10.04.3013: Joint Treehouse Custody
Summary: Cyrielle entertains Ephraim at the Blackspyre, decisions are made
Date: 17th September 2013
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Private quarters area

While the Hollolas family is well-known for avoiding the usual plays of politics, it may still be somewhat odd that one is visiting Volkan. And not simply for a day or two- Cyrielle has guest rooms within Blackspyre. The windows within have been adjusted to filter out much of the glow that the nearby volcano casts, but otherwise it is a very Khourni place.

The youngest Hollolas is currently sprawled on a sofa in the large suite, working with a few devices. Going over recent photos taken and applying any editing work they may need. The staff have been told to allow any visitors she may have to enter the rooms. While she's not dressed up, the simple grey gown she wears is standard and acceptable.

One such visitor turns out to be Ephraim. He arrives wearing a loose shirt, unbuttoned lightly and underwhich is glimpsed a wet suit. Almost like someone might wear a t-shirt, or perhaps not all to long ago he was in the water and the longer loose shirt is a cover up to fend off cooler air temperatures. His pants are just as loose and cottony, a bend towards tan though unlike the white shirt. A few dangles hang from his neck and wrists, some fabric threaded and breaded loosely as if ready to fall apart but somehow a stylistic statement in which they're made to look that way. Looks comfortable if not just a little down from showing up at random.

"Well," he announces flippantly, "This certainly is quite the tree house. I have to admit I'm impressed." His smile is not hidden at his poor jest. Then he pretends to finally espy his sister and grins more, "Ah, there you are, what a pleasant surprise."

"My dear brother, if you thought this was my treehouse… you've a poor grasp of both geography and architecture." Cyrielle doesn't look up as she speaks, finishing a few adjustments on a photo. Once pleased with the results, she sets down the device and gets to her feet. Though her pace is slightly hitched due to the slight limp, she still makes her way across the room towards Ephraim. Her intention: to pull him into a hug. "What brings you out this way? More of your deals with shady individuals peddling questionable wares? Or are you ensuring that the people of The Crescent haven't corrupted your poor, innocent sister?" Cyri's lips twitch, pulling upwards in a warm smile

Giving into the hug, returning it the same, Ephraim chuckles, "I was more worred about the poor people of the Crescent and my incorrigible sister spreading the corruption." Its a little more than patting, more firm of a hug, with palming pats of family goodness. Then he is standing up. "You're right, its not tree house. Its lacking a certain amount of … leaves I think. There was a hydroboard competition out alont the north shore of the Wastes, I couldn't miss that and it ends up, you're in town so. Natural fit." He looks at her a moment, pondering things, "How are you Cyri? Was the party too much, I didn't mean to push if I did …"

"Did you place? Did the drakes interrupt and sweep some competitors away?" Cyrielle smirks slightly, stepping away to lean on the arm of the sofa. She tilts her head slightly at the mention of the party. "Mmm. It was fine. Thankfully, the Squire was there when Young Lord McPimpleface decided to accost me. Not sure if it's his idea or if his mother is set on trying to curry more favor with us once again."

"Rated but no top marks," grins Ephraim about earlier, "And alas, no Drakes, boring as usual. Nothing ever happens." Which it does, but he's dedicated to pretending to be flippant despite the edge of playfulness that delights around his eyes. "If his mother really wanted that favor, she'd set her son in a cage of rabid squirrels and post that for everyone to see. As funny as that might be, she knows how much squirrels like walnuts and that is the only part of him she might be worried about. Can't grow an oak you know," without the walnuts. "The event went well for me on the other hand. I just need to convery to Ms. Quellton the difference you know, when we're joking about something and how much is really serious." If there was a line there, probably a very big line with way too much overlap.

There's a giggle at the details of walnuts and oaks, Cyrielle lifting a hand to cover her mouth. It's impolite, to be certain, but she's with family. Around her brother, the oft-dour brunette is able to relax. "I feel I upset her. I was… in a rather dark mood and drunk. I had thought the two of you were sleeping together. She apparently took offense to the insinuation, even though I meant none." There's a small shrug from Cyrielle. "I tried making it clear that I don't care if the two of you roll around in the hay," because she's from a ranch, get it? "but she was very adamant that you weren't."

Ephraim grins a little, himself chuckling especially when rolling around the hey is brought up. He attests, "Oh, her horse won't allow it, I assure you, I think it wants to eat me." Then gives a pause, looking more around the room, but really the only thing of interest is his sister. "But ya, I'm afraid, this might be serious. Like, I want it to be serious, but then I'll probably mess things up. Then you know, a month later, I'll wake up in some dingy bar without a clue what happened. She is either going to really change me, or simply prove any reputations I have as completely accurate. Ugh, its so complicated." He turns on his heels a moment, "But enough about me, I talk too much. Is this becoming more permanent, these new digs?" Enough about him like he wouldn't take up more time to discuss himself if the topic swung that way. "I like it, but, you're so far from home. You know everyone else, war, fighting, being super ship captains. I'll have to have a guest room to come visit you."

There's a brief, small smile. It's a fond sort of thing and a bit reflective. Cyrielle tilts her head slightly, "You really ought to meet Lord Nitrim. The two of you would either be best friends, or hate one another for being so similar, despite such different…" She shakes her head, pushing from the sofa to stand upright. "I'm just here until the Tourney for Tomorrow. I'll be entering the archery competition." She hasn't had much opportunity to use her skills outside of hunting during her time with her mentor. "After that… I'll likely need an extended stay in my treehouse. Volkan is… interesting, but I miss home."

As if to protest, Ephraim raises a hand, but than shakes it. "Good, good, because home misses you." Smile faded slightly but returns, "Tourney of Tomorrow, yes, I read about that in the paper. I didn't see sailing, ocean, or water so I skipped most of it." As if that would come as a surprise but he pauses and looks at his sister curiously, "You plan on winning?" Then he lifts a hand to his temple as if suggesting mind powers to manipulate the outcome. The smile yet again returns, "Just saying, you know, we could use some honors on the mantle. Irvette and I are running out of bottled ships to set free for ship races, and the mantles are looking barren." He's not really suggesting to cheat with some awakened power, more a tease, evident in his eyes and the grin that follows.

"I'm sure I won't win," Cyrielle says, with a mark of honesty in her eyes. "There's sure to be people who compete in tournaments professionally. I'm just good because hunting rabbits isn't easy." She moves towards a small wet bar setup and grabs a pair of glasses. "Don't tell anyone, but… I may be speaking to our father soon about… well, making this more permanent."

"Oh, drinking, I'm sure he'll support that as a full time endeavor," jokes Ephraim, coming over to either help, or simply wait. Depending on any look she might give him suggesting what he should grab or that he should stay back. "No, that's almost too far for me, almost. More permanent as in, you need the change of scenary, or more permanent as in, there is a dark, swarthy, mysterious man, or woman, who has earned your affection and you think dad would be down for forgetting whatever grudge he has with Khournas and agreeing for some union between the families?" Maybe he doesn't think its marriage so much as the change of scene, he just trounces down that idea for a moment before finally stopping his mouth.

There's a roll of eyes and Cyrielle smirks somewhat. "I think our father -expects- drinking to be a full-time endeavor in his children. Just imagine were one of us to swear off the drink or good food. He'd probably disown us on the spot." It's a simple drink being made- a glass decanter opened and poured into two glasses. A dark, amber liquid clings to the sides as she offers one to her brother. A particularly viscous whiskey, likely. "I'm not sure he's dark and swarthy, but yes. There is someone."

She's lifting the glass to her mouth as her tablet makes a noise. Glancing towards the sofa where she left it, she downs a sip and makes her way over. Picking up the device, she wakes the screen and opens the message. There's a raise of eyebrows and a slight cough as the rest of the alcohol goes down a bit more suddenly than expected. She turns off the display and drops the tablet back to the seat of the sofa.

Taking his drink, Ephraim enjoys it regardless, simple or otherwise. Then he follows a little as she talks, letting her look at her table in private. Responding to what was offered, "Ah ha, now we're getting somewhere. No dark, no swarthy, is he close to being a scoundrel at least?" A grin, "I can see dad overlooking Khournas, if you use the right words, but if Dad can't take him drinking, or he doesn't like ships, you know, could be a fight." Another drink, "Do I get to meet him at least? Oh wait, is it Lord Nitrim, is that why I have to meet him?" He looks suspicious, curious even, playful but trying to play nice maybe.

"I think scoundrel fits the bill. As for ships… I don't know. He loves The Spine, but… maybe you'll have to find out how he feels about ships." Cyrielle glances back to the tablet as she regains her composure. Another — longer — drink is taken as she looks back to her brother. "It is. That's part of why it has to be kept quiet… All this business in the tabloids regarding his ex-betrothed, I don't want to drag our family into it also. I plan to wait a bit before talking to father and when I do, I'll ask that it not be announced for a while. We can even perhaps work out a longer courtship period to make sure things are quiet." A pause and she smirks in her brother's direction. "Or, more likely, someone will end up doing something worse or more interesting and it'll be forgotten soon enough."

Feigning a stage sigh, Ephraim nods his head, "Fine, I'll create a distraction so its all forgotten soon enough, just let me know when." Then a chuckle from him, "The only thing matter is that you're happy. I deserve that, I dread to say its been awhile. I'm sad, it wasn't me, but if he makes you happy then, I second the vote. Unless it means less time for you visiting home, but, if you move here, I get dibs on the tree house." He raises his eyebrows, jesting about dibs but implying he'll probably move in regardless just to do it even.

"Hey now," Cyrielle says, affecting a slight pout. An image ruined by the smile that threatens to surface. "You know you can make me happy, but there's a difference in family happy and…" she gestures with her glass. "Other happy. Nitrim makes me happy. He's also Awakened and we both have a passion for photography." And drugs, but that doesn't need mentioning aloud. "He gets me, Ephraim. You know… how hard that is sometimes." She leans back against the sofa, taking a drink. "I doubt he and I would end up in Beacon. As for the treehouse… Mmmm. Let's say we split ownership. I'll still need to escape sometimes. We can work out a schedule. You'll get priority, of course." See, she can make concessions.

"Oh," says Ephraim, as if not happy with that outcome, "What will the birds think though," about the split. "Holidays will never be the same. Its too much to bare, you keep them. They can stay with you and this flooze you choose over me. No, no, don't worry, I'll drown my loneliness with drink and more drink, but you go on and be happy." Then he comes over, still smiling, unable to stop, offering over another hug. "So, this is it, all grown up is it? You know it scares me, because if you're doing it, then I'm going to be expected to do it too. I don't know if I'm ready to grow up. But … I'll admit it, just don't tell everyone else, I'm happy for you."

What starts as a roll of eyes in Ephraim's reaction ends up a series of giggles. She accepts the hug, squeezing her brother hard. "I don't feel all grown up. It's not like either of us would take on additional responsibilities." She looks up to Ephraim, smirking. "It's more of a matter of wanting to secure one another. You know how families love to marry off their kids. Wait too long, and the person could be swept away by the evil machinations of parents."

"I can go with this plan X, no responsibilities, all the fun, our own evil machinations," Ephraim gives her another squeeze, "So, you'll let me know what you need, I'll be around in case dad wants to crack skulls, or to cause a diversion while you escape. You just tell me what you want me to do." That last bit is serious, he'll be there, but then he continues, "And if it turns out I don't mess this thing up with Lorelei, you know, you be there for me and we'll call it square, right? That would make up for joint custody of the tree house I think."

"I knew you'd understand," Cyrielle says with a broader grin. "Hopefully no diversions will be needed, but if you just want to see about getting the paparazzi on your tail… Go on ahead. You've not made father throw things in a while that I'm aware of." She turns serious then as well, lips quirking in a small smile. "I'll call it square. Just be careful… Lorelei doesn't seem like the sort to really understand what it is to be a Companion."

Smiling to the potential distraction, Ephraim falters just a little. Taking a drink he nods, "I know, and here I am trouncing along, actually thinking I'm enjoying real emotions this time around. I'll probably blow any chance there might be for real love you know, and be stuck married to someone that completely hates me and have no companionship at all." Another drink, "Is it worth it, you know, to feel real emotion for a short span of my life if it means I have to give it all up if and when dad decides its my time to step up for the family?"

"I think if Lorelei loves you, she'd understand." Cyrielle gives a small shrug, moving to sit on the sofa itself. She takes a sip, tilting the glass back and forth slightly. "Nitrim has a girl who I'm sure will be his Companion. She was there first and I understand that." Dark eyes shift to look to her brother. "There's no shame in it. And if father -does- shove you at some vassal or girl with big hips to give him grandchildren, well. You do your duty and have Lorelei for sanity and love."

"You're right," agrees Ephraim at that, nodding as she speaks, "I'll do my duty, that won't change. I have no intention of doing else wise. I suppose I'll do what I always do, stumble along with it and should the time come and it turns out Lorelei doesn't understand, well then, I'll deal with that when it happens. Lets not focus on it, its your time to be happy, lets make you as happy as we can." He finishes his drink and sets the glass down. "So you know, awards parties and such from the competition today, drinks to meet, people to eat, food to drink. After your archery tournament, bring Lord Nitrim around, we'll have our own celebration in private or something - secret treehouse meeting you know, so I can see if the treehouse likes him or if I need to get a lawyer." He laughs, and is about to head out it seems.

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