…for science. "Well, I tried using the pressure of opposing forces…and the thing shattered! Like, went all over the place in tons of pieces…and stuff broke…"

Demos looks over the young man, curiously, actually looking for things like bandages and splints, cuts and bruises. "First, are you all right, were you injured?" There might be some talk about magnetism and playing with those forces to come, or any data results from the explosion even, but that's irrelevant to the first concern. The scholar crosses towards Balius for a little closer look, worry on his face.

A few light cuts on his cheeks, nothing appearing deep or major. It's clear they've had something put on them. Closer examination reveals a wrap bandage from elbow to thumb on his right arm. "Nothing too bad - quick reflexes." Balius offers with a forced grin. "Don't get me wrong, I was shaking for a minute. Don't often expect rocks to turn into a shrapnel rocket…or maybe I should." He shrugs a bit. "How was the trip?" Bey isn't even sure why his mentor was gone for a few days, but hadn't thought to ask till now.

"Until I heard about this accident, I couldn't of been better," grins Demos, still looking at the cuts, wondering if something else can be done or curious if Balius isn't telling everything. "It was a needed get away, get some things straight in my life." Forget the new tattoo he has, the man who had no tattoos until now. He's not pointing it out though. "So, our sample, high metal content, highly magnetized, multiple ferromagnetic materiels?" He starts naming off some things, his curiousity on the metal.

Bey's curiosity is on what things Demos has gotten straight in his life. Besides, not that he'd admit it, the Quellton has no real idea what he was doing. The vid might show him making wooping noices as the rock went traveling up and down…maybe. "Well…I'm glad you're happy with whatever." He turns to the table, raised eyebrow still to his mentor. "Yeah, well save for that small piece still in the chamber." Balius nods but seems disinterested in it.

"Ya, then the bits that were highly magnetic," ponders Demos for the moment, "Did we collect any, I'm curious … the small bit still in the chamber?" Now he is curious, and yes, Demos will be checking the vid at some point, but he's more curiousin the first hand experience at present, that can be telling. "Roxy and I found a lodge, stayed there a few nights, came to some agreements. I'll be moving apartments soon … I have a great one here on the ring, if you know someone interested, before it goes to market." The last bits sort of rambled off quickly, informing Balius of the whatever part like its non-sequitor every day stuff, the rock is more interesting, now that Balius' condition is confirmed, at least verbally, as being good.

"…came to agreements? Dem, that's awesome!" Bey gives his mentor a hearty backpat as he beams excitedly. "Where you two lovebirds shackin' up at?" The grin is totally focused on Demos as he says. "Some small yellow speck, stuff hurt my eyes to look at it too long." Useless info, really.

"I want to run some tests on the yellow speck, we have some goggles if its that bright," he says, then again, Demos might be mis interpreting that. It might not be bright so much as off spectrum radioactive, but they will see when they see. With a grin, he answers the question, half curious about the rock, half wanting to share, "She has a new apartment over at Landing, so near your place." At least near, using the Ring or the moon of Inculta and the planet of Occulus as reference, same planet is definitely 'near' in that context. "Its not official, mind you, its just … us …" but he holds up his left hand to show the tattoo, 3rd finger, knotwork band, the name Sebryna in the ring even.

"That's about as official as it gets man!" Demos is pulled, voluntarily or not, into a tight Quellton hug. "Hey man, that's just…frickin awesome!" Bey moves to the speck, unsure of its possible radioactivity.

Laughing a little, Demos gladly takes the hug, returning it the same. "Thanks Balius, yes, that's the way we see it." Close to as official as one gets. "I should ask about you and Talynne, explosions in the lab aside, any more explosions there," he seems to recall a few times they went riding when Demos and Balius went to the Rovehn caravans. Looking at the speck, Demos side steps to a metal cabinet for instruments, gets out something like the magnifying glass Balius has, this one to take some surface readings, like a giger counter, spectro-analysis, electromangetic mete, and such.

There's a sigh from Balius. "Well, that's a little more…complicated." A flash of shame passes over his face. As he helps get some items together. "I've not had the greatest patience…while she's gone for a month or longer on a mission with no word…I don't know…" He shrugs and makes his way over to the speck, which isn't responding to the magnetic forces in any visible way. Bey hands him some shaded goggles. You'll want these."

Taking the goggles, Demos puts them on to study the rock, take readings, start measuring. "She is on missions though, month or more, but they might not allow communication out there, so the Hostiles can't track their movements you know." As if just stating that for the record, not sure if there is more than that. "Or you saying … its not that you don't trust her, but you don't trust yourself?" Just to make sure he's following along, he pauses in taking data in to look at Balius, dark goggles and everything, like two scientists doing science things, but caught by the curiousity of personal relationships that are beyond science and explanations.

"To be honest, probably the latter." Balius seems conflicted about the statement, but he's got an urge to talk too. "s' not her fault she's out protectin' everybody, I know." He leans forward to see what Demos has in store for the damnable speck, which seems to be glowing…or reflecting…or radiating? One of those things.

"Its not," agrees Demos about her fault, done trying the magnetic components just to be sure, good thing Balius blew all those bits away to reveal this curious speck that is glowing. "Just, did you do anything you might regret? Not to pry, but did you talk to her first. She did convince her family to sponsor you for a semester." Well, Balius did it on his own, that it was her mother may have helped a little. He goes to pragmatic, though the scholarship isn't his concern over the feelings of another person in this intrigue for Balius. Looking at the rock though, "We need to check its elemental composition I think. Have you tried to take a small sample into the centrifuge?" Science isn't forgotten.

"I've talked to her recently…and let's just say I almost did. I was flat out wasted, but that's no excuse either…just sent me ta thinkin…" Balius answers honestly, though the exercise seems quite uncomfortable for the youth. His eyes never leave the sample. "Ta be honest, I've been far more focused on making sure all the stray pieces were out of the way. One stray magnet away from taking an eye out." He grins a bit. "Will you keep the lab here?"

"Honesty, that's a good approach." Demos looks around then, to find the tools to start chipping the tiniest of fragments off the speck. He says, "Okay, lets get out some MOPP gloves," to protect in case there is something damaging radiating off the speck, "We'll try to chip it ourselves, otherwise I can put in a request to use a robotic arm." The broken glassware, nonsequetor, this is the science, more important. "But we'll break some off and start running some tests. Either its something new, or simply something we haven't seen combined in this way. Either way, its good news that we can easily get to source minerals by blasting away the iron and other magnetic bits. Good mining practice to consider, I'm just curious what we have here." By way of explaining as he starts getting gloves for the both of them, the small instruments, and a vial to collect some samples in from the small speck. "What are you thinking about with Talynne," he prods, direct approach.

More nods from the intern as he processes all that Demos is saying. He dons the gloves and lets the mentor take the sample, recalling his own failures in previous ventures. "Well that could be important then!" Balius grins. Accidental discovery? He should play with the equipment more often. "I'm just not sure. Is that bad? I mean, I've said some things…and I do care about her…" Balius shakes his head, frustrated at himself. But the talk of scholarships makes the Quellton's mind connect. "By the way, I got some additional Academ funding, a grant if you will…"

Gloves, goggles, check. Demos moves then to expose the specimen to take a quick sample. Like a tattoo artist or a jewelry, he goes in with the tiny pieces, nodding to Bey to pick up the empty vial to collect whatever might fall. When that is in place, he'll attempt a very delicate chip, who knows, maybe its an unstable compound, and its only glowing because the former explosion set it off. Still, he speaks softly as he goes through delicate movements. "It is good news, all around, for the sample we collected. For you and Talynne, just be honest, that is a good thing. I mean, maybe she'll understand your situation. Your age, your wants and needs, coupled with her long absences. Its all you, she's a noble, you'd be a companion, she'll marry at some point, why can't you have something on the side?" Not that he condones that, "Just, figure it out with her, she's a good spirited Lady, means well. Scholarship aside, she has a real heart you know."

"I'll sort it all out…and I don't think…I don't like that plan…" Balius says with a grimace. "And, you're right…it's just me being selfish too. Lots going on and…" Another shake of the head, symbolizing some sort of finality in his mind. "Alright, whatcha thinkin about our speck here?"

"Its either some incandescent thermite that is going to burn itself away, or its radioactively incandescent," says Demos, "I don't think its any real threat other than if its the later, radioactive, it could be something in the metal itself that joined with whatever sediment we have here. We'd have to get some field drones to look around more. That would be bad for the miners, more precaustions on an already hot moon. If its just a thermite, its slow burning, could have other applications, we could mine for it specifically or synthasize itin the lab." Then he pauses, nodding towards the centrifuge for the vial they have, to see if that's enough of the substance. "Have you thought about what you want in all that thinking. One night of near drunken mistake versus missing a lifetime with someone you care about, I couldn't imagine it. That's sort of the terms Sebryna and I came to when we met, we enjoy the time together knowing we'll spend lots apart. My research, my sculptures, the work on Detritus … her and her music. Just the together is explosive enough to not worry about that when we're apart I guess."

"What you're saying makes sense, Dem, don't get me wrong…my brain just ain't doin all the thinkin." Balius shrugs. "But we'll sort it all out. I'm glad you and Roxy have found something awesome like that together." A smile from the Quellton as he considers the elements. His brain is closer to processing what all that means…at least vaguely. "Slow burning…" He ponders aloud for a moment. "So basically a rock candle that utilizes the sediment rather than, whatever they used for candles?" He's never seen a candle…who in Haven would have use for the contraption?

As much as he wouldn't want to admit it, military always has some use for science. Demos responds, "Well, for field flares, they started off in natural metal mixes, adding certain elements for certain colors, mostly they are synthetic, but we can create a flare — or an incendiary grenada. If this is some compound we just haven't mixed yet and it burns this long, then we'd have to consider the effects of such a metal on shields. I don't think it would work, but no way to tell. Better still, incendiary missiles on our star fleets to hit ships and cripple them instead of staying to fight each one until they knock it out, more damage long term." Then a shrug, "I'm not sure about that realm, the what if realm, that is missed love. Whichever head you think about, watch out for yourself, but by mindful of the ones you could hurt. I know you're head is in the right place."

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