10.02.3013: Jewels with Breakfast
Summary: Elodie takes Sammel on a picnic breakfast to see the sunrise over the Field of Treasures
Date: 17 September, 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Field of Treasures
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2 October, 3013

Thankfully, being up early isn't something strange to Sammel, as he used to do so a lot back when a squire. So he had no problems getting up early and getting ready for the picnic. Having made sure the things he's brought for it are all in place, he now waits for Elodie to arrive. He's brought the warm cloak, as usual when he arrives to head outside.

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Elodie doesn't actually appear from the direction of her rooms. She comes from downstairs, wearing one of her warmer Niveus dresses, and a similar cloak to his around her shoulders. She smiles as she notes Sammel seems "All ready to go?" she asks, glancing around before she leans up to press a quick kiss to his cheek. "I can't wait to see what you brought for breakfast. I have a small hover craft for us today, I was making sure it was all warmed up and ready to go. I told Sgt. Wolf he has the morning off, although I doubt he'll actually sleep in."

"All ready to go," Sammel confirms with a smile, as he hears that question, and at the kiss to his cheek. "I'm really looking forward to see what kind of an interesting place you're planning to show me today. And the good Sergeant probably deserves some time off after all." Another brief smile, before he adds, "Lead the way to the hover craft."

Linking her arm in Sammel's in a way that's become comfortable and natural to her, Elodie does indeed lead the way to the lift, and smiles up to him as the doors close. When the lift opens, they are in the lower garage bay, the hulking shadows of the snow crawlers can be seen in the gloom, but a small, comfortable hovercraft waits, the lid to the storage area open, a tent and folded chairs already stowed away.

There's a smile as he moves to the elevator with her, and as they reach the hovercraft, Sammel places the food and drink into the storage area, a brief glance to the tent and chairs. Closing the lid afterwards, he studies the hovercraft for a few moments longer. "Nice change from the snow crawlers," he says, with a quiet smile now.

Elodie nods as she closes the trunk, then slides into the driver's space. "It is," she agrees, still not turning on her cloak as she's already set the internal climate control on the cabin. The course has already been entered on the mapping system, and the radar is already on, currently not finding any trouble, but that may change. As the doors open to let them out, there's little difference between the inside and outside for darkness, but far off on the horizon there is a faint gray line.

Seating himself, Sammel looks around for a few moments. "Quite dark so far," he offers a bit quietly, as he looks around. Leaning back in his seat a little bit.

It is dark, but that doesn't seem to be a problem to Elodie, who has an eye on the sonar, and on the map. The gray line is widening a little, and a faint white is starting show when she pulls the craft to a stand still. "Might want to turn your cloak up as high as it will go," she warns with a grin. "Sun's not up, yet, and there is a bit of a wind."

"Thanks for the advice," Sammel replies with a grin as he does that. Looking around for a few moments, he offers another smile. "Is this the place, then?" Getting ready to get out if he's told to do so.

Elodie nods, and once the cloaks have warmed up, she hits the button to open the doors. The wind is a bit more than 'breezy' as it funnels through the cabin, and she hops out quickly. The storage compartment opens up, and she grabs the tent out quickly, and a flashlight. Walking a little ways off, she threads her way around some lumps that stick up in the snow. After a few minutes, she finds a clear enough space in the middle of those humps to set up the tent… although, it's not as much of an ordeal as pitching tents on Old Earth. Once she has it unrolled, and the base with it's insulating layer to protect the ice from heating up, she hits the button to start the air inflating.
"The intake will warm it as it goes in," she explains to Sammel, before heading back to the hovercraft for the chairs. "By the time we get back, it should be all set."

Sammel gets out as well, stretching a little bit. "Nice wind." A brief remark, before he follows Elodie, nodding a bit at the explanation about the air intake. "Sounds good." Moving back as well, and getting hold of the food now.

Sure enough, when they return, a clear dome is now set in the snow. Elodie opens one side, taking the chairs in and setting them up, each one having a little table to the side, one to the right and the other to the left so that they can set the chairs themselves close together. There's even footrests that kick out for each one. Now that they are inside, the clear little igloo heated up to a comfortable temperature, she takes off her cloak and lays it to the side. "Do you prefer right or left?"

Moving inside, Sammel looks around for a few moments. "Quite nice," he offers, before he takes off his own cloak. "I tend to prefer the left seats while eating. Much because I'm left handed. Doesn't end up bumping into people all the time then."

Elodie nods with a grin, and settles into the right hand chair, waiting to see what Sammel has brought for their breakfast. She hasn't opted for artificial light, except for the hand held that she props on the ground between the two chairs for now. "I'm glad you like it. I wanted you to have an uninterrupted view."

Moving to take out things from the food now, Sammel smiles a bit as he takes out the different items. There's bread, cheese, cured meat, and a few other things, as well as a big thermos of tea. "I hope you like the meal, my dear," he offers, as he moves to take his seat. "And I'm sure the view will be quite wonderful."

"It looks wonderful," Elodie says warmly, taking her tea, first. She settles back into her chair. "I'm not quite hungry, yet, though." As soon as the food and such are settled, she reaches down to shut off the light, and let the natural light of the impending sunrise take over. After a sip from her tea, her hand rests on the arm of the chair closest to Sammel, her eyes focused on the horizon.

Sammel smiles, also getting himself some tea. "Understandable. I usually need to be awake for a little while before I get hungry." Taking a sip of the tea, his own hand moves to hers now, while his own gaze moves towards the horizon as well.

Elodie smiles to herself, her fingers curling with Sammel's. The line starts to shimmer, throwing the lumps in front of them into stark black relief, and glinting on the snow that covers the tops of the mounds around them. Sipping her tea quietly, a tiny smile lingering on her lips, she watches, just sharing the moment.

Keeping his gaze on the play of light outside, Sammel smiles, as he takes another sip of the tea. "It's beautiful," he offers a bit quietly, gaze still on the outside now.

As the entire sky turns white, the snow around them turns white as well, with ice showing on the side where the prevailing wind has blown the snow away. A little off the side a sharper promontory of ice glints in the first light. A thin, rosy glow begins to suffuse the horizon. At his words, Elodie squeezes lightly at Sammel's fingers. "It gets better," she promises.

Sammel nods a little as he glances to Elodie very briefly, then back outside. "Even better? That sounds fantastic," he offers, after a few moments of pause. Another sip of tea is taken too, slowly.

Elodie grins, and after sipping her tea, she sets it on her little table so she can snuggle along the side of the chair towards Sammel. "Better," she affirms as the rose colors of a new day start to suffuse the skyline, first palest blush, deepening towards mauve, but never quite becoming red until the gold begins to enter the picture.

Leaning closer to the side of the chair where Elodie is, Sammel smiles a bit. "Then it has to be quite amazing," he offers, a bit quietly, still watching the sunrise carefully. "Because it's very beautiful now."

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Around the clearing where the tent sits

It's uncertain how long it takes, as Elodie is not really paying attention to such things, but the sunrise continues, the horizon becoming a shimmering line of molten liquid gold before the burning sun lifts from the horizon. However, once free of the land, it seems to leap as if it's suddenly become unglued and the pull of the effort springs it upwards. As the light evens out, Sammel can now see that the ice around him more clearly. Instead of white or gray or just plain clear, the ice actually appears to be a luminescent blue. It is clear that it is not longer a trick of the light, the ice. is. blue.

Smiling as he watches the area now that it's less dark, Sammel pauses for a few moments, "Blue ice?" he asks, a bit quietly, while looking around. "It's a beautiful place… What's it called?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

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The sharper promontory to the side

At some point during the sunrise, Elodie's head found it's way to rest on Sammel's shoulder. "Field of Treasures," she answers dreamily. Her face shifts upwards, head still glued to his shoulder. "You behold the prized jewels of Niveus."

"And here I thought it was the Jewel of Niveus that brought me out here," Sammel replies, a bit quietly. His own head leaning towards hers now, with another smile. "But these jewels are quite lovely too."

Although she is becoming more used to his compliments, Elodie still colors pink when he calls her the Jewel of Niveus. She doesn't duck her head down, though as she used to, still looking up to him. "Yes, will, this Jewel of Niveus will be a jewel of the Vale soon," she reminds him. "However, those jewels can't be taken away."

Sammel smiles as he hears that. "And the most prized jewel to this man of the Vale," he replies. "But these jewels are quite beautiful as well. Thank you for showing them to me." Looking around again for a few moments, before he leans over to give her a kiss.

Elodie smiles at Sammel's words, and shakes her head at his thanks. "It is my pleasure to show you. I love the way you have such an appreciation for, well, everything." She tips her head just the tiniest bit needed to make it easier for their lips to meet.

Letting the kiss last for a while longer, Sammel finally lets his lips part from hers, sitting back a bit more now. Looking around for a few brief moments, then back at Elodie, he keeps quiet for the moment.

Elodie has no objections to letting the kiss linger for a bit, taking a deep sigh of contentment when it ends. Now that the sun is well and truly up, she remembers the other part of coming here, maybe because her stomach gives a little rumble. "Perhaps we could break out some of that delicious food you brought with us?"

Sammel smiles a little as he hears that. "That sounds like an excellent idea. Anything in particular you'd want?" he asks, as he reaches for the food now, with a quiet smile. "And some more tea?"

"More tea, please," Elodie picks up her cup and hands it over. "As to the food… surprise me? It's only fair, since you let me surprise you." She grins widely in good humor as she watches Sammel, not so much to see what he's getting, her eyes lingering more on his shoulders and arms as he moves.

Sammel smiles, filling the teacup and handing it back, before filling his own cup. There's a brief grin, before he adds, "Surprise you, hmmm?" A brief pause, before he reaches for some bread, some butter, and both some cheese and some cured ham. "Let's see how you like this one," he offers, before getting some salad to add to the sandwich as well, before he hands it over. And then making a smilar one for himself too.

Wrapping her fingers around the tea cup, Elodie holds it with both hands, sipping occasionally while she watches. When the sandwich is handed over, she smiles while setting it on her lap, still watching while he makes his own, and waiting until he has a sandwich before she eats.

As he's gotten his own sandwich made, Sammel smiles as he looks out of the tent again. "See, this must be a great day. Having breakfast with one of my favorite people, in one of the most fantastic places I've seen in a while."

Elodie hmms as she looks at her sandwich. "I see… so you have other favorite people besides me?" she asks lightly, remembering when a certain someone teased her for using that phrasing. She takes a bite of her breakfast, giving him an upward sideways glance a she does.

Sammel laughs as he hears that reply, remembering that same moment, it would seem. "Ah, you got me there," he replies, a bit lightly, before he takes a bite of his own food, chewing a bit thoughtfully. "But if there are other favorite people, it's the rest of my family."

Elodie chuckles herself, and she gives a nod. "The same for me. Of course, your biggest competition is Douley for place of favorite," she reminds him. "And he's really a tough act to compete with."

Sammel is unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears that. "See, that's why it's for the best the times him and I work as a duo. We're practically unbeatable then." A brief pause, before he adds, "How's he been doing lately?"

"Well, then, that's no fair," Elodie complains lightly. "How do I stand a chance against the both of you?" Another bite is taken, chewed, and swallowed before she answers. "Most put out that I got up so early this morning," she tells Sammel.

"Short answer, you don't," Sammel replies with a grin, before he nods as he hears that other part. "He's like that. I remember the similar reaction when I had an early patrol while you were away." A brief pause and a grin, "I'm sure he'll forgive us, though."

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