Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle Trachtenberg as Jocelyn Groves
Full Name: Jocelyn Groves
Byname: Not really, but 'pain in the ass' does get said with her name a lot…
Age: 22
Planet: Haven
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Footman
Position: Scout
Spouse: None Height: 5'4"
Father: Sir Owen Groves Weight: 105
Mother: Cassandra Groves Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Could be! Eye Color: Blue-grey
Children: None


Born in Arborenin to a falconer mother and a knightly father, Jocelyn was an active youth and a handful from an early age. Always curious, she was the first to go explore something new, the first to get into a scrape…and also pretty good at getting out of them. Keeping her in classes was something of a trial, at least for anything that wasn't hands-on, but she managed to stick with it. Mostly because when her father tried to squire her out when she was fourteen, she lasted about three months before her knight threw up his hands and declared her a lost cause. She'd never learn to listen, never learn to take orders, and frankly she was just too sly to be expected to take a knight's honor to heart.

As soon as she turned eighteen and was old enough to enlist, Jocelyn announced her intentions to enlist in the military, intent on proving herself to her father. She may not have been suited to being a Knight, but she could still be useful. The military seemed like a good place to do it. While she wasn't particularly good at following orders, she was good at more irregular operations. In short order, she proved herself an accomplished scout, bringing lessons learned from both her mother and her father. A fair hand with bow or blade, she also showed promise in field medicine and had a touch with animals. Mostly, though, she shone for exactly what her knight had disdained her for: being sly.

Now that the war has started, Jocelyn is a valued asset as an advance scout and ranger. She has a knack for it, and so long as her commanding officers can keep a handle on her, she's very useful. The problem, though, is that she's hard to keep a handle on. She's endlessly curious, and while that helps her to get good information, the fact that she's sometimes reckless about it means that she can endanger broader goals in the interest of immediately satisfying her curiosity. After four years, one might expect her to have gained some rank, but every time she's almost there…she manages to put her foot in something. The truth, though, is that she kind of likes it that way. Responsibility would mean she'd have to stop and think about what she was doing, and that's certainly not any fun.


Jocelyn is the sort of person who's always in for that thing that you know you probably shouldn't do. She takes risks, she searches out trouble…but a lifetime of doing that has actually made her more capable than she pretends to be. She's a good field medic, knows how to handle animals, and knows how to get by in the wilderness. She's actually very good with a blade for a commoner of her age, thanks to her father. She has a knack for getting by. The problem, as anyone who knows her well will say, is that she doesn't seem to be able to take anything seriously.


Five feet and four inches tall, Jocelyn has unobtrusive down to an art. She's lightly built, slender without quite being boyish, and round cheeks, full lips, and soft features make her look younger than she actually is. Her eyes are large, a stormy blue-grey in color framed by thick, dark lashes, and dark mahogany hair falls in loose waves just past her shoulders when not pulled up.

She wears clothing suited to an Arboren scout, shades of brown and green that are loose enough not to bind and tight enough not to catch, pants tucked into mid-calf boots that are always at least a little scuffed. If she's armed, none of the weapons are visible.


Curious: Jocelyn wants to know about everything and anything. "Leave it alone" or "wait and see" are not things she does.

Impulsive: I want to do that! Let's do that! Jocelyn doesn't exactly always stop and think about what she has the urge to do, which sometimes gets her in trouble. Of course, even when she stops to think, it doesn't always help. She's also a little bit…

Reckless: Which means she doesn't really believe that the possible bad consequences are things that are going to happen to her. She's a little bit of a danger junkie, always looking for the adrenaline rush.

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