High Lord Jevon Khournas
Stephen Lang
Stephen Lang as High Lord Jevon Gregor Khournas
Full Name: High Lord Jevon Gregor Khournas
Byname: The Boss
Age: 49 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Paramount House of Khournas
House: House Khournas
Title/Profession: High Lord of the Crescent
Position: Head of House
Spouse: Lady Micaya Ibrahm Height: 5' 10" (1.79m)
Father: Lord Captain Arthur Orelle Weight: 187 pounds (84.8kg)
Mother: High Lady Italya Khournas Hair Color: Grey, once brown
Siblings: Carron Khournas, others Eye Color: Piercing blue
Children: Anabethe Khournas
Michram Khournas
Ellion Khournas
Reena Khournas
Nitrim Khournas


Jevon Khournas was the first child of High Lady Italya Khournas and her husband, Lord Captain Arthur Khournas of Orelle. Italya was an economic wizard, expanding the influence of House Khournas and building more factories around the outskirts of Volkan. She did, however, take the time necessary spend time with her children to instill in them the values of House Khournas — strength, industry, and intelligence. Her eldest son took to the lessons the best, Jevon finding a balance between strength and wisdom.

Although he would never be a knight, Jevon still spent significant portions of his teenage years training with his cousin Marus during Marus' years as a squire. He was also encouraged to spend as much time climbing mountains and hunting with his extended family as he did studying economics, leadership, and industry. His youth — although few members of House Khournas are willing to admit that he actually had a youth — was spent honing mind and body alike.

His betrothal to Lady Micaya Ibrahm was not exactly a love match, but the two were childhood friends, and when it was clear that there would be a match between House Ibrahm and the Young Lord Khournas, they both requested that it be through her. Italya obliged, and the match was made. It proved a wise choice, as Micaya and Jevon worked well together, and the union was fruitful.

When his mother passed, Jevon took to the High Seat of House Khournas, attempting to make a similar match between his eldest daughter Anabethe and Niklas Laskaris, but the young man was not made of the same mettle that Micaya had been. Since then, he has poured most of his attention into getting House Khournas — and the Crescent as a whole — into shape for the Hostile attack, and then in fighting his House through the opening stages of the Third System War.



High Lord Jevon Khournas is no longer young, but he has maintained a solid, sinewy build, as hard as the lands he rules. He has a craggy, lined face, his greyed hair cut short and matched with a tight-cropped beard. Bright blue eyes are shadowed by high-arched brows, which are perhaps the only delicate thing about him. His jaw is strong and sharp beneath the beard, a match for his bold nose.

He may not be a knight, but he tends toward martial attire, designed for function rather than form, often in shades of black, red, and grey. It's all of fine make, and well maintained, but just as clearly, it's well-worn. With the war underway, he keeps a mace at his right hip in public.


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