01.23.3013: Jor Revealed
Summary: Lincoln and Klaudea meet for coffee, and Lincoln invites Rook over to find out who her tormentor has been.
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Ithaca Klaudea Lincoln 

Somewhere in the Blue District
Coffee house near the Blue Nirvana
23 January, 3013

Lincoln had sent a message that just read , "coffee?" to klaudea. He's at the near my bakery, the one that Mr. Beecher runs, with his coffee already in hand and a muffin in front of him. He had a long shift, and is yawning behind his hand as he waits for the squire to show up. Whiel he's still dressed nice, he's rumpled his hair, and his tunic is loosened to a more casual feel.

With her hair in a ponytail, and already dressed for the gym, a duffle bag over her shoulder, Klaudea finds Lincoln at his table. Plopping her stuff down in the chair across from him, she glances at his head start and gives him a grin. "I'll order and be right back," she leans over to give him a hug as she passes to the counter to place her order. When she comes back, she's got a bit more than him, a breakfast sandwich and some coffee of her own. "What's up?"

Lincoln does a one armed hug back, as his coffee's in the other hand, "Hey. Morning." He'll smile and wait till she comes back, starting in on his muffin. He's stretching some, turning to let his legs stick out underneath the table. He's not super tall, but manages to take up a lot of the leg room, "I talked to my sis. She said she'd see what she could find out about mystery guy. I think if you could maybe buy her a couch or something like that, it could be a fair trade. And I figured that would be something to make your Mom happy, a shopping trip."

Sitting back in her chair and sipping her coffee, Klaudea listens to Lincoln's proposal. "That sounds like a great trade. Do you know if she wants something like a futon or a fold out couch? These are things I have to know, you know." She grins, "where have you been all my life? Helping me do something good and making my mother happy at the same time? You're a genius!" With a broad smile directed at him, she picks up her sandwich for a bite.

Lincoln grins, blinking away some of the sleep from his eyes. Klaiudea's good mood is a bit contagious. "I'm not sure, I'll have to ask. I'd think a futon would be better, space wise. I just want her to get something that's not going to stab me every time I sit down." He'll laugh s he brakes off a chunk of th muffin and pops it into his mouth, "Oh, you know. I can't concentrate all my awesomeness at one point for too long. the world couldn't handle that much crackerjack in one place." He'll laugh louder, he's been called many things, but a genius isn't one of them.

Klaudea's elbows rest on the table to hold her sandwich at mouth height, making it easier to continue to eating. "So you're telling I better be careful and only hang out with you in small doses, or I just might explode?" Klaudea asks with a grin, peeking over her sandwich at him.

Lincoln nods, chewing. He'll dead pan respond, "I have been known to make people explode, yes." The only clue that he's being dirty is the twinkle in his eyes, and he'll quickly take a sip of coffee. "Rook's gonna need to know the dates and any info you can give her on the dude."

Klaudea coughs at the mention of Lincoln's ability to make people explode, having to put down her sandwich and hold onto the edge of the table, her face turning a little red. Mission accomplished for the day, and in record time, even for Lincoln. When she's finally able to take a sip of her coffee, her eyes are watering, but she nods. "Yeah, I remember the dates. The gym and the commercial district outside the Tasty Freeze." She still has a couple residual coughs left after she speaks.

Lincoln tilts his head innocently at Klaudea, "You ok?" He even adds in an eye blink. "Times will help too, and a description of him. She'll see if she can pull anything from the vid feed, and may need you to identify him, so she can then run some program to identify him, or something." He's clearly just repeating something Rook said.

"I would be willing to just show her," Klaudea offers, picking up her sandwich again. "I know that she doesn't know me very well, but someone I know trusts her, so I would trust her." She takes a bite, but then her brows furrow as she chews. "Oh, wait…" she swallows and gives a shake to her head. "I was thinking of something else. Yeah, I can stick around for a bit if she get some sort of siting of where he's been to recognize him."

Lincoln frowns, looking slightly confused. "Show her?" He'll tilt his head as she kinda waffles around. "Sure. Or she can send them to you." He seems slightly confused by her and will eat some of his muffin. "I can message her to join us, if you want?"

Elodie shakes her head. "I was thinking I'd been told she was Awakened, but that wasn't it. Some Awakened can kind of see in your mind, if you let them, I guess." She takes another bite as she shrugs on that thought, continueing on. "Sure, that would be cool. If you're sure she doesn't mind."

Lincoln frowns slightly, "Who in the world were you talking to about my sister with?" It's not agressive, more almost amused, cause…weird. He'll pull his tablet over and will tap a pic of Rook that pulls up her addy. He's got it set up to do voice to type. "Rook, if you get a chance, can you come to the coffee shop by work? I have Klaudea here, to talk about the guy she needs tracked down." He's swipe it closed and look to Klaudea with a small smile.

Klaudea looks at her sandwich. "Well, Ithaca came up in a discussion, kind of about people to trust and such," she says quietly. "But I got a picture in my mind with the name, and I recognized her as Rook." She watches him send the message as she chews a bite of sadwich.

Lincoln's smile slips from his face. He's almost certain he's never referred to her as Ithaca. His dark eyes go up to bore into Klaudea's. "Discussion with who?" He only knows of one other person that knows Rook's real name.

At Lincoln's look, Klaudea sighs and sets down her sandwich. She takes a sip of her coffee. "He feels really guilty, whatever it was that happened with him and Rook," she tells him earnestly. "Lady Reena and Lord Nitrim have been helping me for awhile. They helped me establish the new clinic, and I know you don't like him, because of whatever he feels guilty about." She pauses. "Even if he is nobility, he's almost a friend to me. He treats me like I have a brain, even if I am only a squire."

Lincoln's jaw tightens. Fuck him. He'll close his eyes, it's like Nitrim's haunting him. A very slow exhale, "Yeah. Of course he is." He'll lean back, away from Klaudea, "Good. I'm glad you're getting help." It's his bartender voice. Linc will wipe his hands on his pants, looking down at what's left of his muffin, which he's clearly not going to finish. "Well…good. Friends are…yeah." He's not prepared to game face dealign with the snake, or even mentions of him. He knows he can't win against Nit, he never does. Klaudea knows him well enough to see that he's looking to bolt. "When Rook gets here, don't mention him." Although it might be decent karma after the Jane Wyre thing.

"I hadn't planned to say anything," Klaudea says. She shakes her head. "I'll tell her you passed out because you had a long night," she adds, folding her hands in her lap and looking down at the table, her lips pressing together over her clenched teeth. She's not going to watch him run away, or say anything, although it looks like the clenched teeth are more to hold back words than anything else.

Lincoln works his jaw.Damn it, he has every right to hate the fucker. "No…I need to stay." He can't leave Rook to walk into this. He'll sigh, forcing himself to at least look like he's relaxing. He'll eye the clenched teeth, "What?"

Klaudea nods once when he says he's going to stay, but she doesn't seem interested in resuming her eating of sandwich. "You. All ready to leave /me/ because I mentioned someone you don't like. As if my association with him somehow condemns me as well," she tells him, giving a roll of her shoulders as she settles into her seat.

Lincoln watches her, trying to not be too judge. "Did you know I meet Rook when she was which him? Like, literally. I walked into the tattoo parlor, and they were getting tattoos together.And from the moment I walked it, he talked down to me….Every moment, even when he apologized for doing it, he was." He's inhale through his once, trying to not get mad, "Rook actually told me that she chose him. He came first. I had to be friendly, play nice with him or I was out of her life. So I did. And he still did it. But I held back, couldn't say anything, cause I'd lose my only blood relative it I did." He'll shake his head, "I even did leg work for him when he sat around complaining because he wanted to do good, help everyone, by woe is him that he was noble and couldn't." He'll scrunch his nose, turning his face away, "I didn't punch him. But I'm not gonna like him."

"Who says you have to like him?" Klaudea counters. "I didn't tell you to like him. I just admitted that I know him, and that he's been good to me, and you're getting all ready to bolt over there." She gives a shake to her head. "I didn't say he was some saint or anything. If he was, he wouldn't have anything to feel guilty about. I'm just saying that he's helped me, and I personally don't have a reason to dislike him. That doesn't mean I think you /have/ to like him. I don't tell people who to like or not like."

Lincoln grumbles to himself, rolls his shoulders, "I've found that when it comes to him, I lose. No matter what." He'll shake his head. "I'm not…" he'll sigh, running a hand through his hair, "Yeah. Ok." He'll not look at Klaudea, instead just focusing on the table. He hates that he can't just blurt out everything, so she could see what a douche bag Nitrim is. He'll inhale, and pick up his coffee, trying to force himself to be normal. It's going to do Rook no good if he's all wound up.

"Well, if you leave, yeah," Klaudea says lightly, picking up her sandwich, but then she lowers it again with a sigh. "Look, I get it. Rook is your sister, and whatever was between them didn't end well. He hurt her, I… sort of saw that, felt it. I get that you've got lots of reasons to hate him, it's why I didn't say anything. Probably the only mark in his favor is that I trust her because of what he said. Enough that I'd let her look into my mind if she could." She gives a shrug, and lifts her sandwich again. "But she'd have to be Awakened to do that, so it's pretty much moot."

A realization hits him and he feels even more foolish. It wasn't just Nitrim fucking with him the night at the bar then. She played along too. He'll sigh, "Yeah." He'll not correct her on the awakened part, that's up to Ithaca to tell. Instead he take a sip of coffee.

Klaudea's brows furrow. "What?" she asks, finally taking a bite of her sandwich, then looking at it to see she's only got a couple left.

Lincoln shakes his head, "nothin'." he'll exhale, filing it away later to process. It's been a rough week. Too much for his dumb brain to process. Klaudea and he are sitting at a table at the Beecher's Bakery Coffee shop near the Blue Nirvana. Linc looks tired, like maybe he pulled an all nighted. He's picking at the remains of a muffin and a half drank cup of coffee. He'll try to change the topic, "Any word from Thalo yet?"

She's late, she knows it, but Rook was busy trying to find what levels of the Ring she could afford to live on and got lost in a research blackhole before she got Lincoln's message. She's in simple pants and a t-shirt under a jacket, her hair pulled back in a loose tail and her boots thunking on the floor. Her backpack is slung over her shoulder. She approaches the pair and squeezes her brother's shoulder lightly. She heard the news. "Hi."

Klaudea shakes her head to the question. "Just more training drills and exercises," she replies, after giving him a long look when he denies anything being a problem. "At least I'm being kept busy enough… I've been trying to figure out if there is some way to make a bracelet with a shield, similar to the way armor calls up a standard shield. Might be a help for people - " she breaks off as Ithaca approaches, and gives her a nod and polite smile. "Hi, Rook."

Lincoln smiles, glad Rook made it. He's not yet hear the news, been working then immediately came here. the Squeeze to the shoulder gets a head tilt, but his smile brightens a touch. Looking back to Klaudea, he'll nod, "Well, drills and stuff is what you signed up for, right?" He'll frown slight, considering as he stands up, "Like a pop up shield, huh?" He then shrugs and pulls out a seat for Rook, "Want anything? Juice or a muffin or something?"

Rook plops down, looking a little bit tired. Her body is going through rapid changes and it's leaving her tired more often than not. "Both, thanks," she says to her brother with a smile. She looks to Klaudea and dips her head. "Klaudea, right? Need help?" Her words are quick and staccato, none wasted, like she's not used to socializing. She sets her backpack down and pulls the laptop out of it.

Klaudea's smile broadens as Rook remembers her name, and she gives a nod. "Yeah, Klaudea. I could use some help," she agrees. "It seems that I'm destined to run into an unpleasant man repeatedly. He seems to think I should be obeying his orders for some reason, and I want to know why." She lays it out on the table without beating around the bush. "He's big, probably a fighter of some kind. Blond hair, moustache and beard kept short. And insufferably arrogant."

Lincoln grins and nods, "Both it is. You want anything else, Klaudea?" His demeanor seems to have changed with the appearance of his sister. After finding out about the order, he'll go up to the counter and get Rook an OJ and a blueberry strudel muffin. The most calorie filled one he can find. He'll wait at the counter for the stuff, taking the time to calm down the rest of the way.

Rook begins tapping the data into her laptop to save for her research. She declines to point out the description sounds a little like Nitrim. "Where?" she asks, as to where he runs into her. "Wearing what?" She looks after her brother and grimaces. "He ok?" she whispers to Klaudea.

Glancing over to the laptop, even if she can only see a partial keyboard that's being typed on, Klaudea relates the time and dates, although the clothing on the second one is iffy. Her eyes lift to Rook's at the last question, slide to Lincoln and back, then she nods. "Tired. He's had a long night," she bites her lip, then admits. "I have a way of saying things wrong, sticking my foot in my mouth. It's all good."

Lincoln gives a smile and nod to Mr.Beecher, who he seems to know. After a moment of small talk he'll turn with the juice and muffin. Mr.Beecher gives a small conceded look, because he's heard the news. Linc comes back and sets the food down in front of Rook, "Think You can find out who this jerk is?"

"Me too. Well maybe. Maybe he hears things wrong," Rook replies quietly to Klaudea. She adds dates and times and clothing to the list. "This might be easy, might take a while. Anything else you can think of? Tattoos, jewelry?" When Lincoln returns she smiles her thanks at him and sips her juice. "Maybe. If gym requires sign ins. Description too generic to be sure though."

Klaudea's eyebrows raise briefly over a humorous grin at Rook's comment on Lincoln's hearing. "I didn't notice any tattoos, no. Except for the hair and moustache, and the fact that he's pretty tan, he's kind of clean, if you know what I mean?" She pauses. "And he barks orders like a professional." She glances over to Lincoln with a grin, taking a sip from her coffee.

Lincoln nods and sits back down, "If you can get a pic, you should be able to do face recognition, right? Or a list of names, then pull up their profiles, right?" That's about as computer smarts as Linc gets. And he probably heard that from a halo vid. He'll give a smaller smile to Klaudea. He's not mad, just frustrated with her. He'll finish off his coffee and stretch some as Rook does her thing. A yawn is suppressed.

"Not in the Watch, Linc. Don't have a database of faces," Rook points out with a chuckle. She plucks up a bit of the muffin and pops it in her mouth, typing as she swallows it down. "Will see if I can get into security footage for gym, and sign ins, match up time stamps. One or the other. Then can search Infosphere to confirm."

"If you can get into the security footage for the gym, you can see him talking to me, maybe?" Klaudea suggests hopefully. Looking down, she picks up the last bit of sandwich and pops it into her mouth. Lincoln's smile is answered, and she relaxes a little, not realizing she'd been tense at all.

<FS3> Ithaca rolls Electronics: Good Success.
<FS3> Ithaca rolls Infosphere: Success.

Lincoln shrugs, in his mind Ithaca can do anything with a computer. He'll reach over and finish off the tail end of his muffin, letting out a tired sigh.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Lincoln has seen his sister in the zone before. Mostly, this isn't a very hard thing for her. It's a gym, she hacked the security cams at the Blackspyre. She comes up with sign ins at the time and begins cross-referencing the male names on the Infosphere. In a few minutes she has four possibles and turns the computer for Klaudea to see. One is clearly Jor Aelden.

Jor Aelden's picture gets the immediate finger stab from Klaudea, although she doesn't come close to the screen, she just indicates him. "That's him. Right there, what can you find out about him?" Her eyes narrow as she looks at the picture, even looking at the picture seems to annoy her.

Lincoln smirks, what was that, like a minute? His sister is good. He'll lean over to see who Klaudea's indicating, "Dear Six, who kicked his puppy?" Sensing Klaudea's annoyance, he'll tap his foot underneath eh table into her's, just once. A small show of support before looking back to the tablet. "Can you get his name, Rook?'

Rook turns the laptop back around and begins a more in-depth search on the man. " Jor Aeldan Former Knight. Former Watch. Former convict. Charged with murder and drug trafficking, only the trafficking stuck. Had solid alibi for the murder. Did fifteen years." She looks up at Klaudea. "Seems clean since."

Letting out a breath as Lincoln touches her foot, she gives an apologetic smile to Rook to make certain she understands she's not annoyed with the woman. "That's why he keeps trying to order me around and telling me what he'd do if I was his squire. He used to be a knight." She gives a snort as she lifts her coffee. "Key words 'used to'. That was fifteen years ago. Clean or not, unless he's been reinstated, he has no pull with Sir Thalo as he tried to hint at our first meeting." She lets out a breath. "Isn't fifteen years kind of long for drug trafficking?"

Boom. His sister's the best. He's grinning wide, Rook got all the smarts, apparently. Turning to Klaudea, "No, not if it was something big. Or really long term. Like, if he'd been doing it for decades,and they could prove it. And if it's something like Destro. They cracked down pretty hard on that." Linc sure knows a lot about that! Weird, huh!

"Maybe. Maybe pissed off wrong person. Was a citizen Knight. Maybe a noble wanted him gone," Rook suggests. "Maybe your Knight knows him." She shrugs a little. This was her easiest side job in a long time.

At the news that he was a citizen knight, Klaudea tips her head. "Yeah, I know what that's like," she says. After a pause she thinks to add, "the citizen part. Not the knight part, yet." She shrugs. "Could be. People with power, whether they're noble or citizen, sometimes abuse it when they don't like someone."

Lincoln shrugs, not caring. All he knows is the guys been a jerk to his friend for no reason, so screw 'em. "Well…now you know. He's got no right to say anything to you. Talk to Thalo to make sure he's not some old buddy, but after that….fuck him." He'll grin to Rook, "Now, tell her what kind of couch to get you so I'm not molested anymore by that spring when I come over!"

"Or when they need scapegoat," Rook points out with perhaps more wisdom than her appearance would indicate. She snorts at her brother then looks at Klaudea. "Something with soft, rounded corners?" she requests. Then she sets a hand on her still perfectly flat belly. "Baby coming," she whispers.

Klaudea gives a grin to Lincoln, but she nods to Rook. "Or a scapegoat," she agrees. "Would you like a pullout slee-" the mention of the baby has her eyes following the motion of Ithaca's hand, then coming up to her friend with a wide look before she finishes her sentence. "Sleeper couch?"

Lincoln 's expression is hard to read, but he watches Rook touch her stomach and will nod, "Yeah, something soft, I think. A pull out would be nice for if someone has to crash." Preggars ladies aren't supposed to be alone near the end, he thinks, cause they'll explode or something. Biology wasn't his highest marks in school.

Rook shrugs at the sleeper couch. "Don't get many guests but ok." She smiles a little, then notes to her brother. "Be happy. Crow convinced me to move. Looking for better place here on Ring. Maybe have guest room even. No drugs, booze, cigarettes. I can afford someplace better." At least until her little bundle of accidental joy arrives.

Looking back and forth between the siblings, Klaudea takes a moment, but then she smiles. "Well, congratulations, then, Rook. If you don't mind giving me your new address I can have a couch shipped to you. Do you have a favorite color?" She glances down quickly to her duffle, pulling out her tablet.

Move? He convinced her already? Linc blinks and then nods, "Ok…then I guess I don't need to offer my place then." He'll give Rook a smile, while his words were joking, his eyes say he's serious, he'd move her in to help with the money. He'll smile an honest grin and snicker softly, "I'm betting on black." He knows, not a color, but still.

"I like black," no surprise there. Rook isn't much for bright and sassy, if her clothing is any indication. "Blue is nice though too. Grey. Don't have address yet. Will get it to you when I do. Thank you for this." She eyes her brother with a grin. "You were gonna let me live with you? Brave man."

Nodding as she listens to Rook, Lincoln is given a kick under the table when he teases Ithaca about black. It's a good natured sort of kick, as she scrolls on her tablet. She shudders at one point, "honestly, the things people will buy," she shakes her head, then turns the tablet around and slides it towards the woman. "Something like this? http://www.sleepersinseattle.com/product/fabric/queen/the-635-queen-sleeper-sofa-by-stanton Maybe in that desire cobalt color? It looks kind of like a gray…" she suggests. "And even Lincoln won't be able to complain that it's attacking him."

Lincoln cocks his head and grins to Rook, "Well, yeah. It would save me like, hours, every day in travel time. And I'd be able to make sure you were actually eating good." He'll push the muffin closer to Ithaca. He lets out a small yelp with the kick, "Hey!" Totally over acted. He leans in to look at the couch too, as he wants it as much as rook. "I like the cobalt, It's a calming color." Oh, sometimes he's a big old girl. Dark eyes narrow at Klaudea, "Look, I'm just saying that if I didn't have the job I do, I'd be unable to sit on the couch she has now." That's maybe a bit much, but she kicked him and is teasing him now. Payback. He'll talk abut making people explode again if she's not careful.

Rook looks at the datapad and blinks. "Very big. Nice. In Ebony?" Now she has to find a place that can fit that. Her current bed is a full size mattress on the floor of her tiny place. No doubt she'll sleep on that sofa til she can afford a real bed. She laughs out loud at Lincoln's comment.

Klaudea gives a nod. "Ebony it is," she says, and then grins. "No worries, thank you for easing my mind. Some." She pulls the pad and starts tapping at it, bookmarking the order, and then shutting it off to put back in her duffle bag. Her coffee is almost gone, by the way she has to tip her cup to get a sip. Her eyebrows shoot up to Lincoln's comment about the current couch. "Maybe you should start charging her couch," she suggests.

Lincoln mental notes in his head -Ebony. He can get pillows and some throws to match. He shakes his head, "I think the couch may charge me." His smile is easy, and the laughter from Rook seems to relax him even more. This is good. Maybe things are gonna be ok.

"All right. Back to looking for place." Rook packs up the laptop, drains her juice and plucks up her muffin. "Thank you, both," she says with a small smile. Damn hormones. She never used to smile. She rises and waves, before heading off to look at places some more.
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Klaudea gives a smile back to Rook, then raises hey eyebrows to Lincoln, "then you're not doing it right," she tells him, her cheeks are tinging on pink as she returns fire, as if she's almost embarassed that she's engaging him in this banter. "I should get to my workout, too. Thank you, Rook. Have a good one!"

"Later sis!" Linc calls after Rook and then turns to Klaudea, "OH? And then how should I be doing it?" He'll chuckle and start to stand up, "Yeah, I'm beat. Bed for me, I think."

Klaudea shrugs, her face getting redder. "You're the professional," she reminds him. "Walk ya out?"

Lincoln nods, "It's true. After a point, one does become a professional. I should have business card. Although I don't know ….could they fit Professionally molested by couch springs onto a card?" He'll grin at her and start walking out, giving a small wave to Mr.Beecher as he leaves.

"If they used the front and back, maybe," Klaudea offers, turning to smile back at Mr. Beecher when Lincoln waves. She walks out with him, tipping her head up to look, then giving a shake to her head. "I don't know why I still look up to check the weather when I come out of a store here, I know there's no outdoors here."

Lincoln nods,"See, i know nothing of this. I'll have to bring you along when I get them made." Mr.Beecher looks worried as the two walk out of the bakery. He'll snicker, "Really? I've always lived here, so I've never thought about that." He'll start walking her towards they ways, so she needs to go practice. There's a few stores they'll pass along the way, including a holo vid electronics store.

Klaudea nods. "I wouldn't imagine you would," she agrees. "Explains why you keep getting caught in the rain without a cloak or umbrella." She glances as they pass the road to his place. "Aren't you going to go get some sleep?"

Lincoln shrugs, "I can walk you to the Ways first. unless you'd rather I didn't?" He'll look down at her, tilting his head. He doesn't think he was teasing her too much that she wouldn't want him to walk her.

Klaudea :shakes her head. "I'm all right, you just look so exhausted, I was wondering if I was going to have to carry you," her smile teases him before she looks back to their path. "At any rate, if Mr. Aelden tries to bug me again, at least I can tell him to buzz off. Thanks to Rook."

Lincoln grins, a bit sheepishly, "I've been trying to get some extra hours in. I wanted to try to get a new apartment, to ask Rook…." He'll sigh and shrug, "I guess I'll just have to see." He may have to settle for buying her appliances instead. "Good. Tell Thalo too. I just don't think that's supposed to happen. Esepcially if he's an ex knight."

Glancing over, Klaudea gives Lincoln a stern look. "Well, maybe now that you know that Rook is going to have a better place to stay, you'll slow down a bit and take care of yourself." At his suggestion to tell Thalo, she nods. "I don't think so, either."

Lincoln sighs, "Yeah….when that happens. There's tons she's gonna need though. Cribs and …other things." Things he doesn't know about, for sure. He grins, a bit goofy, "I'm fine. No worries."

"Sure you are. And I saw a flock of pigs flying outside my window this morning," Klaudea replies, but then she stops in front of the Ways. "Seriously, Lincoln. Get some sleep. Take care of yourself." She puts one arm forward to give him a hug.

Lincoln takes the offered hug, "I am. Things are ok. Rook's ok. I'm ok. I just need sleep, is all." He'll chuckle, "Which I'm going to go do, as soon as you walk through the Ways." He'll shake his head and nod for her to go, "I'll talk to you later. You can help me pick out pillows to match the couch." He'll stand there and wave till she goes through. Letting out a soft sigh, he turns to walk back to his apartment. He only stops and turn back once he catches Beden's face on the halo vid screen from the corner of his eye. He stands there tying to soak in what is being flashed on the screen. He knows that that layout means, but can't quite make himself believe it. He'll turn and make his way home, but there's no sleep wait for him now.

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