Lord Jonathon Lucian
Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm as Lord Jonathon Lucian
Full Name: Lord Jonathon Lucian
Byname: Gentleman Johnny
Age: 45 Standard Years
Planet: The Ring, Oculus
Paramount: The Paramount House of Orelle
House: House Lucian
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Head of House
Spouse: - Height: 1.8 m
Father: Master Ricardo Lucian Weight: 81.6 kg
Mother: Mistress Ellena Lucian Hair Color: Black
Siblings: - Eye Color: Green
Children: -

This character is a STAFF NPC.


Jonathon Reynold Lucian was not born into nobility. Wealth was certainly something he was accustomed to, but nobility was something that was achieved much later in life. He was raised on the Ring — the eldest boy of a loyal family to the Orelles. He had only two younger siblings — a brother who died in a glider accident on Nubilus and a sister who died of a Destros overdose. It was the latter event that truly shaped the man that is now Gentleman Johnny Lucian.

Before the Destros epidemic of 3005, Jonathon was already a mover and shaker in the underground world, though it mostly concerned illicit business dealings and minor drug crime. The epidemic caused an abrupt change both in his social and business life. Clients of his various brothels and nightclubs were becoming violent, leading to aggressive outbreaks and a series of murders under his own roofs. It came to a critical mass when his sister was found dead of an overdose in a shady hotel in the Westend district of Landing.

Enraged by this, he began to aggressively fight against the suppliers of the destructive drug, eventually toppling its dominance on the streets. Some say that this seeming act of heroism was because of the death of his sister at the hands of the drug, though others say it was an ingenious move to maneuver himself both into the good favor of the justice system or as a grasp for power in the Underworld.

Whatever his motivations, he slowly began to gain power in the Underworld. Crime, Lucian believed, was something that could be elegantly and intelligently organized. He used his impressive business mind to form alliances with smaller crime organizations that had previously used various — and often violent — means to gain wealth and power in the Haven Underworld.

Gentleman Johnny began to gather power into a single crime syndicate while also systematically dismantling the operations of those who did not comply. It took him eight years to seat himself as the most powerful boss of major criminal activity in the Haven System. Nestled behind the shadow of LucCorp — a corporation that specialized primarily in entertainment businesses, including brothels, hotels, and nightclubs — Lucian supported dozens of different sub-sets of what he called "intelligent crime": smuggling operations, data couriering, various levels of thievery, and even assassinations, all done carefully and quietly to avoid the attention of the authorities.

The Paramount House of Orelle began to grow suspicious of the questionable activity coming out of the corporation that had purchased a large section of the Ring for its own operations. Just as the threat of investigations began to mount against Lucian, they were cut short, and Orelle found itself an alliance of convenience. Gentleman Johnny was seen attending social functions alongside the Master of Ships, taking tours of the various research facilities on the Ring, and was even invited to stay at the Orelles' embassy in Landing.

After becoming one of the most affluent individuals on the Ring, Jonathon Lucian was ennobled by King Regnant Symion at the request of Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle. Thus, House Lucian was formed, and with it the Syndicate was given a substantial leap of power and influence.



Tall, but not too tall, Gentleman Johnny stands just at six feet in height. He has a sturdy frame that is well-shaped by a stern conditioning regiment. He is neither too tanned nor too pale, but better described as having a rather healthy countenance that almost hints at immortality. From beneath his dark, somewhat thick brows, stares out a pair of cool, mint-colored eyes that seem to be constantly calculating and considering. His almost black hair is streaked back from his high forehead and receding temples; it is faintly streaked in silver that begins to show his age.

His businessman style tends toward formality rather than informality.


  • Chivalrous — Almost: Gentleman Johnny has earned his byname by his perfectly groomed demeanor and personality. He is almost chivalrous. Almost.
  • Business Minded: To Jonathon Lucian, everything is a business that can be managed, taken over, or dismantled.
  • Do Not Make Me Angry: It is never a good idea to make Johnny angry. He has a cold, aggressive, and unforgiving individual when angry.
  • Ally of Convenience: Jonathon will make allies, but only if it is to his convenience.

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Jonathon Lucian has been inspired by Jim Butcher's Gentleman Johnny Marcone.

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