Jor Aeldan
Paul Michael Levesque
Paul Michael Levesque as Jor Markus Aeldan
Full Name: Jor Markus Aeldan
Byname: N/A
Age: 44
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: None
Title/Profession: N/A
Position: Ex-Knight / Ex-Convict
Spouse: N/A Height: 6'0"
Father: Endael Aeldan Weight: 233lb
Mother: Ralira Meris-Aeldan Hair Color: Brown; hints of gray
Siblings: Sisters: Tevana, Sera Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Before he became a criminal, Sir Jor Aeldan was a man who sought to protect the people and society to which he had been born. Having been born in Landing and lived a majority of his life in the capital city, he learned almost from infancy just what the human inhabitants of the Haven system strove to safeguard.

His father Endael and mother Ralira were both scions of the entertainment industry, and it was from them that Jor, his elder sister Tevana, and his younger sister Sera were encouraged to following similar paths throughout their younger years. Each was encouraged not towards the sciences, but to pursuits that stimulated the opposite hemisphere of the brain. Music, literature, histories, the performing arts, these were the foci of the Aeldan name. Of the three, Jor proved to be the more adept insofar as his ability to acquire skill in the arts was concerned. By the time he reached his tenth year, he had proven a penchant for both song and had begun lessons into the violin.

It was during his tenth year that Jor first disappointed his father and mother. His mother and father had made one miscalculation in their guidance of their only son. Haven history naturally included the Hostiles, and it did not take long for the outgoing child to pursue it as much as he was pushed to other subjects. By the time he was twelve, Jor Aeldan was a squire and well on his way to winning his spurs. Though his studies into the arts had largely been placed on hold, learning the martial arts expected, he still made time for those other pursuits, even if it was only an hour a week.

He was knighted upon his twentieth year, a late bloomer as it were, and this was in part due to only knowing what was expected from him in skill. It was his participation in search-and-rescue after a transportation accident that led to his eventual recognition, one that earned only a lukewarm response from family, with the exception of his younger sister. Only she showed true support.

The next nine years were not entirely pleasant, for Jor Aeldan, but neither were they exactly unpleasant. He never swore his service to one of the paramount Houses, for one, that alone being a trial in and of its own accord, yet the penury never bothered him in spite of the difficulty. Instead of a House, he offered his services to the Watch, while continuing his long-established education in the arts as able. By this time, it was largely personal study rather than formal training, as there was insufficient personal wealth to allow for more.

Ironically enough, that deviation from the nigh expected swearing of his arm was what led to his downfall. In the year 2998, Haven News Network watchers arose to the announcement of Sir Jor Aeldan’s arrest, charged for crimes of murder and drug trafficking. At the trial’s end, Jor was convicted of the second charge and sentenced to fifteen years, stripped of his spurs and the rights bestowed by the title that came with them.

In June of 3013, he finished serving his sentence, as the Third System War was beginning.


Since his release from those long years of hard labor, Jor struggled to find a niche. For one, any background investigation on him made it clear exactly who and what he was, let alone what he had been up to. It made it difficult to find a living, to say nothing of the issues with his previous acquaintances, including those on the Watch that he encountered while reconnecting with life in Landing. When a chance acquaintance led to a simple job, he took it, just as much from desperation as not knowing what to do with himself. Few people, it seemed to him, wanted to have anything to do with a man who had been publicly proven unfit for the Knighthood. Others, however, didn't.

Despite a suggestion of normalcy returning to his frayed existence, including getting himself back into a better fighting form — it was close to the Third War, after all — Jor's life took a mind-numbing twist. What had started as carrying out a simple favor, had led to reliving some of the past, and //that/ had led to an unexpected discovery, the likes of which made even the knife stabbed in his reputation seem little more than a flesh wound. He couldn't sit by, though. At first, keeping the secret unearthed that day seemed prudent, as a more permanent solution likely awaited to anyone meddling in that affair. When the news of the Chantry execution arrived, however, that was the end of patience.



A pair of hard eyes in a stern face may well be the first thing noticed about this average-heighted man. Well tanned by exposure to solar rays, it's obvious his weathered flesh has seen no small amount of outdoor wear and tear. Somewhat bleached brighter by that same exposure to the elements, to a slightly lighter hue than the deep brown of his eyes, Jor's hair still has hints of gray threading throughout, a sign of his increasing age. Life in prison has not been kind to his demeanor or his appearance, as a rule.

However, fifteen years of hard labor have done nothing to degrade the performance of his body. Indeed, it has done quite the opposite. With past training as a knight, his intense labors have only better served his physical form. One could forgivingly mistake him for a Khourni, in his general physique, though he has no affiliation with that House. Brawny, to say the least, with powerful muscle in his wide shoulders and below. Though his physical strength has increased, it has not completely affected the fluid movements with which he walks, though all the same theres a hint of staggering to his steps now, compensating for the extra mass but also as though he were in the midst of carrying a particularly heavy object in front of him for all that his arms remain at rest.

Covering that sculpted physique, Jor has apparently contracted the services of a tailor capable of combining quality and modesty, if the fine black breeches and the coat he wears are any indication. The coat hugging Jor's form descends down nearly to the knee, the color that of the deepest blue as can be observed ere night falls in the evening sky. In contrast, embroidery has been added, vines of silver snaking down the arms, chest and back, nearly a quarter of the cloth made to use the garment allocated towards the display of this simple design. It's a button-up coat, as well, climbing all the way to the collar, with pockets and other practical additions to make it clear that there is as much function as there is form.


A Changed Man - Before his incarceration, Jor was a somewhat soft-spoken man, with a more open look on life. He still retains that quieter tone, yet underlying it now is a coldness that wasn't present even during the worst of cases in his time working with the Watch. He's significantly harder from his ordeal, to the point even his own family doesn't fully understand the extent of the changes.

As Duty Demands - He'll do what must be done. His daily work for the Watch was his interpretation of public service as a Knight, a job he put no small amount of zeal into. Even with matters having progressed so poorly for him, it was the "right thing" to do, cooperating with the terms of his incarceration, despite the considerable loss of face and shame it brought him.

Fallen from Grace - Once a Knight, and now with a criminal record, it's not something you see every day in your life. He had an esteemed position, had it forcibly removed from him, and this fact has been front and center in his mind for fifteen years. To say nothing of how citizens and nobility alike will doubtless look askance at the matter.

Lover of the Classics - Then and now, he's always appreciated the more classical side of life, including musical arts. His literature and song interests both veer in this direction, yet Jor has not forsaken societal norms when it comes to sounds pleasant to the ear.

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Relations and Viewpoints

Sophie Lady Sophie Alexandra Sauveur : She nearly got herself run over by a carriage gone out of control, and perhaps would have had he not been there. Though her clothes and her pride took a tumble, her treatment of him after they exchanged words was not what he expected. Now, several months later after her extended trip to Primus, he nearly didn't recognize her, but their acquaintance picked up where it left off.

"Much has happened, including to you, it seems. Now more than ever, with your family more than ever, is the time to show your growth."

Michael Sir Michael Athyros : A day in the rain, an unarmed spar, and on top of that some sass that would have gotten him thumped had Jor been the squire giving it — needless to say, he does not yet approve of this youthful man's outlook on certain matters, let alone how he comports himself. Things started off so well, and went rapidly downhill once he started giving lip.

"As I said: you finished the easy part. Are you truly ready for the worst?"

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