Joining Combat Scenes

So we've had a couple of big combat scenes, and although they're fun, they're also very wearing on the GM, and can mean that the GM isn't really able to provide much in the way of NPC poses each round.

We've also seen very jumbled and confused scenes with characters from all over Haven fighting in a wide variety of combat styles. While this is great for many scenes, especially the bigger battles, for some of the smaller scenes, it might be worthwhile to consider whether or not your character would be likely to be in the IC situation represented by the scene.

If your character is a Valen lancer, she's not likely to show up in the Arborenin Woods for a tree-borne ambush. If your character is a Marine from Mare Maris, he's not likely to show up for a cavalry charge in the Vale. If your character is a merchant from Landing with no combat training, he's not likely to find himself in a Khourni shield wall.

We aren't asking that people not show up for scenes that make sense for their characters — that's why we created the Waygate system. All we're asking is that players consider whether the scene is appropriate for their character, and for GMs to not shy away from providing specialized scenes.

This is not an excuse to try to exclude particular players or to keep scenes within little cliques. After all, the Waygates do allow for instant travel, even if many House knights will remain in their own House areas to defend the people sworn to their Lords.

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