07.11.3013: Just Another Rock
Summary: Demos meets Densoric on the Ring
Date: 11th July 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.


First Quadrant of the Halo The Ring

Walking along one of the mezzanines, which on a planet would normally mean he's walking on the walls, but he's on The Ring so directions are relative. Lord Densoric Larent strolls along at a casual pace, dressed in his typically mildly formal attire.

Walking as well along one of the mezzanines, Demos Osteros, resident scholar of the Ring (or scholar errant by Academ standards), has a data device in his hand. While it appears rather clear in nature, from his side it most likely has a display for his eyes. Those eyes are studying something there in great detail, enough that he isn't wholly paying attention to where he is going. Its fine and well amongst other researchers and scientists of the Ring who do this sort of thing on a daily basis, but sometimes there are people they should look out for; one of which could well be Lord Densoric Larent.

Which may be, should he not have any staff on hand to stop the errant walker, Demos is on a beeline for the young Lord. Well enough, not aware, of the impending collision it would seem. One hand holds the device, the other hand manipulates whatever it is he is viewing from his perspective.

Densoric turns his eyes to Demos as he shifts slightly to avoid impact and says simply, "Perhaps being more mindful of surroundings would be of benefit. Not all are as passive as myself." in a casual tone. Adding, "Though if you are looking over research reports I know that feeling, but I tend to go over such things when I'm seated personally."

Turning as he becomes mindful of the circumstance, Demos takes in the other. Then as it comes over him, the device is tucked down and he pauses to lower his head respectfully. "My Lord," he says, whether recognizing the man through his own local knowledge of the Houses of Orelle, through the Academ in some manner, or simply the demeanor of the other is unknown. "You are absolutely right, I should definitely be seated for this." And, probably more importantly, aware of his surroundings. "My thanks and apologies for nearly bowling you over My Lord."

Densoric lifts a hand as though to silence Demos and says, "Calm yourself. No harm was done and no offense or insult was given. I'm aware Larents are more… Focused on the separation of noble and citizen, I'm aware of the value of citizens after my time spent in Landing."

A nod of understanding, a warmth approaches his face with the hint of a smile. Demos returns, "Ah, my lord, perhaps it is my manners that dictate that I apologize as I do, least it not be so heart felt. I would of felt guilty had I collided with anyone, least of all yourself. I simply could not wait to read through the results from our initial drone tests." As if his excitement about the potential is enough to share that he's excited about whatever research has been going on.

Densoric nods and asks, "You are doing research into drones?" in a passive tone as he has fully stopped in movement, and has taken up a position to the side so he's not blocking the walkways.

Shaking his head, Demos returns, "With drones sir." Then he skews his stance for comfort, slightly to the side as well. "A score of days ago I found a gem in the Bazaar that appeared flawed, by simple investigation, it seemed of lower capacity as an agate, indicated trapped gasses. Speculative that it could become a source of plasma, I got in touch with a drone controller to send out a sensing dront to the moon where the rock was found. It would seem it is a good source of plasma - or trapped hydrogen at least near an abundance of of atmospheric hydrogen. As near a natural state to inducing magnetic confinement fusion as one is to find."

Densoric nods and says, "I'm not that familiar with plasma beyond the basics of it being super-heated gases that can be manipulated by electro-magnetic fields. Though the gem is an interesting find." He seems to have at least understood what the words meant if nothing else.

"Ah yes," grins Demos with some satisfaction, "Dependent on the size and depth of this helium pocket, as it might be, and relative to the hydrogen available, it could be a good source of super-heated gases. The super-heating, fusion part is another team all together, finding the natural gas is where my team would be more involved My Lord." Then a pause, he had heard the higher interest in the gem, consideration given to that topic. "Ah, the gemstone, it was a simple agate. Well polished I will admit, but the treasure I sought was inside, only half remains. I broke the stone to send off portions to colleague for testing of the imperfections I had initially noticed."

Densoric nods saying, "It'd be unlikely to purchase rough gemstone. But yes destruction of the gem would be needed in order to access the impurities. It is more impressive that you even thought to check the impurities for such a course of research instead of simply finding it a flawed gem, or decorative flaws to use as a conversation piece."

Pausing to look at the nearest moon a second, that if not out a nearby window, Demos looks at a nearby bulkhead. As if a moment to focus, from that direction back to Densoric. "It simply began as barter over the nature of the stone itself, the merchant attempting to mark it up. After I had my hand on it though, I realized I needed to know for myself." Then he pats a vest, as if he still has that same stone with him, "As for keeping it for decorative flaw, I hadn't thought of such when the idea of what it might reveal crossed my mind. Perhaps you'd like what remains of the gemstone, my lord?"

Densoric shakes his head and says, "No thank you. Agates don't hold much appeal for me, titanium does but then Nubilus is known for only three things, titanium, casinos, and tourism."

"Perhaps in Light of everything," ponders Demos in response to the admittance from the noble, "I tend towards the archaic in some ways. I prefer to work with natural terra, hailing from a family of stone masons on Inculta. Despite my time with the Academ, I still like to get my hands on my work, I don't leave it all for the drones." Then to pass that a way, he shrugs a little, and turns back the topic to Nubilus, "I have not visited the casinos there my lord, simply because I do not trust my luck to random chance. Even playing the odds, there is still that small element of the unknown I believe." His take, but spoken like one who has never gambled either.

Densoric nods and says, "You'd likely enjoy the titanium mines more. A glider accident when I was younger led to a mine being discovered in fact. But generally you don't want to go below the cloud cover of Nubilus, its not safe by any meaning of the word. But due to that mine I did study geology in Academ, but I only earned a Bachelor's Degree in that field."

Listening as he speaks, Demos alights slightly at the mention of locating mines and further at the thought of another interested in geology. "I find that intriguing, my lord. I had strayed into a natural mine as a child myself, separated from my parents. It led to the discover of another way out and an all together different experience I imagine. I studied geology in earnest at the Academ on a Crown Scholarship until I was a full Scholar. Though rather than stay with the Academ itself, I choose to take a position with the researchers here on the Ring in studying our own moons. I'm curious, if you might allow my interest, what was your desired study while at the the Academ?" Perhaps assuming he may have chosen to continue other studies to a higher degree, or at least seeing if there was another.

Densoric says, "I mostly focused on economics and electronics, I have a Master's Degree in both of those. And then the degree in geology, that was all for me, a few other subjects I studied I had to drop because I couldn't keep up with them. As to the mine, it was more a case of serendipity. I was returning from a task my mother gave me when there was a rare engine malfunction. We actually went down below the cloud cover, I was even thought dead and my family were preparing an announcement when I managed to activate the emergency beacon. I found out later that we crashed into the side of a mountain, the peak of which was just a few meters below the cloud cover which is why it wasn't known to be there really. It was after I was recovered that it was discovered a titanium mine was present. I even get a small percentage of the profits from the mine as a kind of 'finder's fee'."

"In some ways, the malfunction itself could also be cause for the interest in electronics just the same, my lord," returns Demos after hearing the tale. Somewhere in listening to the recounting, his fingers have found that pocket and produce said broken agate. Perhaps in recollection of his own work with stone, or in pondering the mountain so close yet so hidden by the clouds themselves. "And still, its some small consolation, the profits from the mine, I would imagine the knowledge of economics makes it that much more valuable just the same. If I might be so bold, if this mountain top is just beneath the clouds is manageable by foot for even but a short stretch of time on Nubilus, I would greatly like to set foot on the surface there." As if asking for permission or a personal nod to indicate that might be acceptable even.

Densoric shakes his head, "I've never confirmed it, but I've heard rumors that the actual surface of Nubilus the cloud cover there is more acidic clouds. The benefit is that we don't have to worry much about Hostiles landing in those areas. I crashed in the upper-most levels so it was more akin to being trapped in a dense fog. Though granted I was partly pinned in a crashed glider with serious injuries at the time so I didn't see much."

Nodding in agreement, Demos confirms, "I wouldn't dare venture wish to venture below the upper-most levels because of that atmosphere, my lord. Much as the mountains where cities have been built, this mountain you have found seems a geological treasure. Not merely on account of the titanium mind that has been discovered through your misfortune with the glider, but simply because, while not sustainable, one might have the opportune to stand on terra while amidst the denser gas that we observe from the Ring. I find that oddly intriguing." While a thumb smooths the agate's surface, the fingernail of his index picks at where he has broken off half the rock in his hand.

Densoric shrugs and says, "Not really, our settlements are built atop natural plateaus and the like. Dig below the streets and such you'd find peaks. Normally that are right at the surface of the clouds so a little above it at best, which is why our settlements seem to 'float' in the air when you look at them from gliders. Its also why I personally refer to it as the 'cloud ocean' as the peaks are like islands."

"Ah," says Demos, who perhaps through his work with the researchers on the Ring knows the cities are built on plateaus, "Though I imagine, no one is left to wander outside of the city itself, simply for saftey precautions. Meaning, I don't imagine one could walk out of the city and down one of the mountains simply to go below the cloudline." A smile, simple enough, he folds his arms and places the agate atop one of the pads of his doublet in that fold, his forefinger tapping an unheard rhthym driving it onto the pad. A gesture only felt by himself but noticeable in the way he moves. "Unless, you are suggesting otherwise, that within the cities, I can venture low enough in some places to be within the more acidic clouds that dominate the surface of Nubilus?"

Densoric says, "Plateaus are favored over mountains for the settlements, as it provides a naturally flat surface to build on. And as those tend to have more sheer sides for 'walking', no its not really an option. The platform used for loading ore at what I like to call 'my mine' is likely the best chance you'd have, but as I was there for six hours, though true I was unconscious for most of that time I can tell you first hand you don't really see anything. Its just like being in the middle of the densest fog you can imagine. They have to take special steps on the platform so workers don't fall off the side and also can find their way back and forth between the mine entrance and the currently landed ship.

"Precisely my lord," says Demos, "I imagine it would be precisely the atmosphere as one would expect it, right where it meets terra. As close to the natural state of the surface for the abundance of Nubilus. It is not that I imagine a mysterious world of mixed light, with some unveiled breath taking view hidden from sight. It is only an odd fascination with rock itself I imagine. By your reluctance, I gather you'd rather not acquiesce to allow a scholar to simply visit the platform. I can respect this desire my lord."

Densoric says, "More I'm not sure if it would be allowed. I don't actually own the mine, also as titanium ore is one of the major exports for Nubilus, it might be a bit too secure to allow it. You could put in a formal request with my Lord Uncle."

"Perhaps that is indeed the route I shall take then, my lord," responds Demos, some of his sails deflated. "Should I ever find the time to follow the process of a formal request. Aside from the concern of potentials of energy and resource return from the Moons as a whole in relationship to the Ring, I've taken contract for work on Detritus as well that may begin to whither away at what free time I have. I shall instead be filled with the passing curiousity of setting foot upon that ground beneath the cloud ocean, as you might wish to call it. More so, I think it shall be the story itself that is the real weight of that fasination. Though it was my fault, I thank you for retelling that tale."

Densoric nods and says, "I'm one of the few to survive below the surface layer of clouds. I believe the platform is built on the ledge I crashed on or near it. I'm not sure as I've not returned to the peak since. There has been greater concerns for me then nostalgia." He then strokes the scar on his brow saying, "Besides I have a reminder of the crash, though the scar is the only visible proof of the crash. A result of my fractured skull, I also had cracked ribs, a broken leg, and some bruising to some of my organs but I've fully recovered from all my wounds. I actually went to Academ after I healed fully."

Decided to put the rock away, even as it finds a home on his person, Demos keeps his hand there for a moment. "Reminder enough to have no care to return, and yet a beginning for all you have accomplished or will accomplish. It is a circle of debate left for the scholars of rhetoric. My apologies then for drooling on about this site as, aside from that which came from it, you still have other less pleasant memories it would seem. You could have stopped my fascination earlier, just that casinos and economics dwindle far from my routine interests I fear and thus went straight to my own level of comfort. Forgive me from digging into any old wounds of yours." It is meant sincerely, not merely a deference to station/status.

Densoric waves dismissively, "It is hardly a sensitive topic for me, for that matter during my recovery there was a popular trend of those on Nubilus that knew the story to refer to me as 'Cloudfall', it was almost thought to become a byname for me, but it was just a fad that ended around the time I recovered."

Finally giving up on the pocket for the now, Demos nods to the noble. "It does have a ring to it, but other implications abound. I suppose should a situation arise that a stretch could be made for its use, it would quickly rise to the surface again. Though, in fairness, I well imagine those who have acquired such interesting bynames of a lasting nature have taken part in self-perpatuating the longevity of such names, at least encouraging the use in telling tales of how they were acquired my lord. Your sensibility on the issue suggest you did little to propel its use along."

Densoric says, "Far from it, I only became aware of rumors of it while I recovered. And yes it started due more to the fact I survived against the odds then anything else."

His hand starts itching for the data device again, Demos nods, "It is an intrigue to say the least. I shall some day see about that formal request. Though I fear, deciphering the data is begging to be completed. Heeding your advice, I will return to the lab before I bury my nose in it, but that requires I still must travel. It is good to have made your acquaintence my lord."

Densoric nods and says, "My own research has had similar affects of late. It is understandable for those dedicated to their work."

With a light bow of his head, Demos bids, "Farewell my lord." Then turns to leave. As he walks away, the lure of data becomes too much, though he only lifts it to his side with an occasional look down rather than holding it up in front of his face and blinding him this time around.

Densoric nods respectfully to Demos then continues along his own original course.

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